Hi, everyone…I am Arunesh. I am a blogger and content creator and have been doing this for the last five years. Till now, it was on the free version of WordPress and still had very nice viewership and response. But from now on, I have got a professional website ARUNESH’s BLOG. First of all, the biggest highlight of this page is that it has no particular genre or theme. It brings almost everything, of course, which I find of interest for my readers. Basically, there are five sections on my page:

OPINION: In this section, I present my opinions on such ongoing issues, which I feel sharing my thoughts and ideas about. One can agree or disagree with my opinions, but they represent my views.

EDUCATION: This section brings out articles of immense knowledge from the fields of history, geopolitics and economics. They may be based on a current ongoing issue or an out-of-the-box topic.

STORIES: This one is my personal favourite section. Here I bring out self-created stories of various genres including thrillers, romance and social issues. What stands out is the fact that they are always relatable and carry a strong message.

SPORTS: Sports is something I can spend my whole day with. In this section, I cover the main sporting events. Though you will find most of my articles related to Cricket only, in future, you may also see some other sports and sporting events being carried out.

MOVIES&SERIES: This section, is even new to me. Actually, I am a movie buff and can spend the whole day talking about movies. So, watch this space as I bring some interesting blogs on my favourite movies and series. Yes, but they are not reviews and they might contain spoilers, so better watch the content before reading my blog.

So, I hope that you all have a good time on my page and that one visit brings you back again and again. Have a happy read folks…Bella Ciao…!!!!!

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