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So … the inspirational journey of ARVIND KEJRIWAL comes to an end. Not because he has lost the election or resigned from his post, but because all his powers stand seized by the amendments being done to the ‘New Capital Territory of Delhi Amendment Act Bill 1991’. Past ‘CHEMISTRY’ between AK and LG already is giving us vibes of what can happen. This new bill is now passed by both the houses of the Parliament, all credits to the overwhelming majority of the center and rest to the walkout of the Opposition. So, let’s have a look at what the new amendments proposes, what is the motive behind it and what is the future of AK.

Government of NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2021

The Amendments done :

The bill has amended the sections 21,24,33, and 44 of the ‘Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act, 1991’. Earlier the case was that the elected legislative government of Delhi had powers to make laws in all matters except public order, police and land … but now except EVERYTHING.

  • Section 21 was about ‘restrictions’ on certain matters passed by Delhi legislative government. But, now a sub-section is added which says ‘government’ referred in any law of Delhi assembly will mean ‘Lieutenant Governor’.
  • Section 24 was about giving assent to bill passed by the assembly. Now, after the amendment every bill passed by the assembly needs the assent of the LG.
  • Section 33 gave the Assembly the power to make rules for conducting its own business. Now, a clause is inserted that rules made by the assembly should be consistent with that of Lok Sabha and any inconsistent rule made before 2021 stands void.
  • Section 44 said that all executive actions shall be taken in the name of LG only. Now, it is mandatory to seek LG’s opinion in every executive action by the assembly.

The Evil motive behind

So, you all know now that what is the aim behind doing all this, paralyzing the mandate of a democratically elected government … well with whom am I talking Democracy anyways. This rule just cripples the winner of the mandate and allows the bloody losers to run the place with their ‘puppet’ LG’. After ‘PURCHASING’ out the governments in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, when they fail to come even near to half way mark, they use such baseless tactics. Because, when DELHI wanted education, BJP was busy in ‘Desh ke Gaddaron ko … Goli maaro saalon ko”, because when DELHI wanted healthcare, BJP was busy in ‘procuring CURRENT to Shaheen Bagh’, because when foreign media houses were calling INDIA Intolerant was busy praising Delhi model of education and healthcare. These are all proofs of the effective functioning of AAP Government in Delhi … but well some people are Immune to development and welfare. Now, none of these deeds might continue and it might even lead to AAP failing to win next time, despite not being at fault.

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Conclusion : Future of ARVIND KEJRIWAL and AAP

Well … now this question seems obvious, Delhi deputy CM MANISH SISODIA. has said that AK can be a counter face to PM MODI, I may sound biased (call me AAP BHAKT … as if I give a FUCK), but I completely agree with it. Getting whitewashed in the municipal elections forced BJP, the party who earlier advocated for full statehood of Delhi to come up with this bill. Tell me … when was the last time a party in the history of INDIA, won over 90% seats 2 consecutive times. Now, that was for a state but the mandate was also for effective implementation of Human Capital formation, which in my opinion is the most effective tool to enhance our economy. Despite our country being TOO polarized and intolerant at the moment, I still believe that people can’t fill their stomach with HATE and RELIGION for forever. They will need WORK and DEVELOPMENT one day or the other.

Yes, but I also accept AAP has not been successful outside of Delhi, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful ever. See, the thing is that at the moment CONGRESS wins only ‘Anti-BJP’ seats which come not because of CONGRESS’s credibility but because of a statement against BJP. So, if AAP can’t defeat BJP everywhere outside Delhi, but it manages to defeat Congress by channelizing all the ‘Anti-BJP’ votes then it might rise at a national level. Being main opposition in Punjab state elections and in Gujarat Municipal elections is a proof that it CAN happen. Also, before being the central government AAP first needs to emerge as the central opposition. At last I would say that my heart and belief both are with AAP and AK and I wish that it works on the ground level, nationally like it has been doing in Delhi and you will be accepted nationally as well.

An Insignificant Man', movie based on Arvind Kejriwal's life, gets SC nod -  The Economic Times




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