Being Partly Free in a Declining Democracy

Well … well Truth has been spoken. We are a PARTLY Free country now (1), our freedom fighters fought so hard only for this day … kudos to everyone. Also, other than this we have been falling down continuously on ‘Democracy Index’ as well. According to the report prepared by a foundation ‘Freedom House’ our score is that of an average student … 67, which too is on a declining trend over the past years. Oh … come on don’t tell me that it is also an international conspiracy … INDIA completely deserves the score.


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There can be many questions, many disagreements with the reports, but we should look upon the parameters on which these conclusions have been derived. See, the report of Freedom House had two broad parameters of Political Rights and Civil Rights. It is not as if we scored badly in every aspect, INDIA’s score was quite good regarding questions of political rights except some Gray areas, as we know that proper elections are conducted in our country and only an elected government governs us (though it is also fact that even elected governments are toppled using money power and irrational rules) . But when it came to the questions concerning civil rights then India’s score is very poor and it is this particular area only which has led to India being called ‘As Autocratic as PAKISTAN’. (2)

Reasons behind our Great Performance :

Well, no surprises there, we can’t expect being proclaimed as a NEW ZEALAND when UAPA is on a roll over anyone who speaks against the government. For the record, even in the Pandemic year 2020, 67 Journalists were detained just because they dared to spoke against our great government. Take the example of SIDDIQUE KAPPAN, what was his fault ? He was just going to cover the HATHRAS Rape case as his job and he was arrested citing threat to communal peace. It was said that he worked for Anti national organization but in the initial FIR, not even the name of that organization was present, so without knowing the name of his organization how come the authorities got such great piece of knowledge. (3)

The Devil of UAPA

Well this is just one case … the number of people detained under UAPA has risen EXPONENTIALLY under the current regime. So, those who would argue that more anti national threatening elements are being caught now, they should also know the fact that only 2% of the UAPA cases came up where the allegation turned true and in more than half of the cases the authorities have not even been able to come up with ONE single proof … what is this going on … ????? are we sending people behind bars for a Picnic.(4) Not just that, some cases are against 80 year olds whose health are so bad that they need straw and sipper for eating (they were denied even that initially), I am just not able to imagine what such a big threat do they possess for the country. (5)

Political Discrimination

Let’s take a look at what treatments two different people receive. GAURI LANKESH … most of you haven’t heard of her, she WAS a journalist who was against the HINDUTVA Politics, which means against our current government as well. She was continuously receiving death threats from ‘Hindu extremist groups’, for which she kept on demanding for security but didn’t got one. Finally, one day she was murdered down outside her house and many people celebrated her death on social media and as a fun fact, our prime minister followed 4 such people (6). Now, if you think, it’s an old issue, why to raise it now, wait …. KANGANA RANAUT … another woman whose only credentials is of being Abuser, mannerless and opportunist woman. She used death of late actor SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT trying to gain attention, spitted venom on almost everyone in the industry and alongside paved the way for her political entry in the 2024 Elections. During this she even compared Maharashtra with POK and faced backlash, after which she demanded security and guess what … she got it instantly. There was no ‘direct’ threat as of such, but if you are a BHAKT then everything is possible.

Contemptuous Judiciary

Let’s have a look at the Judiciary as well. On one hand we see the bail plea of journalists being rejected or delayed, no stoppage against unconstitutional CAA, but when it got into India’s best Journalist … ARNAB GOSWAMI, he was given bail all of a sudden. I mean, even if it was legally fine, shouldn’t the cases already in existence have had come before, how come just a week old case was dealt earlier. Even when a judge gives the order to file FIR against BJP spokespersons for hate speech, he is transferred with a bang and the excuse is given that his transfer order was a month old … as if we are idiots. Instead of filing cases against riots inciters, whoever protested against CAA was charged and arrested (7).


Attackers of JNU went past freely in front of police while police itself was the attacker inside JAMIA. Is this a Joke going on here … ????? Doing protest is a crime nowadays. Whether you protest against those bloody divisive CAA or against the new Farm laws or simply criticize the government in a Facebook post, you are called a traitor and those who want to harm the very essence of the country. Dissent has been Equalized with Sedition. NCB and ED have come out as the two most powerful weapons of the government and anyone crossing the line faces its heat. Public too gets provocative to fight on religion’s name and words like SECULARISM are used as an abuse nowadays.

India Downgraded From 'Free' To 'Partly Free' In Global Democracy Report

Conclusion : Can we learn from it … ?????

Many intellectuals have been of the opinion that current regime’s divisive policies may lead to us turning from a Democratic INDIA to a ‘HINDU PAKISTAN’ and whether its a co-incidence or not, we have been named as autocratic as PAKISTAN only. I frankly accept this result and yes I don’t feel any good or proud doing so … but truth is anyways truth. Yes, the reports do present us an opportunity to accept and learn that our ignorance and attitude may end us being something none of us actually want to be. Most of the people are toxic against PAKISTAN … and here we are being compared to it only. So, I think we can hope some change in the attitude of everyone. Oh … come on I know it’s no fairy tale going on here and people take foreign statements seriously only if it is praising the government but never the other way round. OK … I think I will have to call it a Wrap as if I will say more I might get charged under ‘Contempt of Court’ and I would rather not like to waste my 1 Rupee there. Anyways ….. as always …..




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