Aakash took admission to the new college. He was very excited to learn new things and meet new people. But, he had just one problem…he was weak, shy and an introvert. While he was quite enjoying the lessons and the environment, but he didn’t know then that the real challenge awaited him at his hostel.

Nilesh entered his room and said, “Hey…man what crap are you wearing…change it and wear something smart”. While he was eating with his hands, Keshav slapped him on his head and said “Don’t you have manners, bring a spoon”. Then, one day he was walking, when Akhil came and desperately got hit with him and shouted- “Hey…walk properly idiot”. Now, this became a routine affair. Sometimes, someone would desperately push him and sometimes someone would make an absurd comment on him.

Students would come and drink and smoke around him. It was all so disturbing for Aakash that he thought of telling his parents. But, every time he thought of making a call, there was someone near his room. Fortunately, he got the opportunity at night and he told his parents about how he was being ragged and harassed. The next day his parents landed at the hostel and complained to both the warden and the college administration. The whole batch was warned and Aakash thought that now he is safe, but he was wrong and so badly so.

The day he entered the room there were already some 8-10 standing in, waiting for him. As soon as he went in, he was pushed down to the ground. While one boy pulled off his shirt, the other kicked him twice between his legs. The third one came and twisted his arms and said “Say…say that you are gay…we aren’t leaving you before that”. Aakash started sobbing and said in broken words “Please…leave me…I beg of you”.

No one knows what sounded so funny to the lot standing there as they started laughing madly, while Aakash continued to sob. Suddenly, Vikas came forward as if he is going to help him. He moved other guys behind and lifted Aakash up. He asked him “Do you want this to end once and for all?” Aakash told on obvious line “Yes…please”. Vikas said, “Then dance with shirts off”. Aakash said “what???” Vikas slapped him saying “Are you deaf…fucker?”

Everyone started cheering, but in a way that Aakash started feeling even more scared. But, Aakash had no other option than to obey what was he asked to do. Aakash started trying to dance without a shirt. Everybody except Aakash himself was laughing and cheering. He continued doing this for some half an hour. Finally, everyone had their revenge and left after this ‘comedy’ session.

Aakash was sitting all alone with suicidal thoughts. He thought of jumping off the terrace or hanging from the fan, just before which his phone ranged and it was his parents. But this time he didn’t tell his parents anything and nor the teachers. The students who harassed him slowed down a bit, but even then, Aakash was completely broken down from within. Neither was he able to concentrate on studies properly and nor did he have any interest left in anything else.

All this could have gone unnoticed, but the way, Aakash used to talk with his parents on phone, his brother Vipul started suspecting that something is wrong. He planned with his parents and told Aakash that they are setting a new ‘Cricket’ branch in their sports business, and they want him to manage it. Aakash asked, “But this course?” His brother told him “Leave the course man…we have a great opportunity here and it is also your interest area”. The next day, Vipul came there and they did all the formal paperwork and Aakash went back home. There, he was told that there is nothing like any new business and it was all done to bring him back.

His family tried enrolling him into some Correspondence courses and also brought private tutors for him. But, all of this had broken Aakash so much that he went even deeper and deeper into depression. The condition got more serious when medication and psychiatrist became a common part of Aakash’s routine.

Officially ragging might be banned, but unofficially it still happens and it leads to many depressions, heartbreaks and suicides. The students who are introverts, who are weak, who don’t smoke or drink are always thought of as second class citizens in a high-class society. Who will teach them that it’s not the victim but the culprits who are at fault for mindset?


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