DRUGS Laws in INDIA : Are You a DRUGGIE … ?????

Is Weed or Marijuana Legal in India?


Nowadays Drugs are in the air. Whether we switch on the news or TV or read the newspaper or simply swipe on social media … only thing we see is Drugs … Drugs … Drugs. Hey … don’t get me wrong I am not writing an article on the NONSENSE topic going on, but I want to discuss here is the complicity and comical nature of laws in our country related to Drugs.

Who is a Druggie ?

Well … of course someone who consumes drugs is a druggie … what kind of a question was that. There is a whole list of drugs which are legal and which are illegal in India. The punishment for its consumption is 6 months or 1 year depending on the drugs you consume. There are quite a number of authorities for keeping a check on drugs in the country with NARCOTICS CONTROL BUREAU (NCB) being the topmost.

Harbouring even bigger crime than Consumption … ?????

Yes … according to NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985), procuring or financing the drugs is an even bigger crime than consuming the drug itself. Procuring and financing comes under ‘Harbouring’ as it involves contacts with drug peddlers and putting innocent lives in danger.

So far it looks normal … isn’t it ? But the problem arises when this law is stretched irrationally for whatever purpose. According to Section 27A of NDPS Act … if you just know 2-3 people who take drugs but don’t report it, you will labelled as a HARBOURER of drugs and will be thrown in jail for 10-20 years. Seems odd … consider it like this.

In your hostel, imagine your 2 roommates take drugs and you know that but don’t report it to any authorities. Now if somehow your hostel is raided and your roommates are caught. Upon investigation it is found that those 2 used to take drugs, they will be given a punishment of 6 months and if you confess that you knew that they took drugs … you will be sent to jail for whopping 20 years for Harbouring Drugs … come on man I am not joking, but that is what referred in the laws of NDPS.

Why are weed and hash illegal in India, but not bhang?

Hash, Weed, Bhang are all Same … ?????

Well … they are not same but still same. I mean they all come from different parts of the same plant. The CANNABIS plant; the resins make up for Hash, the flowers make up for Weed while the leaves make for BHAANG … yes the same Bhaang which many people in India drink wholeheartedly during Holi and also eat Sweets and Pakoras made of it. But, isn’t it all just too paradoxical as some parts of the plant are illegal but other parts of the very same plant are legal.

Bhaang has been an important part of Hindu religion specially, Lord Shiva. But … do you know even all these Weed and Hash were also perfectly legal and widely consumed in the country. India even opposed its classification into illegal but it had to call for it under Cold War era pressure as finally India called it illegal at Convention on Narcotics Drug , 1961. Let me also tell you that this CANNABIS only is MARIJUANA.

Should Marijuana be Legalised … ?????

It is estimated that around 2% people in our country have been consuming Weed or Hash in some way or the other. It is also estimated that if these would have been legal and taxed, it could have earned the government a whopping revenue of 725 crore. But, the drugs coming under Illegal category leads to people purchasing it from peddlers and none of the revenue comes out to government.

There are some benefits of these plants as well … such as it can be used for timber or textiles and help our textile and agriculture sector of India. The Marijuana plant is also used for medical purposes and is highly beneficial for many. But … classifying the whole plant as DRUG leads to losing out on its benefits as well. US which called for its illegal labelling has actually legalised it in many states and we are just standing still and losing many things out.

Should India make Cannabis legal? - Cover Story News - Issue Date: Sep 28,  2020

But why Legalising it may still not be a Good Option … ?????

According to researches and experts, marijuana is highly addictive in nature and its addiction leads to mental complications and disorders. They are found with impaired neural connectivity and are at high risk for developing chronic psychotic disorders and even Cancer. Most people who try it become addicts and its withdrawal is extremely painful with serious symptoms and complications like irritability and sleep disorders.

Though Canada, Europe and even US has allowed for legalisation of marijuana for medical purposes. But, both scientifically and statistically the results are not much significant. Though there are some pain management benefits, and also in controlling Nausea and Vomiting. But its complications are also there and there are many other less complex drugs that can achieve desired results.

Drug Trafficking in India: Legal Perspective By Yash Soni

Conclusion : An Endless Debate

So … its no doubt that this topic can be pulled over for an endless debate. On one hand we have its benefits such as tax revenues and some medical benefits (doubtful though). While, on the other hand high risks associated with it such as harmful diseases and brain disorders. Also it is highly paradoxical that we use the same plant very easily during festivals. But, whatever be the points, since the medical benefits are not conclusively proven and risks are not only proven but also seen, that too across the globe, I personally don’t think that it will be a right decision to legalise Marijuana particularly at this point of time. But, in future only time will tell the course … so lets wait for that.





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