FEMALE MUTILE GENITATION : Hidden Devil finally Killed

While writing this Article my Nerves have been freezed completely and I am feeling extremely sad whenever I am wording this incident . I am talking about a Chapter present in the world about which many of us are still unknown ; it is the FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION , presuambly the most HORROR thing a woman could ever undergo and that too just in the name of Religious and Cultural beliefs .

Female Genital Mutilation also known as KHATNA or KHAWZ is practised in Muslim Bohra community . This has been termed as a Violation of human rights by United Nations (UN) but still it is practised in many parts and even in India it’s ban is still in Working . Actually in this community the CLITORIS part of women’s Vagina is called HARAM KI BOTI or Unwanted source of sin ; the Stupid Logic behind it being if women knows the pleasure she can receive through it she may go Astray from the marriage and bring shame and disgrace for her family . Clitoris has the highest no. of nerve endings in a female body . This process is usually carried out by older women or untrained midwives in the community . It is done to the girls of aged 6-10 and the aim is to “Get it Over” before they reach the age of Puberty .

There are over 5 lakh BOHRAS in India and 90% women have to undergo this painful practice This process is carried out by Knives or Blades and since the ones performing this activity have lack of experience of any of these Operations the girls end up getting Unwanted Infections , humiliation risking Hygiene , Extreme Pain , sometimes long term trauma occurs due to lasting of lasting Ordeal and sometimes are just left bleeding for Days . The girls are just taken with promise of Chocolate , Toy or an Outing , but they are just taken to a dingy dark room , pinned to a bed , pants are taken off and then this HEINOUS Activity takes place . Some cases are reported of woman blocking out their horrible experience completely . It is considered an effective measure to forget the past pain and think Sexual Intercourse only as a job to be done after Marriage , even Minor Rape victims have been reported with same defense mechanism to erase the painful memory .

The IRONY is that Bohra community is considered as more open minded than other open Muslim communities as they allow women to study and travel . This community is spread over western cities of Pakistan , Yemen , East Africa and some parts of America and Australia as well . In 2016 Australia sentenced 3 Dawoodi Bohras for 15 months under the country’s FGM Law . In 2017 US also arrested 2 Doctors in Detroit for allegedly cutting the private part of six girls ; their Trial is still underway . So due to these legal actions being taken Abroad India is becoming a HUB for FGM .

But finally few weeks ago after the PIL was filed by Petitioner Sunita Tiwari , along with the support of Gynaecologists and Women organisations SUPREME COURT finally banned . The Bench comprising CJI DIPAK MISHRA , Justice DY CHANDRACHUR and AM KHANWALIKER stated that the bodily integrity of a women can’t be Infringed or subjected to any Religious practice . Main issue raised by SUNITA TIWARI to which SC agreed was the POSCO Act 2012 according to which touching the Genital of a Women under 18 is a Crime . Attorney General KK VENUGOPAL appeared in the name of Government and earlier stated that no child should undergo such TRAUMA in the name of Religion .

But an F**KING Idiot Congress leader and Advocate ABHISHEK MANU SINGHVI appeared on behalf of Dawoodi Bohra Women’s association for religious freedom argued in favour of practice ; stating Lame Excuses that it’s a 1000 year old practice and it’s an essential part of their life from their religious point of view . The argument was very rightly countered by KK VENUGOPAL saying that even SATI System was an ancient practoce and any religious practice by communities are subject to public order and morality .

Petitioner Sunita Tiwari laid down some useful Facts that UN Convention of Rights of child has categorised 4 types of FGM ; TYPE-1 being practised by Bohra community in India where Prepuce of a girl around 7-8 years is cut . But UN Resolution passed in 2012 denounced FGM in all it’s forms and it’s signed by 194 Countries around the world including INDIA . But unfortunately India does not have any specific law to prevent it and so some Religious groups are promoting it . Also , she gave argument that only Bohra is the muslim community in India which practises it , so it’s a Cultural practice and not a Religious one . Another Bold argument presented by her was it’s not CIRCUMCISION but Mutilation . Justice AG VENUGOPAL also said that Male Circumcision is also performed on Infants and it has some Health benefits as well but comparing FGM with it as it leads to many Complications in adulthood during Sexual Intercourse , Pregnancy , etc sometimes even leading to DEATH .
There are actually 4 ttoes of FGM

TYPE 1 : CLITORIDECTOMY ; it involves partial or total removal of Clitoris

TYPE 2 : EXCISION ; Clitoris and Labia Minora are totally removed with or without Excision of Labia Majora

TYPE 3 : INFIBULATION ; it’s the most Severe one . Varginal Orifice is narrowed with creation of Covering seal by cutting and appositioning the Labia Majora woth or without the removal of Clitoris . It invilves stiching and holdong the cut areas together for a period of time for covering the Seal . A small gap is left for Urine and Menstrual blood to pass . It can be opened through Sexual Intercourse or Surgery .

TYPE 4 : This type consists of all other purposes for Genitalia of women for non-medical purposes , such as pricking , piercing , incising , scrapping and cauterization

On one side one Congress leader ABHISHEK SINGHVI supported FGM and fought for it in court while another one SHASHI THAROOR Criticized it on Twitter and . Congress is known for showing Double standards ;even during Triple Talaq KAPIL SIBBAL fought in favour of it but after it was banned many Congress leaders appreciated the move . Though initially they were the ones blocking it in Rajya Sabha and when the Act was being discussed in Rajya Sabha. I just wonder how these parties make Women empowerment theor propaganda and the DUMBHEADS think of ruling our Beloved Nation .

Another brave lady who stood up against the Barbaric Act is well known actress NUSHRAT BHARUCHA whose latest movie SONU KE TITU KI SWITI we all Loved . She herslef belongs to that community and has said that if someone wants to do this then it’s Okay ; but how can you torture 7-8 year old girls . She said that her mother also went through it but never allowed her Daughter to go through all this .

So here we saw that yet another Social Evil ; this time very Hidden was destroyed and removed from our Society . Still there exists some like Nikah Halala , Polygamy , etc about which talks are being held . I just can’t digest even after becoming so Modernised and Educated we have continued to stay these NONSENSE in the society and how many Innocent little girls were pained due to this . Many even died , we can ban this act but we can never bring back the TEARS they shed , the CRIES they cried and the LIVES they sacrificed . But let’ spay a Tribute to them on tge event of Ban of theor cause of Torture . But as long as we have Dependable Justice and Brave Ladies like SUNITA TIWARI and NUSHRAT BHARUCHA we can Kill these Evils and make this place a better place to live in for Women and obviously ; eventually it will become better place for the rest of us as well .



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