Finally ….. MANDIR Wahi Banega ….. Par MASJID ke Saath

Last week came the Historic judgment by the 5 Judge Bench of Supreme Court on the AYODHYA issue and finally after so much Tussle and Venom sharing history the Court has ordered that the Temple should be built at the disputed land (2.77 acres) and an alternate land of 5 acres to be given to MUSLIMS within AYODHYA only for making a MASJID . How ideal is the decision , everyone has his point on it but let’s have a complete look at it . K PARASARAN represented the Hindu side (RAM LALLA) and ZAFARYAB JILANI the Muslim side (CENTRAL SUNNI WAQF BOARD). With this also retires our well serving Chief Justice RANJAN GOGOI .

This result was much awaited , even when the case was going on I personally had a confusion , how will the Court take into account the facts of the time before Constitution and Court Laws were actually formed . Also who will be the man on whose name case will run . I came to know that on the basis of evidences cases can be run and for your kind information , this case was run for “RAMA LALLA” (Suit 5) as they say . Our court laws allow us to file cases on the name of them .

Now , if we want to go on a Roller-Coaster Journey of this Land Dispute we can but with a promise that we will bury all the hatreds and grievances at the end of it .


The NIRMOHI AKHARA (Suit -3) : This organisation had been claiming that there was NO MASJID at all , this claim was purely rejected . They had been demanding the right to perform PUJA at the temple as they are the CARETAKERS of the temple . But considering it’s history with the temple the Court has ordered to include at least a few if not all members from Nirmohi Akhara in the Committee that will be formed for building Ram Mandir .

EXTRACTIONS : After the BABRI MASJID was demolished , excavation took place around 2003 the major findings which proved essential in the Decision are :

  • Earthen vessels dating back to 2nd century BC
  • Around 85 Pillar Bases have been found termed to be of Hindu origin .
  • Circular Shrines were found suggesting that Hindus used to worship here till 12th century BC .
  • There is a Black KASAUTI Pillar (used for worship and flowers are thrown on them) found inside the Mosque ruins but it is NOT related with the pillars found inside the Temple .
  • Another notable point which played a big part ; it’s even said in SIKH scriptures that GURU NANAK DEVJI visited Ram Janam Bhoomi somewhere around 1520 , whether temple was in existence or not , well if not then why he would have came .

MYSTERIES STILL UNRESOLVED : Even after so much tantrums there are few mysteries which are yet to be resolved :

  • One major thing which is not found is that how that Temple came to an end because Mosque came to existence in 16th century and Hindu evidences are only dating upto 12th century so there is BIG missing link of more than 400 years .
  • One of the most markable conclusions of the Decision is that there is NO PROOF that Temple was demolished for the construction of Mosque or whether temple ruins were used for constructing the Mosque .
  • The most important one , there is no proof of this place being the Birthplace of Ram . There was an argument that according to SKAND PURAN coordinates of Ram’s birthplace lie here , this argument was found void by SC .

So the two main arguments which led to so many Nuisance in India that RAM was born here and BABAR demolished the temple stand dejected .


A Marble Boundary was constructed in 19th century 100 feet away of the Mosque . Hindus were offering prayers from that time only with a belief that under this Dome there lies their RAM . It also gives a historic evidence that how assertive Hindus have been to gain the right to offer prayers on this land from long ago . There used to be one Door HANUMAN DWAAR but later Hindus urged DC to add one more towards SITA RASOI called SINGH DWAAR . Other than that inside Mosque there have been some Depictions and Symbols (GAROOR , VARAH , JAI & VIJAY Dwarpals) showing the existence of Temple down there .

The MUSLIM claim (Suit 4 : CSWB)

According to SC there is no denying that there was a Mosque from the 16th century . The Muslims had been continuously offering Prayers there and even after 1857 or 1935 Riots they never stopped Namaz . Instead Hindus were penalised to pay for the damage ; this has been taken as the Evidence that Muslims were having affectionate claim towards the Mosque . Their main argument was that there was no Temple at all and only Mosque came into existence but all the extractions have proved this argument completely False .

The First Fight

First remembered fight over this land dates back to 1856-57 Hindu-Muslim Riot . The colonial administration made a grick-brick wall to ensure peace in the contested site but neither a subdivision nor a determination of title was constituted .

The Attack of 1934

In the 1934 attack the Hindus attacked the Masjid which damaged the outer wall and could have damaged the whole structure . After this Hindus were fined for this undisciplined act and damaged part of Masjid was renovated .

Till now the condition was something like this :

In the inner courtyard there is a Tomb/Mosque where Muslims offered Namaz and in the outer courtyard there was the RAM CHABUTRA , SITA RASOI , BHANDARA and SANKAT MOCHAN ; etc . Here the Hindu Pandits and Bairagis used to worship .

The 1949 SHAME

Because of the presence of Priests , Bairagis and Hindus the Muslims offered Namaz only on Fridays (JUMMAS) because Hindu Bairagis obstructed Muslims from entering the Mosque and situation can worsen so from security point of view on Fridays under special protection the Masjid opened for 2-3 hours and Muslims offered Namaz under police protection …. but only till 22 Dec 1949 ……

On the night of 22nd December 1949 the Hindu group forcibly broke into the Mosque and placed Hindu Idols inside it . After this the place became highly toxicated for Muslims and Namaz was never offered there . But the Ram Chabutra still saw some developments by Hindu side as it was in the outer courtyard . So we can see that Muslims were barred from their religious beliefs in a very shameful , ingregious and unconstitutional fashion as said by the SC also .

The 1992 Episode

Then came this Shameful and one of the biggest Religiously Intolerant incident of Indian History . When a huge mob along with political help and ill motive came like Terrorists and demolished the Mosque . What I found very painful is the fact that some ; no actually many celebrate it as a Festival . If you don’t agree with Me , for your kind information the honourable SC has also said the same about this incident . Since this case was about land dispute no decision has been taken about the MASJID DEMOLITION and that is an entirely different case .

In my personal opinion the complete justice will only be done when the culprits of BABRI MASJID Demolition are punished and severely punished . Here I would like to ask the “EK DHAKKA AUR DO BABRI MASJID TOD DO” Gang that what gives you the right to barre someone from pursuing his religious beliefs by first toxifying and then demolishing his place of worship just on the belief that it used to be of your community somewhere around 1000 years ago ….. DUMBS . More than AYODHYA Verdict I am more eagerly waiting for this Verdict .

The SC has looked into all the evidences and has found the claim of Hindus stronger than that of Muslims and Hindus proved POSSESSION of the place from much earlier so it belonged to them at earliest . Here the highlighted word is the game changer , it’s all only about possession and not anything else . SC also mentioned that it’s decision will strongly be taken keeping in mind Justice , Dignity , Fraternity and Equality of the beliefs of all religion . It has also highly criticised the decision of ALLAHABAD HC that gave 1/3)rd land to each WAQF BOARD , RAM LALLA and NIRMOHI AKHARA as it didn’t did Justice with the religious beliefs . By what sense did the Nirmohi Akhara got one third land when it just asked for right to perform Puja .

Now I may sound ISLAM-SYMPATHISER and you may call me Anti Hindu and Libtard as it doesn’t bother me single bit . But I genuinely think that the decision was a bit Harsh on Muslims . Think as a Muslim born in 20th century , well he didn’t had any idea about RAM , his birthplace and Babar . First his religious place is continuously disturbed and then one day demolished and now after 27 years the land is given to the party which actually destroyed it . The SC did called demolition of Mosque highly unconstitutional but it also gave the land to the Demolishers only . I mean … IRONY SHOULD JUST COMMIT SUICIDE . One more important point , if the Masjid hadn’t been demolished in 1992 the Excavation couldn’t have taken place . So what would have the Court done then , ordered to first demolish , then excavate , then investigate and then give a decision .

But whatever be the case I respect the decision of the court . We all are missing one thing , the Court had to also keep in mind that none of the parties find their religious sentiments hurt as it may disturb the peace of country . So basically they went with the Faith related to birth of Ram . If you want to understand this decision in simple way , think like this :

“Enough of the Fight now over MANDIR or MASJID , both will be made , but since there is a sentiment of HINDUS related to Ram’s birthplace this disputed land should be given to them and MUSLIMS will be given alternate land and since you are being compensated take a bigger portion but for God’s sake stop any grievances or Hatred if left any” .

So in my opinion , however you like the result this chapter is closed once and for all . It’s enough fight over religions now , instead now we should come out of this MANDIR-MASJID and focus on nation building . Some were shouting (YE TO SIRF JHAKI HAI MATHURA KASHI BAKI HAI) . Oh ….. Goddamit guys , stop this nonsense , is the no. of hearings in court , riots , havoc this Ayodhya issue led to wasn’t enough that you want more of such . There are far more important cases pending in courts and issues to be discussed in parliament . Please focus on that because those things will affect your lives and not the Temple and the Mosque .

Also in my opinion if both Temple and Mosque are opened on the same day , there can’t be a better exhibition of the strength of INDIA’s Secularism . Instead this decision should be celebrated by both communities as both are getting their respective religious sites . And , RAM MANDIR is not enough we should focus on the RAM RAJYA ….. no not the political one the real one :

In the words of TULSIDAS a Ram Rajya means

“दैहिक दैविक भौतिक तापा | ,

राम राज्य नहीं कहुइं वायापा ||”

अर्थात …

Ram Rajya is a state where there is no one suffering from physical , mental , financial and most important RELIGIOUS Agony . If you are a devotee of Ram build a nation that he wanted and where we all whether his Devotee or not grows together .



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