INDIA’s World Cup campaign : A Wound which can’t be cured

The biggest cricketing contest ended on last Sunday with England being crowned the Champions for the first time . Though the final result was Ambiguous in nature but we will come upon that later on . The tournament was extremely contested one where almost every team pushed above it’s weight in the Pursuit of Trophy . For India the wait for getting Trophy home has been extended to 4 more years when the contest will take place in India only . Though we played like absolute Champions and were the best team of the tournament throughout the league stage , but as I said earlier that the two days (KNOCKOUTS : in our case just one ) if gone wrong can ruin everything gone right . That’s exactly what happened with us .If we look at our performance in detail . We started with a loss against New Zealand in the Warm up game and ended our campaign also with a defeat against New Zealand . In the 2st warm up game we decided to test ourselves on a Challenging wicket after winning the toss . In the 2nd match we found answers of many of our underlying questions specially KL RAHUL as No.4 . Another positive was MS DHONI showing signs of his Scintillating Form with a 100 . In the first game we had a comprehensive victory against SOUTH AFRICA . In the next game , a crunch game but a historic victory against AUSTRALIA . A Washout against NEW ZEALAND couldn’t stop our Momentum as we defeated arch rivals PAKISTAN in a dominating fashion for record 7th time . Riding high on victories against AFGHANISTAN and WINDIES on challenging wickets we went to face ENGLAND who were coming there after two consecutive losses and were on the brink of Elimination . But in this Do or Die game England played their Hearts out , JASON ROY coming back and wicket being a Fresh one (mostly Used wickets were being used) . The wicket was quite flat suiting their game and we in way of chasing lost our way mid way losing the match by 30 odd runs . Flat wicket can’t be an excuse as the wicket was flat for us as well . But after 1 loss we came back in style with a victory against BANGLADESH which played quite above expectations in the tournament . Finally we ended our league stage with a crushing victory over SRI LANKA which saw RAHUL coming back in his Zone and hitting a brilliant 100 . Riding on 7th heaven we didn’t knew that all our dreams of becoming World Champions were going to be Crushed just after 4 days .AUSTRALIA was the first team to qualify for the Semis with some great victories riding high with the performances of WARNER and STARC the leading players , FINCH the skipper and CAREY the wicketkeeper of the tournament . SMITH the other man who was making a comeback also helped with some delightful knocks in tense situations . At one time the Defending Champions were seeming the Team to Beat but in the later half they lost the Momentum generated in first half . ENGLAND also qualified finally rubishing all speculations . After 2 consecutive losses and when the team was on brink of Elimination . The Morale of the team was up and high when STOKES and BAIRSTOW gave some Firing statements. NEW ZEALAND the fourth team to qualify was having a high round of Luck going for them . Getting initial matches against Low teams Upping their NRR quite high and getting a Washout against India gave them the one point which made their way . Luck also favoured them in the Semis which we will talk shortly .PAKISTAN the team which missed out with the narrowest margin ; having same points as NZ but poor NRR killing it for them ; though I really liked their performance . WINDIES started highly on a big victory against PAK but completely blew away their Momentum after that and ended on a Disappointing note . SRI LANKA was a team which pushed above it’s weight , two Washouts proving lucky and the biggest achievement was of course defeating ENGLAND . SOUTH AFRICA had a bad dream of the Tournament which they would like to forget soon . Major bowlers injured and Absence of ABD combined with poor form of some key players just ruined it for them . AFGHANISTAN was a real disappointment , I expected a lot from them but they perhaps under the burden of Expectations wern’t able to deliver . Changing of Captain right before the tournament , dropping their permanent opener midway and just wasting away RASHID KHAN were the things tehy need to look at . Also ICC needs to see that these new test teams are getting matches against and in the big nations as before this WC AFGHANISTAN had played 0 games in England .Now comes the semi final on 9-10th July against New Zealand . The day 1.3 billion dreams were shattered and eyes were filled with tears . It was known that chasing here won’t be easy and after losing the toss it became obvious that the match is going to be Close . But our bowling was so top class and dominating that it seemed that it’s going to be an one sided affair for India as we got the target of just 240 but it’s said “Small Targets are the Trickiest” (No one else I made this one) . What we saw was an exceptional display of SWING from BOULT-HENRY . ROHIT and RAHUL were having a string of good scores specially the former was just PLAYING like anything ; but with law of Averages both missed out in this big game . The biggest wicket in world cricket at the moment of VIRAT KOHLI , as soon as they got this the match not even for once tilted on our side . On any other day he could have Flicked it for a Four but not that day . He doesn’t get out on Boult easily but that day he did . Again he missed out in a big game ; it’s said na , normal players are remembered for their successes and Great players are remembered for their Failures . Though PANT and PANDYA absorbed the pressure brilliantly and built a partnership but in aim of accelerating played rash shots and got out .As for now the match seemed lost but then came SIR JADEJA and played an absolutely scintillating knock for which I would like to thank him deeply for giving HOPE to all of us . Not many recognised MS DHONI too played one of the finest knocks of his career playing second fiddle initially then coming into 5th Gear ; but when equation was 32 from 3 overs , JADDU got out . It was all on DHONI now , he smashed a lovely Cut for Six , it seemed he will Finish it for us again as he has been doing all his Life…… BUT …..Dhoni played a pull shot and in aim of keeping the strike ran for 2 , there came a Direct Hit and did hit the stumps , the bail lit , Dhoni lost his wicket and so did 1.3 billion the Hopes . Chances of that throw hitting target was 1 in 100 but that 1 came that day . Later it was found 6 fielders were outside the circle , Ball should have been Dead and if one more fielder had been in MS hadn’t ran 2 for sure . But these things didn’t mattered then what mattered was that we had lost the match by 18 runs . Few inches were the difference that counted eventually .Everything was finished . ROHIT played his hearts out in the tournament ; 5 100s not a Joke woth some were so so Great ones , gave everything but just 1 match ruined everything . His disappointed face was just unbearable for me . Whether it was all our bowlers BUMRAH , SHAMI , BHUVI , CHAHAL , KULDEEP who were the best pack of bowlers in the tournament . Our youngsters RAHUL , PANT , PANDYA who were perhaps the most passionate for the Cup and also the most Heartbroken after the loss . JADEJA who played perhaps the best knock of his ODI Career , was just inconsolable after the loss and was just crying that “If I hadn’t got Out we would have Won” . After hearing about such condition of our players I wanted to cry the Hell out .VIRAT who was so good in the tournament as a Leader , always proactive and aggressive , throughout I saw him having a complete look over the Form of his players , taking care about injuries of fellow players and keeping the group in a Jolly mode . He didn’t made a 100 but was playing for the team , getting 5 fifties in a trot and then a 100 on the big stage would have made it a dream set up . Everyone was praising him throughout but now when he has Lost everyone is leaving no stone unturned in criticising him , this is the Toxitiy of this game . It gives you moments to Cherish but also the ones to cry open and latter ones are more harder to bear .The man for whom I am feeling the Saddest is of course DHONI . The man who fulfilled the dreams of whole country , won us all tye tournaments in the world , lead selflessly throughout his Life , made so many Champions . If we could have offered a small repayment it would have been a Grand Farewell with the world cup trophy . Almost all of us had imagined the scene when Dhoni will be handed the Trophy and will be given a Guard of Honour . It was going to be an extremely emotional moment for all of us but we all were ready to face if he had World Cup by our side but sadly some things are not in our hand and this was perhaps the End of a glorious career of INDIA’s best ever cricketer for which I would like to thank and congratulate from the bottom of my Heart .The tournament was played in Round Robin format and it was seen that it should be continued in this format only as it gives a true indicator of a teams credibility facing all the teams . And when you top the table in this format you already prove that you are the best side in the world . Oh you think I am just saying ; look at stats . We had the best batting average and bowling strike rate among all . We dominated almost every team ; winning 7 out of 8 games is not a joke . There are people who started criticising the players even before they boarded flight . News channels were having Polls that who is most responsible for our Defeat . These people should just Die as they are of no use in this world . If we are the true Fans or call ourselves so it’s the time to prove it by standing by our team when they perhaps needs us the most . Whatever one says pur Team made us very proud by their game and just one bad day will not snatch away the respect they duly deserve .The day we lost I was so depressed that even the thought of Suicide came in my mind when I was celebrating India’s loss by washing my Pillow with my Tears in a locked dark room . I felt what’s my need in this world and for what reason should I live for now . I was so so Sad I was hardly speaking or doing anything . Watching cricketing videos and old matches just don’t fascinate me any more . Even when India returns playing cricket I don’t know whether I will be able to watch it or not , as whenever I will celebrate the thought will come to my mind that We lost when it mattered the most , what’s the matter winning it now . We will win many series but that we won even before WC what’s the point when we didn’t won for what our sentiments and preparation both were at the highest level . I don’t know when will I be able to return watching my First Love CRICKET . It’s a Aidless Wound which will last forever in my Heart . But life will go on , it has to go on . Whether I watch it or not my heart will always be there with my team and I am as much the part of the team as anyone else . One day I will be to come out of it and come back infront of Matches and come back to my team .


It’s My Team ….. The Indian Team .If we really want to look at what suggestions we can give to the Team . Our openers are perfect and DHAWAN’s return will make it stronger and I don’t think that there is a better group of Bowlers in the world at the moment . Even in middle order PANDYA and PANT are absolute Future as they have shown . For remaining 2 places in middle order we need some solid batsman who can bat in crunch situations and also change gears as per the situation . My pick is SHUBHMAN GILL without doubt and second one can be SHREYAS IYER … I guess . Other nominees can be MANISH PANDEY , ISHAN KISHAN , PRITHVI SHAW (Keeping in mind RAHUL can also bat at 4 if need arises) .There have been some demand of making ROHIT the Captain in white ball cricket and also to change the whole Coaching staff (Applications have been called in) .For the first demand I would like to say if we will be so Insecure by changing Captains now and then after 1-2 losses then our team will never be able to play freely . ROHIT is a brilliant captain but Vote is absolutely with VIRAT my Captain . But yes I will not close the scope of having a rry with ROHIT in T20s as we have 2 T20WCs in coming years so we can try this out if ut is really going to help the Team . For the second demand , Applications had been called already and some have resigned also . In coaching staff I believe there should be some shuffling to maintain the Freshness . Yes , but I will not close the door for RAVI SHASTRI as under him we were rhe best team in the world for more than 2 years and just 1 match will not make him a Bad coach . But my final call of who should be next head coach will be taken only after looking at every option who applied .Rain played a Spoiler washing out 4 full games and affecting many other games . At last it became so Irritating that it has forced us all to think a way of playing Cricket without Rain . when he asked Fans to stop Hooting STEVE SMITH after his return from Ban ; it was a big moment when he as a Leader , a flag bearer of Indian cricket saved his arch rival with whom he himself has had many issues on field for the sake of game and for the sake of the reputation of our country . It was absolutely the Standout MOMENT of the Tournament for Me . Other standout moment was when VIRAT and ROHIT went on to meet CHARUTALA BEN the aged Fan who was cheering India with full passion with latter also arranged Tickets for her in every upcoming match and even thanked her writing a letter . These moments make we Fans even more Enthusiastic and Passionate for our team .Let’s come back to the world Cup with wet eyes ; after NZ booked it’s place in Finals . It was ENG V AUS ; the Mini Ashes to decide the second Finalist . England just did as expected continuing their Storm of Momentum ; Australia didn’t looked even half of what it looked in the tournament . In the Finals at LORDS NZ made a meagre score 240 odd . It seemed at first the match will end one sided but BLACCAPS are the side known for pushing above their weights . They lost 3 consecutive big matches but look at the way they fought . One reason was absolutely their skipper KANEtastic WILLIAMSON . What a delightful player he is ; leading with composure , sharp skills and giving Hearts out in the field . He single handedly kept his team alive in the tournament and his Smile even after losing won everyone’s Hearts . He was well deserved Player of the Tournament .The match ended in Tie , thanks to STOKES Heroics who came back from 2016 Nightmare becoming the Hero . Match went on to Super Over but ended in a Tie there as well , but it was known before the Super Over that if again a Tie comes result will go to England as they had hit more boundaries . Come on it’s not a Joke , you are deciding the winner of the Tournament with Boundaries , Are you out of your mind ? They have scored same many runs with the same strike rate . There are two counter arguments ; the team batting first didn’t saw a Dream last night that match will end in a Tie so they should hit more boundaries ; Why they don’t look Wickets which team lost more , England was all out and would have lost it . Some rules really need a look with strict eyes . Anyhow I would like to congratulate ENGLAND For winning this Cup for the first time . It was such a thrilling and wonderful match it gave we Al fans an opportunity to come out of India’s Loss .It’s being said that LUCK killed it for NZ in Finals but it was also LUCK which brought them into the Finals . Getting an ideal bowling pitch (due to Rain) in Semis against India , also if match had taken place in one day only INDIA would have won it for sure . So LUCK Factor can’t be blamed I would say Rules are the ones to be under Scrutiny . In my opinion both ENGLAND and NEW ZEALAND were Champions and should have bewn crowned joint winners as both resisted to Lose and gave everything they had . My Heart goes out for NZ , first it was BRENDUM MCCULLUM and now it’s KANE , reasons for me to love this wonderful team which I supported in Finals even though they got here defeating us only .Also I would say please don’t make fun of New Zealand and GUPTILL just because they ran us out of tournament . He was playing for his team , his nation so were We . He has lost his 3 fingers of toe in an accident still he ran all the Hell out for his country and we are making Fun of him ; what Example are we setting . Everyone gives his 100% to make his team win . Remember what VIRAT did learn from him and keep atleast this sportive spirit alive the sporting culture high whether you are able to watch the game anymore or not whether you end up on the winning side or not .YE JEET HAAR TO HOTI RAHEGI YE KHEL REHNA CHAHIYE ISS KHEL KE JAZBAAT REHNE CHAHIYEJAI HINDARUNESH SINHA

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