LOVE JIHAD : Do we really need a Bill for it … ?????

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LOVE JIHAD … what is it ? For some it is just a propaganda targeting against the Muslim community and for some it is a worldwide planned threat from which our country needs to saved upon. The truth maybe lying somewhere in between but definitely not he latter most extreme.

When was this term first ‘Coined’ … ?????

According to reports … the term was first coined by ‘PRAMOD MUTALIK’ around 2005, but the official usage is traced till 2009 when KARNTAKA HIGH COURT ordered both Karnataka and Kerala Police to investigate ‘Love Jihad’ cases. It was this time when the outrage against Love Jihad started coming out in full swing with people from Hindu and even Christian community alleging it is a foreign funded conspiracy to marry off and convert girls into Muslims. But after investigation, NO confirmed case of Love Jihad was found, in all the suspected cases girls admitted of converting by choice, even the Karnataka High Court said “There is No Love Jihad”.

Unofficially its account can be traced back even back into 1920s and 1930s, maybe even before whose track is not present. By ‘account’ here I mean people of HINDU community have been complaining that Muslim, especially Youth coming and marrying Hindu girls, then converting them into Muslims as well. Hindus don’t like this as they think of it as a conspiracy against their community and it has led to several conflicts as well as Riots in the past.

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The Main Problem

So far … there is NO proper definition of LOVE JIHAD in the law as there is no trace of the claimed foreign funds and conspiracy. But, cases have been found where girls herself have admitted that they were cheated in marriage and their religion have been forcefully being converted. See … the problem is that according to QURAN, a marriage is only complete or valid if both the husband and wife are muslims. It is out of this reason that religious conversion (willingly or unwillingly) takes place in inter-faith marriages.

There have been several arguments whether State can make laws on religious conversions or not. While Karntaka HC said NO as ‘religion’ doesn’t come under State or Concurrent List but Madhya Pradesh HC said that states can, in order to maintain law and order n state. Sc also agreed with Madhya Pradesh HC only, further it has also barred marriages taking place solely for religious conversion as the ‘Intent’ of marriage is corrupted in that case.

Love Jihad: The crime which MSM ignores | by MyAncientĀryāvarta | Medium

What the ‘In Talks’ Bill says … ?????

Though MADHYA PRADESH was looking most excited for this one. But it was UTTAR PRADESH who went ahead first, no surprise … the chief minister … HA HA. The bill is passed in the Assembly and now it just needs the sign of the Governor for becoming a Law. The bill holds the following provisions :

1. If it is proved that religious conversion is forceful or by cheating, it will be considered a non-bailable offence. The conspirator will be sentenced to 1-5 year Jail and 15000 fine.

2. In case of non-adult or SC/St category, the fine will be 25000 and sentence of 3-10 years. While, in case of collective forced conversions the fine will increase to 50000 while sentence remaining the same.

3. Any marriage done solely for religious conversion, will stand Null and Void. Anyone who willingly wants to marry after religious conversion, needs to take the permission of DISTRICT MAGISTRATE 2 months prior.

The Case of the other Side :

While we all agree that forced religious conversion is wrong, shouldn’t it be applicable to both sides. Because this LOVE JIHAD is the by product of some hardcore Hindu radicals. and for them it is perfectly fine if Hindu men marry Muslim women and convert them into Hindus. Not only such account can be found in people like SAVRKAR’s writings, especially justifying Rape if done with opposite religion (1) . Also one must not forget YOGI ADITYANATH said “If they take 1 Hindu girl … we will take 100 Muslim girls” (2). So this theme of non religious conversion can’t be used according to use and need, it has to followed from both … actually from all sides.

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Conclusion : Not Bill but the Mindset is the Solution

I am anyway of the opinion that the girl should never change even their surname after marriage as their identity is not ending after marriage. I would say that if the bill is already brought, we all need to ensure that it is not misused against couples from different religions who just want to love and live together. People still hear with an eyes opened a bit extra, to the news of inter religion marriage in their locality. If we don’t want religious conversions, we have to become more acceptable at the same time , it can’t go both ways. LOVE … is the purest form of expression anyone has been given and who are these relatives, society and politicians to govern anyone about how and who should one love. We have many real life examples where people of different religions married each other, but none converted and are happily living respecting each other as well as their religion, their children instead respect both the religions. I am again saying that religious conversion is wrong but so is exploitation of inter religion couples.

SIT probe into 'love jihad' rules out conspiracy angle, outside funding |  India News,The Indian Express

Love and let Love in this Lovely world.



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