MENTAL HEALTH : When will we start talking about it … ?????

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SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT … a promising actor who died by Suicide 5 months ago. For me personally as well it was a very tragic moment as I adored him very much. For next few days I was not feeling like doing anything and watching his last movie DIL BECHARA was a very emotional experience for me leaving me teary eyed.

Well … this not a post for a tribute to SUSHANT. Instead I would like to use this platform to talk about the issue which came forward after this incident. A topic very less people talk about … MENTAL HEALTH. Isn’t it so ironical that we can very easily talk on problems related to almost anything, any disease or even personal complaints or grievances, but when it comes to talking about our the Health of our mind which is used the most in our life, actually every moment, we just refrain to talk about it.

Understanding the Suicidal Mind | Expert Commentary | IRMI.com

Gravity of the situation

Do we even know how big this problem is. Every year quite over a lakh people die by suicide in INDIA, while you will finish this article 1 or 2 would have already died by then and of course INDIA is Number 1 in this (we always top where we shouldn’t). (1) And despite all this who even thinks of this aspect. I can bet that many of the ones reading this will think what nonsense I am talking about, is ‘Mind’ a person who will have health. Even if one is actually suffering from a mental issue and he seems lost and sad because of it, the society including his parents and friends will mock him over being ‘Unsmart’.

What happens in a Mental Issue … ?????

Actually … I wish there could have been a definite answer for this question. Mental issue ranges from just mild depression where he is sad for few days after something very sad happened in his life to very severe disorders such as BIPOLAR DISORDER (every year 10 million cases in India … though ranges on the basis of severity). In these types of serious issues, a person experiences high mood swings, loses interest in daily life activities, may show abnormal behavior like irritability and aggressiveness. Also, one very peculiar symptom is “Excess Desire for Sex”, so it may happen that he ends up saying things to girls which he doesn’t mean.

When a person is actually going through all this, people surrounding him never ever try to understand him or think for once why is he showing abnormal behavior, we just end up cursing and mocking that person aggravating his situation even further. Do you even know that the person is suffering from extreme level of self guilt, anxiety, unwanted thoughts. He might be feeling sad after getting angry on someone or saying some things he didn’t meant. The worst part of the problem is that the person also starts having Suicidal thoughts, the factor which makes it even more dangerous is sometimes he loses control of his senses due to his anxiety. Imagine, what will happen if a person’s anxiety stops after 10 minutes but by the 8th minute he has already embraced Suicide.

Frontiers | Molecular Mechanisms of Bipolar Disorder: Progress Made and  Future Challenges | Cellular Neuroscience

No Longer a thing to Hide

Another problem is that people suffering from this problem themselves don’t open it up. They should not be blamed for it though, as they perfectly know the reaction they will get if they do so. The mental disorder is nothing but a SICKNESS and like any other sickness it also requires specialist care. One needs to visit a doctor (psychiatrist in this case) and get onto proper medication as prescribed. Though mental disorders are mostly lifelong and there is NO hard and fast cure to it, the patient will have to visit psychiatrist regularly and take his medicines properly.

In mild depressions if the patient visits the doctor early, he might be able to completely cure his disorder. But it seldom happens, there have been cases where a patient kept on ignoring his disorder until he was found in the hospital after attempting suicide or dying by suicide. So … here I would request everyone or say, anyone having even mild symptoms, just go and visit a doctor. If you don’t have it … it’s fine but if your condition is actually severe, its all about your Life.

Understanding the suicidal mind and how you can help - Times of India

Conclusion : Suicide is not Cowardice

Sometimes I think we should feel ashamed. How easily we end up blaming the person who just died by suicide as coward. We start saying that he didn’t thought of his parents, he was afraid of failing challenges, he was weak. Just tell me … are army personnel weak and coward ? Do you know over 1100 army personnel died by suicide in 2010-2019 period and the number is even high for CRPF Personnel. No one ever even tries to understand how the things stood from his point of view or what was he going through exactly from within. No … I am not saying Suicide should be appreciated or treated as an option. No one should be ever taking his lives losing out to circumstances, but the life is not as easy as it sounds.

Now, I don’t have anything left to say about it. I would just say when INDIA needed to be taught about Mental Health … our propagandist GODI MEDIA wasted this whole opportunity by turning the topic into a toxic hate mongering and conspiracy case … which I would not go into. I thought that this issue needs to be discussed upon and this article was a small step in the direction. Out of the ones reading it even if 10% people change their mindset towards mental issues, those dying by suicide and seeking psychiatrists I would find my effort very successful. And … that would be the BEST Tribute that we can give to our beloved star SUSHANT.

21-year-old die-hard Sushant Singh Rajput fan ends life in Visakhapatnam



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