MOB LYNCHING : Perfect recipe to make our country a HINDU Pakistan

What is happening in our Country is a perfect recipe to make us a New Pakistan a HINDU Pakistan . The way Hindu domination is tried to be overlapped in our country that the intention seems clear . A new term called Mob Lynching has suddenly got a place in our daily lives . This term came into existence when in 2015 AKHLAQ was murdered just because a claim that he has eaten Cow . JUNAID was brutally beaten , mocked over being Muslim and was eventually killed just because he was a Muslim . Who will answer these questions .

How Brutal it seems to even discuss these incidents , just imagine who the Demons are who execute these activities . How much IMPUNITY they enjoy ; Mobs composed of men of all age group , brought together by rumours on Social Media specially the WHATSAPP University . This noxious turn taken can be traced back to pre independence cow protection movement which led to the first ever Communal Riot in India and co incidentally the last Riot in India few days back also occurred due to Controversy over Cow Meat only . From then on only pockets of HATRED were created , HINDUs were barred from selling Cows even Old and Inferior ones to Muslims as they were considered threat to HINDU India and their religious symbol . It led to further SCHISM between Majority HINDUS and Minority MUSLIMS . The fundamental principle of modern nation state are being demolished by the HINDU nationalists .

Also we see cases where LOVERS of opposite religion are Harassed . A case took place in Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim boy and Hindu girl were together in a park and both were arrested . The boy was tortured while girl was harassed by lady police officers ; screaming “How she dared to love a Muslim , is there no Hindu left” . Also a similar case occurred in UP only where Muslim boy was meeting a Hindu girl and VHP (VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD) Attacked the boy as if they will Kill him but a police officer GAGANDEEP SINGH came to the rescue and despite facing blows he pulled the boy out safely . It was a Historic moment where a Hindu was attacking a Muslim and a Sikh came to the rescue truly depicting the Essence of our country ; INDIA , which is being Murdered by these MORONS .

Also what makes these Lynching activities is the dominance of BJP Extremists and HINDU institutions on Social media and WhatsApp . Fake WhatsApp messages whip up a frenzy in minutes and before any sanity can prevail inocents are clobbered to Death . The news and media is playing the biggest part in this . the news are actually MANUFACTURED in the TV Studio by these Reporters cum NewsMakers such that not only it gives them TRP but also create religious differences . I myself felt that content shown were such that it will infuriate any random Hindu against Muslim communities . Even on WHATSAPP the messages are circulated that ; HINDUS are in Danger , HINDUs need to be united . Apart from it hatred against Muslim community is being served in the worst possible way . These are all also experienced by me so don’t worry about Authenticity .

So basically it’s public anger manufactured on TV , mobilized and through WhatsApp resulting in blood thirsty mob . Mob that killed meat trader in UP consisted a boy of 14 so you can just imagine where the Youth of the country are being directed . Media is called the backbone of a country but in our country they are showing us just what the government wants us to see . What will we say about the government , it’s the one who is leading to all this . The prime minister has done only thing in response to these activities and that is being silent and literally increasing the further confidence of these LYNCHERS . Giving ticket to PRAGYA THAKUR showed the mentality of government and she winning showed that of our public .

What is a big problem is that HINDUS are straightaway considered as Patriots while MUSLIMS have to go an extra mile to prove it . Even if someone among Muslims does good it’s said that “In Muslims also there are good people” directly creating the image that Majority of them are bad only as if Hindus are all Good and can never do anything wrong .
Recently a debate broke during elections when KAMAL HASAN said GODSE was the first Hindu Terrorist and SADHVI PRAGYA said he is a patriot . People were crying like Mad , how he called Hindu a terrorist . A HINDU can never do anything against our country . Even our prime minister has given similar statements very proudly with his 56 inch chest .

You all must remember the KATHUA case where a 8 year old girl ASIFA was raped brutally inside a temple . Rapists included the priest and a police officer . What is more dangerous was people were specially called on for Raping and it continued for multiple days . Lawyer and lady police who worked on the case were threatened by Hindu organisations . Social media was filled with fake claims that the crime is not done by Hindu but by a Muslim only , there is less space in temple . More painful fact is many top journalists showed these claims as Victory . few days back the verdict of Supreme Court also came convicting the accused and rubbishing the claims . Will the ones making claims Apologise ?

Another incident occurred in BULANDSHAHER where due to killing of a cow a mob became so Violent that it went on to kill the SP of police only . The priority of UP government was not the murder of SP but of cow . The accused was a Bajrang Dal head only being shielded by government as usual . The family of SP was in tears and even DSP wrote a heartfelt message on social media . No doubt that the security officials are also fed up by all this .

Nowadays government is not called divisive but statements of NASEERUDDIN SHAH and SWARA BHASKAR are called anti India . You don’t agree with statement it’s okay but how can you call it anti India . They say “Why they didn’t gave the statement when Congress was in power”. First of all it’s my mood when I will give a statement and if you like it that much them hear it again and again . Also these personalities being Biased will not harm our country but government being divisive surely will and it is doing actually . Main accused in AKHLAQ case sits as chief guest in UP CM’s rally , rally is led by BJP leaders in support of the rapist of ASIFA and even posters were made of the man behind BULANDSHAHER incident .

Why have we become so much Obsessed with Religion that neither Humanity nor Nation is respectable now . Even the declaration that AKHLAQ has eaten Cow was made on a Temple loudspeaker . Why such statements are boldly made on Loudspeakers that “Topi pehenne wale bhi Ram ke naam par sar jhukayenge” (Those who wear caps ; ie, Muslims will also bow in front of RAM) . Is it a joke how can you and why do you want to make other religion bow for YOUR God . Will you keep ROZA and go to CHURCH PRAYERS ; if no then why are you expecting such Nonsensical things . Also more Offensive is that such statements being made on Loudspeakers ; only these incidents lead to Communal Riots . What the main Agenda of these activists is having a HINDU RASHTRA ; just tell me is the Country owned by your Father or you are an Illiterate as it’s clearly mentioned in the Constitution that India is a SECULAR Country and if you can’t follow or respect our Constitution then you go to some other nation .

These incidents primarily occuring in UP shows the governance and direction of leadership there ; their CM YOGI ADITYANATH had said in a speech many years back that his ultimate aim is making INDIA a Hindu Rashtra . Even after becoming the chief minister just look how divisive his speeches have been ; though our prime minister is no way behind . Now you all are intelligent enough to relate incidents in UP with the Governance easily . SHASHI THAROOR rightly said that if this party(BJP) comes back in power it’s primary objective will be to attain a Hindu Rashtra . These institutions may not clearly state their ultimate aim but it is to transform INDIA into a HINDU RASHTRA or say HINDU PAKISTAN where just one religion will be the Dominator and others Slaves just like it happens in PAKISTAN . Now just think practically that These religious institutions who don’t have anything to do just keep looking for opportunities to spread their Religious dominance .

According to them if my fav actor is SHAH RUKH KHAN and not AKSHAY KUMAR or favourite singer is ATIF ASLAM not ARIJIT SINGH then I am not a Patriot just because they are not Hindus . Another Nonsense idea was having responding to roll calls with JAI HIND JAI BHARAT in the government schools in Gujarat . Why the people don’t understand that Patriotism is not an Injection which can be injected into someone it has to be from within . Can anyone guarantee that anyone saying JAI HIND JAI BHARAT will not support PAKISTAN or AUSTRALIA in Cricket match . What do this changing of city names signify just to show HINDU Dominance and making one religion feel downtrodden . Whatever name used to be in History , but just leaving out all priority works aside just changing city names will not head us anywhere as the city will still be remembered by it’s characteristics only .

In my opinion these so called religious institutions should be banned with immediate effect as they don’t add anything to our country but take away the Togetherness and Harmony . Follow your religion but please keep your religion to yourself . There is no point being proud of one religion , it would be better if we feel proud as an Indian . It’s high time that we all wake up or else we will just end up blown away in this HATE Wave . I would again repeat what I said that a perfect recipe is being cooked for making us HINDU PAKISTAN and WE only WE can stop the dish from being made by turning the Gas off at the very right moment .



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