MODI 2.0 : NaMo is back and so are the Challenges

Bringing an end to all speculations it is PHIR EK BAAR MODI SARKAR that too PEHLE SE BHI ZYADA DAMDAAR . Now whatever our beliefs or differences are but now it’s time to stand with the elected government with the Mandate the whole country have given . We may be different in political views or interests but we should all be together in National interests . So let’s Welcome Back our prime minster NARENDRA MODI Ji as the man under whose Vision our country will run for 5 more years .

Minsters including our Prime minister took Oath on 30th May and subsequent day the cabinet was divided . RAJNATH SINGH has taken over Defence while AMIT SHAH will take over Home Affairs now ( This area I am really worried about) . JAISHANKAR will serve as External Affairs Minster which will serve as Education Minster which is the poorest appointment as he is the man who termed Astrology above Science and said we can do Wonders with it ; what Educational reform will such DUMBS being in a country already having improper Education system .

The appointment I liked the most was of NIRMALA SITHARAMAN as Finance Minster as she is a great degree holder and experienced worker in this field and expectations are high from her on the crisis stricken Economy and the pathway will very much be laid by Budget coming on 5th July . I wish them all the Best in their respective fields so that we can achieve success in every field .

There were talks that due to the rising Religious Intolerance , Hate crimes , unemployment , farmer suicides and extreme HINDUTVA BJP may suffer quite heavy a Blow which can shake the power but defying all odds BJP(NDA) went on to get a landslide victory just clean sweeping the Opposition that for forming an Opposition formally they have to form a Coalition ; with BJP itself getting 303 seats with 353 in total speaks the Volume of the victory . Keeping in mind that many other parties can also join NDA Alliance making it’s hold even stronger . The MAHAGATHBANDHAN was a Big Big Flop as so many leaders couldn’t collectively defeat NaMo .

If we want to look at reasons of this Defeat for Opposition despite all Anti-BJP Parties coming together :

Not an Admirable PM Face : There is absolutely no doubt in it . Whether it was RAHUL , AKHILESH or TEJASWI no one is worthy enough as people think them as DYNASTS portraying NEPOTISM . Faces of MAMATA and MAYAWATI straightaway Haunt the voters . On the other hand NaMo depsite whatever happened has maintained the image of a man who loves Nation more than himself and who became a leader from a tea seller . Also public finds a Coalition government Ineffective as compared to a stable government ; so this MAHAGATHBANDHAN Idea never actually kicked off .

MONEY : An old slogan goes “MONEY MONEY MONEY SWEETER THAN HONEY” ; that has also played a part here , BJP got 95% of the Unanimous Funds through Electoral Bonds , it spent 5500 crore on Advertisement and 4500 crore on Social Media IT cells . Spending 10000 crore and then not winning is unrealistic .

INTERIM BUDGET : As I also said earlier that this Interim Budget has served it’s purpose at it’s fullest . Giving 2000 to poor farmers and assuring of remaining 4000 attracted them and helped them to stay with BJP ; so were some other schemes luring enough for people to follow

PULWAMA/BALAKOT : I also mentioned it earlier that if PULWAMA hadn’t taken place , picture had been a bit different . All anti-incumbency and all anger just vanished when attack was carried out in PULWAMA and a historic Retaliation took place with BALAKOT Air Strike . Also NaMo was presented as the Hero of the mission and BJP itslef asked for votes in the name of national security .

SOLD MEDIA : Our Great Media played a protagonist role in this result . The way it has performed the NAMO AARTI was mindblowing . Not a single negative point about the Government was discussed . On the other hand not a single positive point of Opposition (say Congress) was ever laid . The Manifesto of Congress was much better than that of BJP , with better Vision and proper targets . But no media even mentioned those . I can bet on it if Manifesto had been atleast presented to public the result had been much different .

MAYBE A BIT LATE : RAHUL was quite late in giving public interviews when almost half the voting was over . Though he was doing Rallies but his pretty nice interviews could have done a better job if started earlier .

NO FRESH FACE : A brilliant leader like SHAHSHI THAROOR was just Wasted . Even after winning 3 elections recently , instead of giving charge to young guns like SACHIN PILOT , DEORA or SCINDIA charge was given to same STALE out faces who sworn around GANDHI Family . Even in the campaign no fresh face was used .

Now what is the way forward . There is a big debate going on whether RAHUL GANDHI should resign or not . He presented his resignation but party members rejected it saying they need him . It was more or less a Drama as it seems but the debate goes on . I will not give my Opinion on it ; but will just work out the case . It’s a harsh reality that people have literally rejected him and don’t want him as PM at all . Whether it’s Media or Social media which has runied his image giving him the name PAPPU presenting him as a Joker under the guidnace of BJP IT Cells . He may be a good person on contrary of his image presented but the fact mentioned above still remains .

In my opinion he has definitely improved a lot in public speaking , his speeches in parliament , points raised against government and ideas for future are all very much to qualify him as a Leader but as long as public doesn’t accept it it isn’t worth anything . Instead if he brings some young faces and a brilliant man like SHASHI THAROOR upfront at least equally if not more than him then it can help . At Least it will give the impression that there are other prominent faces as well in Congress ; he can vanish from Screen for some time and then return after a while when impression of CONGRESS is a bit improved . I think it will be helpful .

To the Opposition I would say try to improve yourself as it was lack of Credibility on your part that led to such results . Also just criticising NaMo is NOT enough . You have to prove why you are better , what can you do alternatively . If we look at BJP Slogans starting from ACCHE DIN AANE WLAE HAIN , ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR , PHIR EK BAAR MODI SARKAR , MODI HAI TO MUMKIN HAI , the Opposition didn’t actually had anything to counter . Also I would say you should all try to do constructive criticism of the government and work collectively which will keep our Democracy Helathy .

For RAHUL I would say that for Indian Democracy to function properly it’s essential that CONGRESS party remains alive and you have to ensure as the party leader that it does without any fear and also looking at my opinion above to see if it helps . Those saying that this party is over should take a look at History before making such claims on a party which took the responsibility of this nation when it mattered the most (at the time of Independence) and as you said it’s a battle of VICHARDHARA and we will fight till the very end and will WIN one day .

On the other hand if we look at BJP , whatever be your personal choice but it’s an undeniable fact that BJP planned and strategised just brilliantly . AMIT SHAH , I don’t like him as person but as a manager he was just brilliant , always two steps forward and deep specific analysis of each and every Constituency just did the job for BJP . Even they were able to capture many Forts and weaken some other such as WEST BENGAL . The biggest shock was SMRITI IRANI defeating RAHUL GANDHI at his fort AMETHI ; which was a historic event and even a huge victory for RAHUL at WAYNAAD couldn’t got limelight over it . It is true that BJP’S strategies worked as they were backed by huge sums of Money but that doesn’t ruin the weight of strategies .

Many are shouting that BJP has done a marvellous job and in 5 years we will become SUPERPOWER Developed Country . Wait a bit ; just because INDIA won a match in Cricket against CHINA despite being average on the day and Opposition being extremely weak made the margin of victory big ; but it doesn’t mean that India has played exceptionally well and all it’s shortcomings have vanished . Farmer suicide was maximum in last 5 years . Hate crimes were on an all time high , GDP growth rate is falling continuously , Unemployment is rampant , Religious Intolerance and differences , Crimes against Women is also on a record high in last 5 years . This is a reality which can’t be denied even if BJP had won all 543 seats . Issues are there , it needs to be presented , discussed and worked on in National interests coming out of this BJP-Congress Debate .

I am not saying that BJP should have been thrown out of power or RaGa should have been the PM ; what I want to say if the no. of seats it won had got reduced it would have atleast got an insight of the Wrongdoings going on in the country. Still being in the power it would have worked more carefully the next tenure . There is one extremely personal thinking of mine that we should never give that much power to government that they start RULING us instead their job is to LEAD us . By giving almost 2/3rd Seats to them we have just done the former as now they don’t need to even discuss any bill properly in the parliament as they can pass it on their own which will just vanish the main idea of the democracy our Country has adopted ; there is a reason why we are world’s largest Democracy and should keep that Essence alive . BJP may get Majority in RAJYA SABHA as well by 2020 which will give it the power to amend the constitution and NaMo knows what will happen then .

Another trend we saw in this Election was that people vote differently in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections . Even the states where BJP lost badly in state elections it won by a big margin this time . But it’s wrong , it’s okay if you are voting with PM Face in mind but you should also look at who is becoming your MP as it’s him who will be taking care of your Constituency . Just like TEJASWI SURYA it would have been better if we would also have had a KANHAIYYA KUMAR who would have been raising issues that actually matter in the parliament . Due to such attitude what happened that 43% MP’s got elected having a Criminal charge of which 33% had serious one . Picking Criminal MP’s just because we were selecting PM isn’t logical . Also keep in mind that if a person ever has a criminal case filed by his name even if got acquitted he will never be given a Government job then why the Hell does we give them JOB (yes it’s a job as they get a fixed Salary) .

What could be said in this story about A terror blast accused PRAGYA THAKUR was given the ticket ; it’s damn sure that she is a culprit or else there would have been no meaning of giving ticket to her as what else significant thing she has done in Life . A St.Stephens gold medallist and Master degree holder from OXFORD ATISHI MARLENA also ran an election who did a tremendous job in transforming the government Schools of Delhi . The former won and latter lost ; could you believe this but that’s exactly what’s happened . What the hell a brainless Sadhvi will do in the parliament and what marvellous job could ATISHI have done with the idea of education sector she has . Also keep in mind that we don’t have much Women MP’s and it’s something we need if we actually want to run the country in a healthy manner .

What the main problem is that we all have just stopped arguing , stopped criticising and stopped thinking actually . The pathetic Media which we have got is a big concern and who knows where it will take our country as unless and until the lesser urbanized people are not presented with real information they will never get to know them ; urbans may still get some if they are active and smart . Just applying MINIMAX Strategy of Game Theory (Selecting the least Bad among among all Bads) everytime won’t help our country . Even while voting people didn’t account Economy , Unemployment and Religious Inequality … WHY ? Government came for doing a job then why will we not assess them on that and if we will not judge a government on such parameters then on what , the good for nothing RAM MANDIR ? Following a man blindly who neither is accountable nor is responsible for any wrong thing happened in the country but is always creditworthy for any good deed happened will also not do any good . If he calls himself a CHOWKIDAAR then he MUST be accountable and let him be so .

It’s not wrong to support a particular party , if your Ideology matches it’s then do . But what is wrong is just being on the side of it everytime like a Fool without thinking in or out just because it’s my party . Oh come on ….. what do you mean by my party , isn’t there a country which is yours . If something is happening in it , will you not point it out just like you do when it happens in your home . Criticising is an essential part of our Democracy and we are murdering it if we are not asking Questions from the government elected by us only . Though it was BJP who won but it was not other Opposition parties or so called PRESSTITUTE Journalists who lost it was INDIA which has lost . And unless and until we don’t change our mindset and attitude it will be INDIA only which will be on the losing side ….. AGAIN AGAIN and AGAIN .



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