So how was the NONSENSE I spit in the above paragraph … oh come on … did you all forget what was trending on No.1 on social media on 2nd October … it was #NathuramGodseZindabad which was trending above #GandhiJayanti. So today I will be taking class of all such idiots.

How Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India?

First of all Gandhi Jayanti is no longer a National festival in India. From a day or two before only, WhatsApp is flooded with Fake Messages about Gandhi trying to demean him and somehow prove that he was a bad creature. People just believe the quotes written alongside Gandhiji’s photo without even cross-checking with any trustworthy source. Venom gets filled inside everyone’s mind just a day before Gandhi Jayanti which refrains them from posting just a simple “Happy Gandhi Jayanti”.


One thing very peculiar I observe every 2nd October is that people spread posts celebrating the anniversary of our 2nd prime minister LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI. Well … nothing against him, without doubt, he was a great prime minister and laid many foundation steps for our country at that stage. But I don’t see such ‘enthusiastic’ posts on NEHRU Ji’s birthday … wasn’t he a prime minister, nor do I see it on Indira Gandhi, Vajpayee Ji, or someone else’s birthday. Oh … leave them so much excitement is not seen even on our current prime minister NARENDRA MODI’s birthday.

So what is so special about Lal Bahadur Shastri … to be frank, NOTHING. It’s all a pre-planned way to demean Gandhi on his birth anniversary. What is even more serious is that this is not done by uninformed and less educated people only. I have seen some highly qualified professors and principals who were wishing the anniversary of Shastri Ji but not Gandhi Ji. Top 20 Most Famous and Inspiring Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Busting the Lies about Gandhiji

1) The most common lie bring spread about by Gandhi is that it’s because of him that Partition took place. First of all, let me tell you that the idea of partition came from him nor was he in favour of it by any means. He was so much against the idea that he went on ‘Fast-unto-Death’ and even said “If Congress will act Foolish, will I support them … ?????”. He was even ready to accept Jinnah as the prime minister of whole India if the partition is avoided. But the situation had gone so much out of hands due to the communal riots between Hindu and Muslim communities that there was no other option for INDIA’s independence than Partition, which is also mentioned in the Indian Independence Act 1947.

So … whose idea it was. Actually … the first time the core idea of partition came out from the ‘Great’ Savarkar way back in 1935 – “Hindus and Muslims are two different cultures and can’t live together” (a similar statement is also given by AJAY SINGH BISHT now). Though he was not the only culprit, MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH also advocated a similar claim later in the 1940s. Actually, Jinnah’s MUSLIM LEAGUE and Savarkar’s HINDU MAHASABHA were strongly pressing for partition. So how come can we blame GANDHI for it when he had absolutely no connection to it and he tried by whatever power he had (by the time of independence time his POLITICAL powers were left minimal).

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2) The most dangerous lie being spread about him is about BHAGAT SINGH. Trust me I myself have been a Victim of this lie for too long. The claim is that Gandhi Ji intentionally didn’t try to stop the ‘Hanging’ of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev so they don’t end up overshadowing him. This is FALSE.

GANDHI-IRVIN Pact … illiterates might not have heard about it, it was an agreement between Gandhi and then Viceroy Lord Irvin trying to get a middle way approach of the demands of them. The whole nation including Congress wanted Gandhi Ji to include the demand of cancellation of death sentence of the 3 freedom fighters. But Gandhi Ji was of the opinion that this should be talked upon separately … and he did. He told Lord Irvin “Though it may seem peculiar to talk about this but if you want the agreements to succeed in true sense then cancel the death sentences of the 3 using your powers”. Irvin also affirmatively replied that he will try. Not just that Gandhi Ji went to meet Irvin on 20th and 22nd March as well, he even wrote a letter to him on 23rd requesting the same … but the 3 fighters turned into martyrs as Britishers decided to hang them on 23rd only (1 day prior to the due date overseeing the protests going on in the country specially LAHORE). After all this Gandhi Ji even expressed his grief at Karachi Session – “I poured down my whole soul but for no result”.

Here we should keep in mind one more thing; the 3 martyrs refused to apologise (which is completely their choice and one should not comment on it) and didn’t want any ‘Sympathy’, instead, they wanted to die as Martyrs. This made cancelling their death sentence even more difficult. So … now tell me is it fair to blame Gandhi for the death of the 3 when he kept on trying his very best till the very last?

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3) This one is a new one … and I had to work really hard to bust this one. A new claim came on this 2nd October that Gandhiji wanted UNION JACK on the National Flag as he was upset with the removal of ‘Charkha’.

Not going into the claim whether Britishers left peacefully or what was their contribution, but this claim is so ‘NEW’ that I can’t believe it. I mean history is not being written today, if such a thing had been true wouldn’t it have been known by anyone. Why suddenly a few websites came up with the claim just on 2nd October or a day before. Also, I have tried searching from whatever sources available and there is NO such account in any ‘Valid’ sphere (of course I am not including WhatsApp).

Other than the above-mentioned ones there have been various fake claims with morphed images of Gandhi with numerous ladies trying to showcase him as a womanizer. I want to ask those claiming ‘He slept with his nieces’ … will you say this about your Father just because he didn’t brought you a MAGGI? Gandhi was of your father’s age for sure. At least keep a level of dignity intact while debating or criticising someone.

The Anti Hindu image

How come a man whose last words were “Hey Ram” be against Hinduism. Didn’t he conducted and attended prayers every morning. How come just being secular and inclusive in nature is being Anti-Hindu. You can see his discussions with both Hindu as well as Muslim leaders in propagating peace and resolving conflicts. If you think so you are severely mentally sick.

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Conclusion: If you can’t respect him don’t demean him

Gandhi Ji … a man who spent his whole life for the country when he could have easily gone for a decent living. Some people born with all privileges sitting on a Sofa with AC and TV on try to calculate their contributions to the nation on social media. I mean … just look into the mirror, his one command was enough to make fighting people stop and sitting people stand and go out for protest … and what are you capable of SICK minds, when even stray dogs of your locality don’t listen to you.

Let me tell you I too personally disagree with Gandhiji on many fronts, and also in my opinion one should not agree with ANYONE 100%. But … how does that give you the right to abuse, demean him. Keeping everything aside, how can you justify someone’s murder based on that, with that logic I disagree with you and think you as a threat to the nation … should I shoot you down? Where are we heading by celebrating people like Godse … to Taliban, Pakistan, those very terrorists who kill people just in the name of God just because their god is different? To a place where anyone who disagrees with anyone ends up shooting him down. People celebrate Gandhi’s assassination by recreating that scene and that people are never arrested. BJP just showcase they respect Gandhi but it’s his own IT Cell that is busy spitting venom against him. Because ultimately it’s their own vote bank market running over it.

Differences are meant to be solved with discussions, which can happen by studying about our History, on BOOKS and not just on social media. At least respect all the contributions he has made for the country. Remember irrespective of how much hate you end up spreading on social media, even if the ongoing trend succeeds and GODSE becomes the Father of India for his unparalleled struggle in India’s freedom movement … the name of GANDHI will still live on.


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