NO MEANS NO : A Sex Worker

I have been thinking of writing on a Different and Social topic from a very long time and finally I have found one . I am writing on such a group who are always treated as UNTOUCHABLES , no one likes to talk about them or watch anything about them . Yes … SEX WORKERS are the ones I am talking about . Those who don’t have BALLS to talk or think about their problems , give them Equal Rights or atleast treat them as HUMANS doesn’t need to read this . I am clearly stating that it is a very Explicit , Sensitive but a very Touching Topic .

First of all no dignity can be accorded to them as long as they are lurking on the wrong side as CRIMINALS , as outlawed , as accused . So far the only thing Government has done for them is to albel them as PROHIBITED . Better life is just a dream , they are even denied their basic Human Rights . There is an urgent need to make sure that they are provided with the Fundamental Right to LIVE their LIFE as promised by the Indian Constitution which can be done only by adopting Legal mechanism to regulate their Mechanism rather than pushing them Underground on Unrealistoc and Inhuman moral grounds . The Amendment in Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act is opposed by many saying that it is glorifying Sex Work but regulation and recognition doesn’t mean Glorofication .

Out of all those who were arrested 85-95 % were Woman and even those arrested on basis of acting as Pimps and Touts were also woman . The sex industry has been in existence since Ages and it’s Criminalisation has not resulted in it’s Eradication by any means instead the demand side has been kept going despite all the legal/moral hassles . Instead the trafficking of minor children and women for fuelling this purpose has continued to large extent .

There are many reasons why a Woman chooses or is forced into this condemned occupation but there are over 13 lakh Sex Workers operating from various parts of the Country . The most popular Red Light Area near New Delhi alone contains 38000 Workers . The no. goes on increasing and so do their problems , abuses , discrimination , diseases and abduction . This group is also the most Vulnerable towards HIV/AIDS and also face serious hurdles in accessing health services . So the latest initiative of INDIAN LABOUR ORGANISATION (ILO) mainly focusses on this group only . This sector is doubly Marginalised and Stigmatised when it comes to accessing any Government sponsored Scheme or Facilities concerning health , eduacation , old age and the like . Recognition and Regulation of sex workers will facilitate planned intervention for providing better Education , health facilities and Vocational training and mostly improving their Lifestyle . Those who don’t want to stay in this Sector ; providing them Exit route will help in better Eradication of this problem from this Country .

Before heading on to other problems and conditions let me take you in the Insignts and Reality of the Harsh life of a Sex Worker .

Why all the Criticism is faced by the Prostitutes only and not by them who FEAST on them ; just because they are Poor and Helpless . So what if they sell their Bodies for Money , they just want their Children to have a better life ; is it Too much to ask for or too Big a Crime to be committed ? Each time a new girl is brought she tries to escape without realising that their is NO Escape Route in this business . The children of these Sex Workers are stared by Peculiar eyes and people laugh at them ; nobody wants to talk to them or be Friends . Many such girls are there whose parents don’t know about their profession ; but they are the only BREADWINNERS of their Family and of they don’t work the whole family will Starve to death . Even if they want to leave this Professionand start afresh a new life this FU**ING Society will not let them forget ; Who they WERE and Who they ARE . According to a Sex Worker’s daughter Whatever she will achieve in her life she will always be judged as a Sex Worker’s daughter . According to most men ; They don’t find talking about them as Appropriate even though they themselves may be fond of watching PORN and doing MASTURBATION in Excessive quantities . Their name is used a s a SLANG mostly by Men for demeaning a Woman ….. . According to a NGO Worker who came for helping them ; They are themselves so much dissapointed and Depressed by their life that they even refuse to believe that anything like BETTER LIFE exists . So as long as they tgemselves will not gain Confidence or Dream to Live we can’t help out . Even most people have the mindset that once a Woman has sold her body she can’t refuse for SEX again , she has lost the right of CHOICE OF SEX and she is a Common CIGARETTE which everyone passing by can smoke .

But we have to keep other fact on mind as well that we have to protect the right of Sex Workers but not have to legalise this Trade by any means as many of you must have understood so far . Government of India is proposing to legalise this trade but some serious consequences need to be Flagged before that . This decision will not only strengthen the Human Trafficking Nexus in our country but will also pull along many disadvantaged women in the deep well of PROSTITUTION . We are not criminalising this Sex Trade but insated we are exhibiting more powers to those who treat Girls as Commodities which can be sold in the market . But it allows women to be voluntarily engaged in Prostitution wothout the Legal Hastles and Harassment and the advocates of Legalisation view sex work as Work and it’s criminalization as violation of rights . BUT , according to ILO it doesn’t come under it’s definition of Descent work as it brings Distress and causes body harm .

There are worlwide examples of Demerits of Legalisation of Sex Trade by Global Statistics . Countries (like THAILAND) who have legalised Sex Trade have seen Drastic increase in sex trade and are viewed as Sex Tourism destinations for purchasing CHEAP Sex . At a time when India is also grappling with problems of forced Prostitution , Sex trafficking and child abuse across the country , specially JHARKHAND ; Leaglising this Trade just for increasing our Tourism is just like pushing the Country in the Valley of Distortion and proof of our Cheap , Greedy and F**KING Mentality . Young girls are trafficked from neighbouring Nepal to India . Kids and young girls especially from Northeast are taken from their Homes by Luring their Parents for education , moneyband better lives and sold in faraway states for Trafficking , Sexual Exploitation and to work as Bonded Labourers . Neithe rtehy are sent to Schools nor any other service is ptovoded to them onstaed they are trapped in this Vicious Cycle insted they have to work even in Brick Kilns , Carpentry units and even as domeatic servants and Beggars . Legalising this Trade will strengthenthe nexusand further embolden these Traders .

There are various other ways to protect the rights of Sex workers wothout legalising it ; such as provide them with Health cover as they live in Unhiegenic conditions and risk their health to Deadly Diseases like HIV/AIDS in order to make a living . Give them a right to control their Finances , help them in opening Bank Accounts just like other citizens , make Education accessible to their Children so that they have a Future . Also rehabilitate them with other Work options , vocational skill training and cinfidence building which they can opt if and after they move out of this Profession and start a new life .

Now we know that we can’t change their Past or the fact about thier Reality , so the best we can do is to realise that no one chooses this Profession out of Choice and let them be what they are and don’t judge their Character . Now it’s high time that we accept their Existence . Even Criminals are given acceptance and provided with a Second Innings after their prisonment gets over then why can’t we give the same to these ; despite knowing the fact that what they did or are doing is not by any Wrong or Offensive mindset and their Sole Aim is satisfaction of their Hunger . So it’s my Humble Request to all my Readers that give them Existence , if not then atleast treat them as Human Beings and if you can’t do even that then atleast don’t insult , Abuse or degrade them . Before uplifting them in the Society’s eyes they need to provided with Respect in their own eyes for which the only KEY is ACCEPTANCE ….. ACCEPTANCE in the eyes of us , ACCEPTANCE in the eys of Society and most importantly ACCEPTANCE in the eyes of themselves .

Most importantly don’t think that she does not have a right to Choice for Sex . Whether it’s your Girlfriend , Wife or even if a Sex Woker ; everyone has a choice of having Sex and if ANYONE is not in favour of having it now and she is Forced to do so then it’s a CRIME ….. NO MEANS NO .



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