Now … here comes a New Parliament … but where are the Ministers … ?????

New Parliament building look design size cost area PM Modi foundation stone  Central Vista Delhi | India News – India TV

So … now for the effective functioning of our country’s politics and governance, we need a New Parliament. Though … we may continue to pass bills on voice vote, we may pass on bills like CAA, and we may see ‘On Sale’ politicians taking oaths in there. But … even for doing all this a new parliament is needed.

OK … jokes apart, let’s talk something serious now. I personally don’t think it is a very bad idea or so. The old building is there for near to 100 years and that is TOO much time and with time, needs arises and there is no crime in opting for a change. Yes … the new building is being made with some ‘Extravagant’ features as politicians think of their own comfort primarily. According to the government the main aim for the new building is developing a world class architectural icon which will dome at place on 75th Independence Day of the country. First of all all let us have a look at the reasons highlighted for the ‘need’ of a new building :

PM lays the foundation

It was just the last week when our prime minister NAMO laid the foundation of the new building through the ritual followed by all religion worship. It was around 100 years after last time the foundation stone of old building was laid by Duke of Connaught, PRINCE ARTHUR on February 12, 1921. NAMO called the day a historic one and said it will be an inspiration when the new building comes up on the eve of INDIA’s 75th year of Independence. He asked to come together for making this new building and also asserted that Indian democratic traditions will predate the MAGNA CARTA (13th century English Royal Charter) which is considered the foremost document of modern constitutions. He claimed that 12th century social reformer BASSAVANA had already given ANUBHAVA MANTAPPA by his time. He further said that future generations will be proud of this new Parliament.

New Parliament will fulfil aspirations of new India, says PM, lays its  foundation | India News,The Indian Express

Supreme Court gave the Nod amidst the Pleas

This foundation event was possible only after the Supreme Court gave its nod for the go ahead. Actually … there are quite a many pleas against the building, so the SC gave the go ahead for the ceremony after the Centre assured that no construction or demolition will take place unless all the existing pleas are resolved. But, there are some serious pleas in road to the building :

  1. It will cause an irreparable damage as a big heritage point will be lost. This Parliament has embarked some landmark and historic judgements, also this is the place where our first prime minister NEHRU gave the very first speech of Independent India. All this cannot be retrieved back in the new building.
  2. Since a large area has been allocated and will be used for the project, a huge green cover loss has been estimated, that too in the national capital. Also, the facilities associated with the project will be creating huge pollution and demolition waste further worsening already severe situation.
  3. Most importantly, it is going to cost the country a huge chunk of money (estimated over 900 crore) which is questionable at a time when the country is going through a recession.

But why do we need a New Parliament … ????

This is the biggest question of the hour, why a new parliament is being made despite we having the old one :

  1. The main reason is lack of ‘Space’ in the old building. Actually, the Lok Sabha seat were used to be 489 during the first election (1951-52). From then on, not only the seats has increased to 543 but also the people working there have increased significantly. Also, as per the 2021 Census, a revised seat share will come out in 2026 which will most probably increase the seats even further (to have more representation per person).
  2. Because of being old the old building also needs some serious repair and upgradation in electric, ventilation and even audio-video system, as the current building is only using Obsolete technique.
  3. Also, the office of every department is quite distant from one other leading to inefficient co-ordination. so in the new building all departments will be tried to kept together and as close as possible.
Central Vista Redevelopment: Six Things You Should Know About the New  Parliament

The Extinguishing Features

But beside all the negative complications attached to the new building there are some relinquishing modern features attached to it as well. Let’s have a look at it. If we compare it with the old building:

  1. While the old building was circular in shape the new building will be Triangular.
  2. At present, there are 3 buildings in the parliament LOK SABHA, RAJYA SABHA and the CENTRAL HALL. But in the new building the Central Hall will not be there, Lok Sabha only will be used up for the job. Actually, Central Hall is currently the biggest of all and is used for Joint Seating of the two houses and any other big occasion.
  3. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will comprise of 888 and 384 seats respectively. Since the former will also be doing the job of Central Hall, it will have extra seating capacity up to 1224 seats.
  4. 2000 people directly and 9000 people indirectly will be involved in the construction of the building which will cover up to 64500 sq. km.
  5. For more benefits, the new building will not only be resistant to Earthquakes but also Updatable to new technologies.
  6. In this New VISTA Project, a total of 10 buildings will be made near the India Gate area, including this new parliament as well as new Offices for 51 Departments.
  7. The architect of this building is VIMAL PATEL, a famous Padma Shree awardee Gujarat based architect who is also behind many famous projects and the company under whose umbrella the project is being made is TATA Groups Ltd. after it won the bid in Sep 2020 at 861.90 crore.
  8. It will also consist of Constitution Hall having democratic heritage, lounge for MP’s, libraries, committee rooms, dinner areas and parking spaces.
  9. In this Project, not just the new parliament but new residences for Prime minister, Vice President and a new Prime Minister Office (PMO) will also be made.
  10. The old building will become a Historic Show-piece from now on which will used for historical reference in future.

The History Associated :

It was back in the year 1911 … when British King GEORGE PANCHAM visited India and in a function at Delhi and declared that DELHI will be the new capital of India and not Kolkata. This marked a new era in India and Delhi’s history. Now, there was need for building new assembly halls, viceroy houses and other important buildings. Big GK segment coming up for you all … SIR EDWIN LUTYEN and SIR HERBERT BAKER were the Architects appointed with the task and also made the design of existing Parliament building. The process took around 6 years costing 83 Lakhs and it is in LUTYENS name only that the area is also called as LUTYENS DELHI.

The design of the old assembly building is inspired by CHAUSANTH YOGINI Temple in Morena, Madhya Pradesh … specially its Circular nature and design of Pillars. Actually BAKER came with the idea of this Triangular structure (in the picture) but LUTYENS wasn’t satisfied with it after which he had to rework on it. It was called CENTRAL LEGISLATIVE ASSEBLY at that time and was inaugurated by then Governor General of India LORD IRWIN on 18th Jan, 1927. And … there is one more interesting incident associated. On 8th April, 1929 BHAGAT SINGH and BATUKESHWAR DUTT attacked this Central Assembly with Bombs after which they were martyred.

Conclusion : No point of a NEW Parliament if we get in there with the same OLD Mindset

We saw how the Winter Session of the Parliament was cancelled, giving the excuse of COVID-19 as if students were COVID proof when were called upon for exams, and so were the voters in Bihar elections and other municipal elections, and so were our RAM devotees during ‘Bhoomipoojan’ … aren’t they … ????? If you all ministers don’t want to work then why the hell have you come here, get lost. eating on our money for free … !!!!!

This was the point I also made at the very beginning … there is NO point if we get in the new parliament with the same old mindset. So, here I hope and very strongly hope that in the new parliament, the ones who get there after being selected by us, turn out better choices and actions taken by them in there, turn out better choices as well. After all this old building, which has witnessed an whole era right from NEHRU’s ‘TRYST WITH DESTINY’ speech to the first PM born after independence speaking in there … the new one will have to match a very high level of standard. I hope it does and so does our CONSTITUTION residing in there.

Putting House in Order: Is Vastu a Reason Why Govts Have Pushed for a New  Parliament Building?



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