SABARIMALA ROW : GOD is not Partial like YOU

Today all of us talk about empowering women , giving them equal rights as Men and allowing them to reach the Greatest Heights . But how Awkward it feels when the same woman is barred from entering a Temple citing Old Traditions and Rule . According to them Women are IMPURE to enter the Temple as they will pollute the whole environment (I will take on the reasons later) .

The same case was there in SHANI SHIGNAPUR Temple and HAJI ALI MASJID . But after Supreme Court ordered to stop this Nonsense and allow Women inside these places ; though too much protest and Resistance took place but no one can come ahead of SC and Women started entering the Temple and now everything is Alright ; the protest was led by BHUMATA BRIGADE led by TRUPTI DESAI in former and latter cases respectively and BHARTIYA MUSLIM MAHILA ANDOLAN . But in Sabarimala the matter seems to most Intense as even after SC Ruling protesters and Activists are creating Havoc there and not allowing Women inside . Police has to come amd accompany women inside that too facing BIG BANG FORCE from Activists mostly belonging to the organisation called RSS . Kerala Government is trying to make Women enter but it’s not that easy a Task

It is a temple of Lord Ayyappa located amidst 18 hills in the Periyar Tiger Reserve , Kerala . It is one of the most important pilgrimages for Hindus and also Second largest seasonal pilgrimage after Mecca in Saudi Arabia . Government records show record of 3.5 crore visitors each year and 243.69 Revenue . The Pilgrimage is not easy and requires Devotees to do a VRATHAM (Fast) of 41 days wearing a Mala made of Tulsi or Rudraksha . During these days one has to consume only Lacto-Vegetarian diet , abstain from Marriage , Sexual relations and consumption of Alcohol in any form and also allow growth of nails and hair and serve people as much as possible realizing that GOD is everywhere . APPAM is the Prasadam here along with the dish ARAVANA ; both are made of Rice Powder , Jaggery , Banana and Ghee . Latter is Sweet in taste while Former is very hard to eat as it’s deep fried and requires very hard teeth to bite . TRAVANCORE DEVASAMA BOARD has brought a new plan to keep the Dish Fresh for 15 days and less hard to bite .

What makes the Temple more significant is it’s Connection with other Religions as well . Lord Ayyappa is believed to be HARIHARAPUTRA born with the Union of Lord VISHNU in form of MOHINI (HARI) and Lord Shiva (HARA) . MANIKANDAN an Incarnation of Lord Ayyappa , the Prince of Pandalam dynasty discovered the Temple in 12th century at the banks of River . Then a conspiracy hatched against him by a Queen and a minister who wanted to crown her son as King and for that he was sent to exile in Forest to bring Milk of Tigress in hope that he will be killed by Tigress but on contrast he came back riding on Tigress and made everyone realise of it’s Spirituality .

There is also a Mosque (VAVAR Mosque) near this Temple which is visited by both Hindus and Muslims as VAVAR was a Muslim Friend of Manikandan ; it’s also said that he was a Pirate defeated by Lord Ayyappa after which he became his close Associate . Hindu devotees also visit Mosque and Mulims also perambulate inside Temple when Prayers are offered . Even a place near temple is deidcated to Vavar called VAVARU NADA ; there is no idol but just a carved stone slab symbolising Vavar and a Sword which is said to belonged to him .

Not just South Indians but North Indians also visit here . It also has a connection with Lord RAMA having temples of Rama and Hanumana within the complex ; the name Sabarimala means Hills of Shabari ; name is said to derive it’s name from SHABARI a devotee of Lord Rama . It is said that Lord Rama had come to meet Shabari as Guru RISHI MATANGA predicted and saw a man doing Penance and asked Shabari what was he doing ; she said that it was SASTHA (Lord Ayyappa) who also stood and greeted Lord Rama . MAKARAVILAKKU is an annual festival which takes place during Makar Sankranti to commemorate this incident . According to some Scholars there also lies a Buddhist connection as Lord Ayyappa is seen as an Incarnation of Lord Buddha and is interpreted as a Teacher . BUDDHAM SHARNAM GACCHAMI the Buddhist chant also resembles SWAMIYE SARANAM AYYAPPA the chant used for Lord Ayyappa .

Previouly women used to visit there ; usually women above 50 to conduct First Feeding ceremony of children . Until 1991 rich and poor used to visit here alike . Then the Kerala High Court in a bench comprising of Judges Justice J PARIPOORNAN and Justice K BALNARAYANANA MARAR gave out a decision against TRAVANCORE DEVASWORM Board banning the entry of women aged 10-50 citing Traditional and Issues ; according to them it was banned earlier . It also asked Kerala Government to follow this .

Those supporting the Ban use Article 26 of Indian Constitution which says that every Religious body has right to maintain it’s own way of taking care of it’s Religious affairs as a fundamental right . Some don’t find it hard on Women saying there are certain organisations which are of specific people only and so is this Temple not for Women as sepcified . Those against the Ban say that it’s hard on Women and denies them from following their Religious beliefs . This controversy regained Momentum in 2006 when a Kerala Actress claimed to enter the Temple and touched Lord Ayappa’s feet ; then the fight began again on Social Media .

In 2007 the Left Democratic Front (LDF) favoured the entry of all but it was opposed by United Democratic Front (UDF) which also came in power . LDF came back in power in 2016 and stood by it’s past stand . Supreme Court also stood against the Ban after a PIL was filed by YOUNG LAWYERS ASSOCIATION against the Ban in January 2016 . In February 2017 SC referred this to a Five Judge Constitutional Bench to work on the PIL . Constitutional Bench refers to such Bench which deals with substantial question of Law and it’s interpretation according to the Constitution . A fresh plea was filed on 27 October 2017 asking for atleast 50% Women judge should comprise the constitutional bench .

And now when Supreme Court has given the decision to allow Women inside the Temple, who the hell these ALIENS are to spread Violence in the name of preserving Culture and Heritage . Even if you don’t agree with the decision you can’t challenge the Highest Authority . Remember there are numerous cases where decions are still considered Wrong ; whether it’s NaMo or AMIT SHAH the two Leaders who are currently running the country like PUPPET ; both being aquitted in Gujarat Riot and Justice Lodha Murdercase respectively in absence of Perfect Evidences . I don’t agree with both of these but do I have the authority or should I go the houses of the above two and Lit fire or throw stones . Also let me make you remember the Patriotism of RSS ; it was the organisation which burnt Indian Tricolour and distributed Sweets when GANDHI JI was murdered . The organisation involved in spreading Violence and Hate but not a single Penny for Kerala flood victims

Even top ministers of ruling party AMIT SHAH and SMRITI IRANI gave Idiotic statements , former said SC should not give such orders which can’t be implemented and latter said that Women should understand that they shouldn’t enter being impure into the Temple just as they don’t enter their Friend’s house in such a way . See , how many Criminal cases are lying pending on former and how many Degrees the latter contains everyone knows ; so their Opinions don’t matter at all but being leader of ruling party how can you accuse SC only and give such statements . If ruling party will not respect SC who will bother to do so . What is the meaning of Supreme Court then ; throw it Off the country .

So far I was talking Legally and Politely but now let me come to the standard these Idiots belong to . Apart from Heritage and Prestige the main reason for not not allowing Women inside the Temple are ; First , when women bow to pray their BRESATS show up a bit and deviates Concentration of women and also encourages Harassment kind of activities and Second , Menstruating women make the Temple environment Impure . For the first argument I will say that in the process nothing is being done from Women’s side and if a Man is losing Concentration in such things he is not worthy to be called a MAN and of a Man is losing concentration due to his own thinking the Women should be denied ; WOW What a thinking . For second reason I will say that MENSTRUATION is not a Impure process it’s a natural one . The God who you pray has only created this process in women so how can it be Impure . And if you really think it is then your MOTHER is also Impure and don’t forget you are also her creation and born of her Blood only so you are also IMPURE , GET Out of the Temple .

We can’t change these people but we as Intellectual Indian citizens should think at it that throughout the History Women have been forced to lag behind and never given Equal Rights . Will we go with this Thinking only in 21st Century as well . It’s high time that after SHANI SHIGNAPUR and HAJI ALI we allow Women here as well and don’t pay heed to BJP and RSS Ideology . Let me tell you one more thing I don’t believe in anything like GOD and am a Proud ATHEIST . For me LOVE and SHAH RUKH KHAN are the only Gods ; but if anything like that exists and whom you worship ; it will never been Partial to one Gender , Caste or Religion and would have been very Sad after seeing such things happening . Think of the Change , Bring the Change , Be the Change .



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