The COVID-19 Pandemic : Are we doing Enough … ?????

At the time of writing this India is in a Lockdown . A disease named CORONAVIRUS has taken over the whole world .Today we all are locked in our houses with schools , colleges , shops , businesses all closed . I don’t think I need to go much into how we are living at the moment but instead on how we will end up once this pandemic ends .

The case started from the WUHAN City in China , which is perhaps the biggest animal food market in the world . By Dec end China sensed, something when several cases of unusual pneumonia occurred . Despite the spread many infected kept on working at the market leading to increased no. of cases . Though in January the market was completely shut . It was discovered that it is not as same as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which also originated in China and killed 770 people in 2002-03 . Initially the Novel Virus was named 2019-nCoV belonging to CORONAVIRUS Family (of which SARS and Flu are also a part) . It’s said to be originated from Bats and then went to some animal like Pigs and then through it spread even more in places of livelihood . The virus is transmitted by coming in contact of an infected person . A physical touch , close contact (less than 6 feet) and the respiration of droplets of sneeze or cough of an infected person leads to symptoms like heavy fever combined with dry cough and soar throat .

As the no. of cases started rising Exponentially Wuhan went into complete Quarantine with all services and events cancelled . Cases also started coming from other countries now. Asian countries started mandatory screenings of all arrivals at thhe Airports . WHO who initially didn’t accepted it a global emergency called it one after other countries including INDIA reported high no. of cases . LI WENLIANG one of the doctor who was among the first to report about the virus died at 61 after catching the disease while treating a patient only . Reports also suggest that he was reprimanded by government authorities on sharing the fact which shows China tried to hide the actual face of the trouble .

The no. of victims surpassed the SARS no. and now even strict punishments were put on those breaching Quarantine rules . Situation started getting similar in other countries as well and WHO came up with the new name COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS DISEASE -2019) . The cases then reached countries far away as well even USA and Africa . Then came a speech by XI JINPING who came in public after much long and also hinted that authorities knew about it before the Alarm was raised . Huge spikes were seen in the graph of no. of cases in countries like Iran , Italy , Spain and even US and UK . Strict quarantine and lockdown measures were adopted by all countries now . WHO named it a Pandemic and the case got so serious that some countries recorded 600-900 deaths in a day .STORY IN INDIA SO FAR

In India the first case came up in Initially there were only 3 cases for a while all in Kerala who even got cured and it seemed that the virus will not have much impact here . But we were all wrong , cases started rising here as well and slowly we got into a stage where anyone coming from abroad was tested at the Airport only as chances of him infecting many others were very high . Then advisory was released for all of us to avoid going to crowded places and eating food from outside . When case became even serious all schools and colleges were shut down followed by Lockdown in states (till 31st March) . But , when it became sure that this virus is going to bring a havoc in the country and also in the world the government was forced to go for a 21 day Lockdown till 14th April (as of now) but will the pandemic come under control by then , if not till when we all will have to be Locked … only Time will tell . So far there has been around 1300 cases recorded in India with 35 Deaths .


Though the no. of cases in India is not as alarming as in many other big counties but the reality as per many experts and reports is that there haven’t been sufficient no. of Tests in India to say so . On one hand where other US and are doing around 20000 tests per week , Italy 52000 and South Korea 80000 , we are just somewhat around 5000 tests per week . So the reality is that we haven’t just tested enough to reach any conclusion as long as we don’t test large Samples how can we accurately estimate the no . Also an an alarming thing is that in India the fees taken for each test is 4500 while it’s free or negligibly small in all other countries . So those who can’t afford will never come for test . Also a complain has came that doctors are refusing to test those showing little to no symptom , but in outside countries it was seen that many tested +ve despite showing little or no symptoms . Keeping above things in mind in a country of 1.3 Billion just imagine how many cases will never come up and how slow our estimation would be .

There have been heavy shortage of PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTS (PPEs) being reported in our Hospitals . Doctors don’t have sufficient masks , gloves and coats required to go into a case as severe as the COVID-19 ; it would be just like jumping out of the flight without the Parachute . There have been many videos surfacing on social media by doctors and nurses about the pathetic situation in hospitals especially in Bihar and UP . Also many videos were later deleted due to pressure from authorities . It is a big failure of the system if despite knowing how many doctors have died fighting with this disease outside we are not able to keep up the security of doctors then what can we expect about the patients . Another startling revelation came that despite WHO declaring COVID-19 as a global emergency in Feb only and despite it’s instructions to countries and makers of PPEs to increase the production and procurement by 40-50% . Till 17th March all major temples like VAISJNO DEVI and SHIRDI were open as government on 13th march refused to call it an Health Emergency . India didn’t show much seriousness and proactivenss maybe the Government was busy in MP Mission Lotus . Instead Government was EXPORTING those products till March 19th and only after high shortage being felt did they stopped it . Had we been more serious and proactive the situation could have been somewhat under control .

Other than just that for curing a patient he has to kept on Isolation in a special Ventilator instilled Bed for around 14 days (can even be 20 if serious) . Guess what in India we have grave shortage of this as well . Though government has ordered for both PPEs and Ventilators but the problem is that most parts of the latter are exported from foreign and can’t be made here . So when exports -imports are completely stopped at the moment how will we able to deal with this problem is itself a big problem . The health and medical sector of India is how much developed I think you all know that ; barring a few no hospital is good enough . Instead of 1000 people/doctor (as prescribed by WHO) we have 11000 people/ doctor . So if the pressure kept on building like this we may face what Italy faced , ie , due to shortage of arrangements doctor had to decide whether to save a 72 year old elderly or a 30 year old and they had to go for the latter as he has more chances and years of living and a man who could have easily lived 10-15 years was left to die . I just wish we never have to face such a day but our chances are very Skim and extremely serious as per the experts .


Our prime minister NaMo interacted with the nation on 20th and 24th March where he announced the Janta Curfew , Lockdown , asked the whole country to stay inside the house only and warned all of us about the grave consequences that may follow if we don’t act accordingly . Overall these were very good speeches where the Leader of the nation was both assuring us and warning us of the situation but still some points were left unclear under doubts regarding how the poor will be helped out and what will be the Economic planning . Many relief packages have been announced by both Centre and States to help out the poor and worst hit sections but many more steps are still required . Also , we all have to keep in mind this is also an unusual first time case for the government and they also just like us are only doing the best what they think they can and we have to support them at these times .


Once again the poor of our country are the ones worst hit by this . We all can see how millions of casual labourers and homeless are travelling bare foot around 400-600 km across states to reach their homes as their is no transport . The scenes were enough to make anyone’s eyes moist . But one thing to be noticed here is that these people were existing from the beginning it was US only who failed to see them and this Pandemic has forced open our eyes to see the ground level reality of our own people . The small businesses and vendors have been severely hit amidst this lockdown . Though relief packages have been announced but that will only ensure survival not the income and how much benefit actually reaches the needy only time will tell . There is one suggestion instead of taking them home and arranging Buses for that , it’s a risky thing to do as huge crowds as we saw have high chances of catching the disease and also spreading it into less affected parts . It would be better if we made arrangements for them to stay in the government schools only ; all are closed amidst this lockdown and we will be able to control the spread and help the poor at almost no cost . Also if spaces are running out for tests we can use empty Railway Boggies which are not in use at the moment .

Now those who are continuously working for bringing us out of this Drain I would like to thank them from Heart . All the doctors and nurses risking their lives and even the Policemen working 24×7 to ensure the Lockdown is at place . It was nice gesture suggested by our prime minister to appreciate their services , though people implemented it like a Mess . I don’t believe in actually showing off with Taalis and Thalees but I do respect their effort by Heart . There have been instances where police became too harsh on innocent people going for Milk and essentials and beat them to death . Here better communication is required from the side of government to police . Also … we the people should check the meaning of LOCKDOWN from dictionary . Staying at home for 21 days won’t kill you . There were people going out as if nothing has happened and even indulging in quarells with police by licking and sneezing at them to infect them . What kind of behaviour is this ? Ateast in these times be normal . We can’t afford another war within the country in this ongoing Crisis . I really really appreciate the move of Government to re-telecast epic serials like RAMAYANA , MAHABHARATA and other Golden Era TV Serials , in skme way it will really give people some reason to stay at home . Also after a long time DD may see rise in it’s TRP ….. HA HA .


For first example I would like to name SINGAPORE . It has controlled the situation really with only 400 cases reported so far with 0 Deaths . When even USA has failed to curb the impact one has to praise the excellent job done by Singapore . How they did it ? Well … around a month back only their President posted a video asking their citizens , actually explaining them how to maintain hygiene and take precautions . They were very proactive in keeping ample stock of required equipments and facilities and citizens also followed what they were asked to . And above all throughout they have maintained a very well developed and efficient healthcare system . Similar lesson can also be taken from Japan .

Another example I would like to take from ITALY . Though it had just 1 case when we had 3 but today it has over 75000 cases with over 7500 deaths . It’s said the Virus entered much before they detected the first case , though they are testing much more than us so they will have more cases but still the situation there has gone out of hands when over 1000 peope died in a single day . Not only the government woke up very late but even they did public was determined to sleep on Streets . People didn’t follow any instructions and precautions which led to worsening of the situation . Now they are forced to let some die and try saving only who are better chanced to survive .Here I gave two contrasting examples ; of two contrasting behaviours and two contrasting results . I think everyone is intelligent enough to decide which situation they want to be in and for that what they need to do .


This virus is forcing our Eyes in all those corners where we never bothered of seeing . Suddenly we came to know that how important are Hospitals and Healthcare for us . We just never paid attention towards it , all the governments I won’t categorise anyone . Now , in this pandemic we are feeling that if that 3600 crore had been better utilised in filling medical stock against this pandemic , also the SHIVAJI and RAM Statue will eat out of the budget of 1000s of quality hospitals . Instead of Mandir and Masjid if we would have focussed on Hospitals . It’s so relatable that we all bargain for just 10 from a poor vendor but as soon as someone puts a Gun on your head you just empty your Wallet . This COVID-19 is also that gun which is emptying our wallet on healthcare . I hope if we all survive this pandemic our focus shifts from nonsense intangible things to Healthcare and we focus on building a well equipped and efficient system .

Also the situation we saw of wage earners and small homeless vendors it has forced us to think once of a UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME (UBI) . I think we should go for it . All those critics who are against it take lesson atleast now . It’s not for those who are earning a decent living , it’s for those who are not earning . Just imagine in this crisis period how beneficial it would have been for the poor labourers and wage earners if UBI had been in practice . Also … school sessions are not been able to start due to all this . We should have gone for online classes but how many schools and teachers across the country will be able to do it ? This question raises question on our education system and again reminds us that once all this ends work on Human Capital Formation instead of Temple Formation . Also this pandemic will throw our Economy even further backwards and the coming times are gonna be very difficult with projected Growth rate is around 2% .

YUVAL NOAH HARARI one of the greatest Historians has said that when this pandemic ends it will completely transform the way world progresses . I also think that at least now people understand that No God will ever come to help you … it’s only YOU who has to stand up . Today when all the temples and other religious places are closed along with the huge money we all have donated there but the Doctors have playing real God here with just the meagre amount we have put up in healthcare . People of all religions are just kept in Quarantine and will also be cremated without any discrimination . One heartbreaking fact is if someone dies out if COVID-19 his body will not be given to the family as it can cause further infection . But one relieving fact is that even if you catch CORONA in 80% cases you will recover very easily within 5 days and in 15% cases you will take 14-20 time period to recover and it’s only in 5% cases that you will be Unfortunate enough to Die . So don’t be scared as hell … yes don’t be Complacent either and follow the Lockdown seriously .

It’s the first time we can take some lesson from our Politicians . The way both centre and state are working together we have to admire it (barring a few petty politics) . The Federal structure of our governance has stood up when we see non BJP (Ruling Party) states like Maharashtra and Kerala performing the best amongst all . So just like them please stay united forgetting any personal grievances at this time . For that we will mess up as soon as this pandemic ends … but till then please just be INDIANS fighting against the VIRUS . (If anyone sends any Communal or Divisive post on WhatsApp even in such serious condition just BLOCK him) .

Stay inside , stay together , utilize your time as good ad you can and as our Prime Minister said :

“India will Win Corona will Lose”

History began when humans invented gods , and will end when humans become gods … !!!!!



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