I always talk about on what’s going on in present , on burning topics but sometimes revising our HISTORY is also important . So this time I will take you in TIME MACHINE to around 75 years back . The time is when MAHATMA GANDHI the Father of our Nation was assasinated . Actually , few days back I myself got into a heated argument with my Friends ; they were quite pleased with it , their argument was his Assassination was very important as he did more bad than good for our nation and instead he should have been killed quite before . Today I see that many consider the act as a Historic and proud incident . Though neither my friends nor me put the argument on Heart but the topic really concerned me . First of all let me make it very clear that I am NOT a Pro-Gandhi nor I consider him as my idol ; but justifying Murder of anyone can never be accepted anywhere in any situation atleast by Me .

Let’s see it from starting ; we all know that on 30 January around 5:13pm Gandhi was assasinated at BIRLA HOUSE (now GANDHI SMRITI ) when he was returning from some evening prayer meet , where a Devil called NATHURAM GODSE member of HINDU MAHASABHA fired 3 bullets of the Calibre Beretta semi-automatic pistol . It’s said that when he came across Gandhi who greeted him with folded hands and a Smile before that SPINELESS guy did what he was meant to be . He also wanted to kill himself before he was stopped by a sergeant before the crowd showered on him and thrashed him brutally . Later his whole GANG was arrested which included his elder brother GOPAL GODSE and NARAYAN APTE ; while the latter was given death sentence along with Nathuram all rest 6 were sent to life imprisonment . What is further surprising here is that there were 5 unsuccessful attempts to kill GANDHI prior to this incident ; in 1934 with a Bomb , in 1944 Godse was twice caught approaching him with a Dagger , once in 1946 and even just 10 days before today there was a planned shooting idea set up which failed due to some reasons .

GODSE was a member of RSS and HINDU MAHASABHA and ran a newspaper called HINDU RASHTRA . In the words of GODSE – ” My shots were fired against a person whose policies bought ruin and destruction of 30 million Hindus . I don’t have any personal envy with anyone but I had no respect for the policies of government mostly in favour of Muslims ; but the reason behind this was GANDHI only “ . In another excerpt , he says “To secure and bring freedom for 30 crore (HINDUS) would automatically constitute the freedom and well being of whole India , as its in majority constituting one fifth of human race . In another like he accuses GANDHI of dividing India in INDIA amd PAKISTAN .

Here only we can see how Illogical and idiotic his beliefs are ; just because you are not in favour of the policies of government who gave you the right to take anyone’s life . And who told that bringing prosperity for 30 crore Hindus will bring prosperity for all . Forget about Majority or Minority , we are a DEMOCRACY and there is no place for religious selfishness . Upon further reading I will nullify his each and every EXCUSE one by one with logics and facts .

On much research it’s found that Gandhi’s assassination was a result of larger conspiracy by Hindu fundamentalists whose aim was to eliminate Gandhi from political scene . A book by LARRY COLLINS and DOMINIQUE LAPIERRE named ” FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT ” (1975) ; for which they extensively researched , utilised the access they had of police and intelligence and even interviewed the conspirators widely confirms this fact .

Also in a letter written by VALLABH BHAI PATEL to then prime minister JAWAHARLAL NEHRU it’s said that this plan was hitched and seen through by Savarkar . He even specified that the activites of organisations like RSS led to this Catastrophe . It was the HINDU extremism which led to it then and also which is claiming the Murder as a right step now . Even PATEL found this HINDU Entremsism extremely POISONOUS for the state and BANNED the organisations right after it was found distributing Sweets when the news of assassination broke out . The ban was lifted only when RSS promised that it will never involve itself in politics ; though they are not just fully involved but literally ruling us at the moment .

With the course of time Gandhi became a thorn in flesh for the hard-core Hindus and slowly this resentment turned into Phobia . Other reason given by GODSE was that Gandhi supported the idea of separate state for Muslims , compelled government to give 55 crore to PAK despite it’s growing aggression at Border . But notable point here is when the earlier unsuccessful attempts were made by the same set of people ; then neither the 55 crore nor the partition was even in Discussion . Then why the hell they tried to killed him then ; sole reason was clever rationalization to hoodwink the gullible .

Another misconception I see amongst almost all Hindus is that PAK was created only due to Muslims . But the reality is as much as the ethnic Muslims were responsible so was the Hindu Backlash , the Hindus who looked upon Muslims as MLECHCH (unclean) and believed that coexistence with them is not possible . This mutual recrimination and distrust led the extremists from both sides to regard Hindus and Muslims as different nationalities and strengthened MUSLIM LEAGUE’s demand for Partition the only solution to communal problem . For a surprise both the communities justified themselves in their Hate campaign in their respective different histories that followed and that mentality has actually not disappeared even today .

This claim can be validated by two incidents . Over MOHAMMAD IQBAL who wrote my favourite Patriotic song “SARE JAHAAN SE ACCHA” formulated the claim of separate state for Muslims for the first time right in 1930s ; Hindus were no way behind , The so called VEER , SAVARKAR said “India can’t be a Unitarian or homogenous country , I don’t have a quarrel with JINNAH’s two nation theory , we Hindus are a nation in ourselves and it’s a fact that Hindus and Muslims are two Nations” .

(Vide writings Swatantra Veer Savarkar , Vol. 6 Page 206 Maharashtra Prantiya HINDU Mahasabha , Pune) .

A new Twist is that VINAYAK DAMODAR SAVARKAR ; who was called VEER SAVARKAR but was a Big KAYAR , he was also actively involved in the conspiracy but was acquited just because sufficient evidence couldn’t be arranged for DIGAMBER BADGE’s testimony against him on time . Though later when SAVARKAR died , his bodyguards APTE RAMACHANDRA KASAR and his Secretary GANJAN VISHNU DAMLEWHEN gave testimony against him in 1966 ; if just it could have come on time this cheap bastard would have experienced Death in Jail only .

Coming back to the time of independence the relation between the two communities getting worse ; a tide of carnage and lawlessness engulfed the nation and the time limit that LORD MOUNTBATTEN had , combined with the attitude of both the parties didn’t left any option other than partition . In 1946 MUSLIM LEAGUE secured 90% seats in the nationwide elections after which Congress found it very difficult to breathe and keep up it’s Morale . Gandhi conveyed to Lord Mountbatten that he will be satisfied even if JINNAH becomes the prime minister , but it was too late as Congress agreed with Mountbatten for partition ; Congress which itself used to have and had many Muslim scholars and intellectuals were left with no option seeing the Muslim League’s inflexible nature and break of law and order in PUNJAB , North West and BENGAL Province lost it’s nerve .

Actually it can be said that though Gandhi was ready to accept Jinnah but NEHRU wasn’t and he wanted to become the PM as well and as we all know a nation can’t have two PM’s so our country was divided to satisfy their wants and have two countries instead though Gandhi tried a Fast unto Death but after realising the gravity of the situation , scarcity of proper leaders and the national scenario he was forced to hault his plan . So the man who was always against Partition was portrayed as the man behind partition . WOW !

Regarding the stress on giving 55 crore to PAK claim ; it’s a big misconception that Gandhi stressed for it’s payment despite PAK army infiltrating into Kashmir . Actually the amount to be paid was 75 crore of which first instalment (20 crore) was ready paid and second instalment (55 crore) was to be paid now , but right before that some liberators with support of PAK Army invaded Kashmir , so Government of India decided to withhold it . LORD MOUNTBATTEN was very annoyed by it and found it violation of mutual agreement and complained to Gandhi who also agreed with him and found it Unethical .

At that time DELHI had became a communal Hell , in response to the killings and torcher of Hindus in PAK , LOCAL Indians were infiltrated and all the way there was killing , raping , molestation , abduction and torching of properties mainly on the Muslims . Gandhi was left in deep agony with it and it was in this background that he took Fast unto Death to restore amity and sanity in Delhi . But Gandhiji didn’t knew that he had given his Critics or say Haters a chance to mix up and distort the incident and get another chance to blame him .

For validation ; Dr. SUSHILA NARI said that this Fast was started even before this 55 cr controversy . In subsequent announcements and evening prayers of Gandhi on 12th , 13th and 15th January there was no such mention nor was any such mention in press release of government and even not in the list of assurances for stopping his Fast given by Gandhi to Dr. RAJENDRA PRASAD had any such reference , if the Fast would have been for PAK Aid there would been atleast one VALID mention .

Another misconception is that Gandhi STARTED the appeasement of Muslims . Let it be clear , long before he appeared on scene BAL GANGADHAR TILAK with aim of ensuring Muslim participation in Nationalist struggle evolved a formula named LUCKNOW PACT along with LOKMANYA TILAK , ANNIE BEASANT and MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH under which Muslims would get representation more than they deserve according to their composition in population , it was perhaps the first apppeasment in the direction . It shows that Gandhi didn’t STARTED Muslim appeasement ; But yes I do agree that he appeased Muslim community even in some unrequired ways and unacceptable extent , which I myself dislike of him . But they weren’t undertaken with any Villainous idea , he just wanted Peace between Hindus and Muslims to strengthen which was weakened and utilised fully by the Britishers so GANDHI wanted us to be secure from that , that’s it .

Before concluding I would like to have a view in Gandhi’s life ; his life was an open book and no substantiation is needed for it . He being a devout Hindu had warm and amicable relation with many and had a belief of oneness in God and equality of all religions . He was widely against the caste division and untouchablity prevelant in Hindu society . He advoacted and encouraged inter-caste marriages and blessed only those where one partner belonged to lower caste . High caste Hindus viewed this as a resentment which with the course of time became Phobia and then Anathema .

I would like to ask all of you “If Gandhiji had been alive today , had this much Religious Intolerant and Undemocratic incidents that have happened in our country had taken place” . Answer is NO . Just this was the reason he was needed to be killed to let the room develop for these incidents .
The communal force which killed Gandhi is the one responsible even today for threatening minorities leading to acts like GHAR WAPSI , LOVE JIHAAD and MOB LYNCHING . The main aim of these people is to increase Antagoism between communities and to keep religious identities at the Loggerheads with each other .

Some of his decisions of not defending BHAGAT SINGH , supporting NETAJI and condemning all who used Violence to gain independence ; I just Hate of him , but every person has some Plus and Minus and while counting the Minuses we shouldn’t ignore the pluses encountered on the way . He was not a admirable perosn at young age but how he accepted it and canged himself is admirable . Who speaks so honsetly about one’s own flaws in the Autobiography . Also who gave some BASTARDS the right to shoot the portrait of Gandhi and celebrate the death of Gandhi and Jayanti of Godse . These pathetic creatures should be burnt alive to death . What they think of themselves , they can’t even match the Dust of Gandhi’s CHAPPAL .

The idea he believed , used and propogated for independence , even I don’t agree with it and would have opted on contrary . Yes he wanted Non-Violence which is Impractical idea for getting Independence . But was his aim the disruptor of our nation or torture on our citizens . He was the man who just never wore clothes even when he could have afforded just because many didn’t afford it then , he being the main face of India at the time didn’t kept any Security or Bodyguard and used to have people from all religion and caste in his Ashram with everyone getting same treatment .

Finally I would say our country got Independence with the contribution of many Bravehearts including Gandhiji . How much you may hate him but you just can’t deny this fact . There can be difference of opinion regarding his way of revolt was better and efficient but as long as the main aim was to bring FREEDOM for our Motherland you can’t claim any of the idea as WRONG . In my opinion I think whatever he did couldn’t have been done by anyone not even by me . If you think on contrary I challenge you to accumulate even 10% of the crowd that used to gather on just a single signal of Gandhiji at that time . In your life even if you have differences with your Father and don’t admire him he will always be your Father and you will always be his Son whether you like it or not . In my opinion Murdering him was not that big a Crime than what defending his Murder is . GODSE was , is and will always be a ANTI-NATIONAL TERRORIST and GANDHI was , is and will forever be the FATHER OF THE NATION .



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