THE PLATFORM: One of the Most Unique Movies of Recent Times

So, as I promised I will also enter into writing some Movie/Series Blogs. The first movie with which I am starting this genre is ‘The Platform’. Now, those who don’t know it’s a Spanish satirical take on today’s society. The movie is written by David Desola and is directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. So, one by one I will talk on the different aspects that are being shown in the movie. As I have said before:

NOTE: PLEASE watch the movie before reading this as it may be having spoilers.


There is a world, which is divided into 366 compartments, one above the other. Now, a huge amount of food, enough to feed everyone in all the compartments is brought everyday. Every day the food decorated on a huge table comes from above at the first compartment. The table is as big as half of the room and consists of all lavish food including meat, fruits, vegatables, juice and even wine. Now, as everybody at the first compartment has eaten, they can send the table downstairs. Similar process will be followed for the table to reach till the 366th floor. Here, it’s only in the hands of the people in the compartment, when and with how much food will the table be released.

Film Review: 'The Platform' – The Paisano

Now, the game is not that simple as it seems. Actually, those on the topmost compartments eat just so much, that actually no food reaches the bottom levels leaving people dead down there. Also, the participants living on this compartment have all come from different backgrounds and for different purpose. The protagonist decides to lead an equitable distribution throughout the compartments and carry the ‘message’ or essence of the movie. As the days progress, conflicts start emerging the participants regarding food distribution and that results in some thrilling killings and brain games finally ending on a debatable note.

What it Signifies?

I think most of you would easily have decoded the essence of it. See, it is symbolizing the society we live in. If we look properly, there is enough resources (food in this case) for feeding everyone with sufficient calories throughout the compartments. But, those in the top compartments who are symbolizing the ultra-rich who are consuming much more than what they need. It leads to little or no feed reaching those at the bottom level, symbolizing the poor people. This creates chaos and ideological hate, or you can say the ultra-rich people use ideological differences to create and propagate hatred amongst the poors so they keep on fighting among themselves and the ultra-richs can enjoy what they are already enjoying.

The Platform

But, it also carries a message that if we move towards equitable distribution right from the Tier-1, and everyone consumes just as much as he needs, the society will be a better place to live in. Also, there is a child shown hiding in the bottommost compartment, who is signifying hope being alive despite happening so much. Also, there is a dish called ‘Panna Cotta’ (a white pastry with a cherry on top), which is taken as teh message symbolizing spontaneous solidarity. It says in a way, that if a top quality food can reach the bottom indeed, the mission of equitable districution, which the protagonist undertook has been succesful.

Some Interesting Pieces:

  1. There is a scene, where the protagonist proposes the idea of everyone eating just as much as his body needs and ask the ones below him to follow the same. Just when he says it, they ask “Are you a Communist?” It very muchshows today’s scenario as well. Whoever talks about equality, freedom and harmony is termed ‘Communist’ as if it’s an abuse.
  2. In the very next scene, the protagonist warns them “If you don’t do as I say, from tomorrow onwards I will shit over your whole food and then pass it down”. On expected lines, they obey him straightaway. I found that scene really funny and interesting.
  3. In another interesting scene, a black man requests a white couple above him to let him come on their floor. They willingly agree and pass a rope down. But as soon as he was climbing, they open their pants and shit on their face. It goes on to depict, the hatred our society carries on the basis of reigion, colour,sex, and what not.

The Platform – The Joker On The Sofa

Conclusion: A Great Watch depicting our Society

At last, I would say that it is a great watch and one of the most original and unique movies of recent times. It depicts our society without even actually showcasing it. Watching these kinds of movies helps in opening up the mind for different perspectives and opinions. So I would recmmend everyone reading this to watch the movie. Also, I would like to thank the makers of the movie for bringing up something so insightful, thought provoking and unique.

NOTE: In the comment section, you can suggest the names of movies and series, you want me to write next on.

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