UNION ELECTIONS PART 3 of 3 : Who to vote in this game of Dirty Politics ?

With both the Manifestos being presented , in backdrop the Campaign is in it’s full flow now .

While BJP is running high with MAIN BHI CHOWKIDAAR HOON Campaign . There is no doubt that it has come to response to RAHUL’s claims “CHOWKIDAAR CHOR HAI” . Here Congress and Opposition missed a trick , they haven’t given any Slogan of themselves . Just saying CHOWKIDAAR Chor Hai may persuade public that Modi is not good , but how will they get assurance that you are trustworthy enough ?

A funny comment I found on Twitter :
RAHUL shouted for 5 years CHOWKIDAAAR CHOR HAI , but everyone was confused “Who the Hell is this Chowkidaar” . Now NaMo has announced his theme and cleared all doubts” .

Jokes apart let’s see what happened in this campaign , first of all the top ministers added prefix CHOWKIDAAR to their names on social media . Then MAIN BHI CHOWKIDAAR Goodies were brought in the market and surprisingly were high on sales before ELECTION COMMISSION ordered to remove them from markets as it was just a waste of public money , firstly in making such useless goods with public money was used and then were being sold to public only who were just purchasing them without using their Brains out of BHAKTI . This #MAINBHICHOWKIDAAR trended highly on social media .

So Now , just frankly answer me what kind of impression is it creating of our top ministers specially our prime minister who is so widely popular and is the most followed leader in ths outside world . What impression would have formed in the minds of TRUMP , PUTIN or even IMRAN KHAN that Indian prime minster is calling himself a security guard just for reaping publicity and electoral gains . Is it not just defaming our Country’s impression ; these things happen when politicians run campaigns without using the Brain .

Another point in this campaign which irritated me a lot was crying again and again of the slogan MAIN BHI CHOWKIDAAR HOON . But just tell me , anyone who is crying out this slogan can do what a CHOWKIDAAR (Security Guard) really does even for one day . Guarding the same position or sometimes more than one from 8 to 8 or sometimes night shift for 10,000 a month or even less . Also if you are calling yourself a Chowkidaar then be Answerable , why you don’t have the Guts to come out in press conferences , where were you when thousands of girls were Raped , Lynchings were done and when so heavy RDX entered our borders despite a tight security . If you can’t satisfactorily answer these questions then stop playing what you’re not from immediate effect . In my opinion this campaign was not just the defamation of our country but also and insult of the whole CHOWKIDAAR community .

After the campaign progressed we witnessed some politicians showing their Cheap Reality ; whether SIDHU and MAYAWATI garnering Votes on the name of religion , YOGI or MANEKA GANDHI creating communalism by giving controversial speeches and threatening speeches . There were also some extreme cases where all limits were crossed one where a BJP Leader abused RaGa by his mother’s name and where AZAM KHAN used some Cheap Sexist words for JAYA PRADA ; I would not go in the details of those as we already heard how Cheap those statements were .

Our ELECTION COMMISSION exercised it’s power for banning these leaders for a few days . I wanted to applaud them from heart when they showed extreme Guts to ban the Biopic movie and web series on prime minister NaMo which were made under his propaganda only ; just frankly tell me has he done such legendary jobs to have a Biopic under his name where only his Positives will be depicted . I even think EC should also take action against his NAMO TV , how can the PM air a whole channel on him showing his Campaign explicitly and uniquely just on the name of money ; this is bringing the Country almost on the brink of DICTATORSHIP . Even his speech where he asked for Votes on the name of Pulwama Martyrs and Airstrike Heroes was just so below standard ; how can you use Army for your personal motives , several other leaders also termed Army as MODI KI SENA . Election will come and go but you have got no right to play with the Army .

There have been some intersting Fights such as RAHULv SMRITI , RAVI SHANKAR v SHATRUGHAN and even MODI v TEJ BAHADUR (The BSF Jawan who was suspended on making public the pathetic food quality in camps) but my blood was sucked when SADHVI PRAGYA SINGH THAKUTR was given ticket against DIGVIJAY SINGH just to express HINDUTVA ; just because she is ACCUSED and out on Bail she was allowed to contest but that doesn’t make her a decent citizen as her name is in the MALEGAON Blast which took place to undermine and showcase dominance over Muslims . She openly says that she is proud of demolishing BABRI MASJID . If some communal tensions arises after this would she have taken the responsibility for that ? Now she even said that a 26/11 Martyr HEMANT KARKARE died as he was cursed by her . Though her statement is with reference to the time she was under arrest ; but unknowingly she has expressed what she is from within . What was more painful for the country that the public was applauding her when she said . Some BHAKTS are in so much BHAKTI that started justifying her statement calling it her state of mind then , calling KARKARE a Boot licker of Congress , Anti Hindu and even that he didn’t fought with terrorists and was drunk and busy with Bar Girls . It is just too much now , are you all in your state of mind or not , do you have any idea how much POISON you all have spelled against someone who died fighting for your country . Don’t favour a party or a personality as much that you can’t favour your Country anymore .

Not just SHE and those who nominated her , but you all , you all are a bloody Disgrace to this country and if it comes to her arguments that he led to his torture of beating the Shit out of her keeping her stripped and hungry . Listen , I am damn sure that she is responsible for the blasts and DESERVED whatever happened with her and I would say actually even more than that . Also the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION in 2015 cleared KARKARE and others of charges against Torture so one can’t blame the investigation agency anymore . I think that it’s a big mistake by NaMo which can indeed tilt the Tide a bit by giving all Neutrals specially Youngsters an opportunity to leave the side of BJP and press the Button of NOTA .

I don’t know how people very easily accept when the culprit is a Muslim and blame the whole religion but never even try to accept that a Hindu is behind a bad deed ; this type of mindset will bring us so down that it will take more than 100 years to just stand still , progressing is the other thing . More painful was our prime minister giving lame excuses like SONIA and RAHUL Gandhi are also on bail and there are others also in the ministry with Charges against them . First of all there is difference in getting out on bail on charge of Corruption and Terror ; and just there are Minsters with charges doesn’t mean you have got a Permit to increase that no. drastically . But it’s not that big a surprise as our PM himself who has got such good speaking skills has used it in a very wrong , cheap and communal way in last few weeks specially defending those accused in HINDU ATANKVAAD as if HINDU can never do any Crime ; I would suggest him to just take a look at his Dear YOGI in his cabinet only and his misconception will be cleared .

So as as we can see Election is undergoing at a very high Voltage . But whom should we Vote ? This question should be answered by us from within . Forget MODI or RAHUL , just keep in mind that who is standing from your Constituency , who will be your MP and then give the VOTE only if he rightly deserves it and is able to stand up to your expectations ; and if no one is that Good then NOTA is always there . Though it is of not much use in our country as Re elections will not take place even if NOTA scores more than all parties ; but always remember you can cut the Vote share of anyone you don’t want to see elected . I personally even think that this Election result will be very much decided by how many opt for NOTA .

My Headache increased sky high when I saw Opposition crying that EVM can be hacked . As if the 3 elections where BJP lost recently took place on perfectly working EVMs . But when they are sending defeat suddenly a GHOST has sat on the EVM . As far as I am able to calculate I think BJP returning to power but for sure not with full majority but with whole NDA . Their seat count may be around 250 while that of CONGRESS can see a high rise unto 150 around . The MAHAGATHBANDHAN can give a close fight but will not be able to cross the finishing line . The strength of BJP is it’s GUTS to avenge PAK , Hindutva ideology and some nicely working policies ; while that of Congress is highlighting failure of BJP at multiple fronts and some really nice promises in the Manifesto .

It should be clear that in 2014 BJP got a landslide victory as public wanted to throw Congress out of government due to it’s extreme illmanagement combined with rampant Corruption . But this time the public needs a REASON to elect them back . In my opinion the PULWAMA ATTACK and then the AIRSTRIKE tilted the whole momentum in BJP’s favour or else the results would have been more competitive and indeterminate .

So even if it’s NOTA do excercise your VOTE KA KHOTA .

I humbly request all my readers to exercise the power this beautiful Democracy has gifted us without a mistake . A point don’t stress too hard on it , I see Friends and Family members fighting over political debates as if their life resides in the party . Remember Elections will again come after 5 years , these politicians will always be there but the time you have to enjoy your life with your friends and families you may never get again in Life . Also whatever people say that this Election will decide the fate of our country for next 10 , 50 , 100 years . OH … NO NO !!!!! ; this Election will decide the fate of our country for ONLY AND ONLY 5 Years . So let’s collectively decide that in a free , fair and decent manner and make sure the reigns of our Country are in the hands of only those who deserve it .



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