Usually I am known for writing Article quite late after the occurrence of the event . So this time I have shelved my Multiple Projects and started this one as this Incident is not letting me Sleep peacefully .

What is happening … ????? Where are we living … ????? Are we really Humans … ?????

No I don’t want to listen anything this time . I had written on RAPE case once and after that I thought that I would not write on this topic from now upon due to two reasons . As during writing this topic I feel Extremely Depressed and these topics are so REGULAR that one can’t write on all cases . But this case has Nulified my faith in Humanity , Government and also in OUR SOCIETY. Yes more than anyone else WE are Responsible for such incidents as we ALLOW them to happen . It may feel Bad or Awkward but yes if we would not have allowed it wouldn’t had happened , As Simple As That . After this I can’t feel safe for my Sister if she gets out due to our DOWNTRODDEN Society and if I don’t raise my Voice against this Act I will Never be able to make an Eye to Eye Contact with my Sister .

As I was gearing up for writing on ASIFA Case I came across many more such cases . One in UNNAO where the Girl and her family was tortured and threatened . When she made complaint her Father was arrested and tortured and eventually he died . The one accused was a BJP MLA and then BJP showed it’s GARBAGE LICKING STANDARD by trying to defend a RAPIST . The CM who is always ready with ARMY to protect the Cows had neither time for this case but instead called the MLA Innocent .But when the case got Too Much Media attention the Government was bound to arrest it’s MLA and he was arrested from his house at 4 am and the case is in the Hands of CBI and of course it will now follow a Complex and Long process and there is No Surity that she will get Justice .

Apart from this some more cases came from various parts of the Country . A girl being found dead with 86 Torture marks and her Private organ being injured badly with Rod . An 11 month old Child Raped by her Neighbour . A 3 month Pregnant woman raped by Taxi Driver and 2 others . I would like to make you all aware with a fact hat 92 Girls are Raped DAILY in India with 4 alone in Delhi without getting Justice . But the most heartbreaking and System Exposing incident occured in KATHUA .

In KATHUA a Nomadic girl who used to take her Ponies for Water each day one day fell in the Trap of some Devils and she was misguided that one of her PONY is missing and they will help in finding it . Initially she believed them but after a while she suspected and tried to run away but she was immediately given Injection for Unconsciousness and kidnapped and kept in the Temple where she was Raped several times along with Dose of regular tortures like Electrification and Twisting her Limbs in a Deadly way . It is now discovered that main Architect of the plan was the Temple Priest SANJI RAM who along with two more TILAK RAJ and VISHAL JANGOTRA (A Minor who was restigated from the School was Improper behaviour against Girls) committed this Heinous Act . Apart from them the Police Officer DEEPAK KHUJURIA who not only Raped her but also Killed her . Now we can’t even rely on Police , instead of investigating he himslef got involved as he did not wanted to miss this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to show his AUKAT . Eventually that happened which should have Literally happened earlier for she would have been went through Less Tortures . She after watching and feeling the real face of OUR Society departed this World with a Heavy Soul left behind which is still BEGGING for Justice . Let me present one more Heartbreaking Fact among you all . When they all decided to Kill her the Police Officer stopped them so that he can Rape her ONCE AGAIN . After that even when she was Dead just for Ensurement and Self Satisfaction Two Big STONES were Smashed on her Face . I want to ask just one Question from these A**HOLES ; What they all Gained from this and What was the Fault of Her only that she was A GIRL … ?????

Being Frank I am a Boy of Youth age group and it’s not the case that I don’t STARE beautiful Girls but it’s always in such a way that she doesn’t notices me and doesn’t get Hurt . I even sometimes Flirt but it’s always with a Joking nature . I don’t have GUTS to even Touch a girl without her Permisssion and for Small girls like that of Age of Asifa I always watch them as a Small Child and never with any OTHER point of view . I can’t digest how anyone can do such a Dirty Act with so small girls . When I saw the Pic of dead body of Asifa I was literally Depressed at the condition of Body . How SAVAGE these Devils were who just Pierced the MUTTON out of a Girl .

Not just in Unnao but BJP was busy in Shielding the Terrorists here as well and there was Tremendous Pressure on police officers that the Reality doesn’t get Exposed . The family members were getting Death Threats as well and they have planned to leave that place due to FEAR . What was their Fault just raising voice agaisnt tgese Culprits . Don’t we have even that much right under this Government . If not then why even SUCH cases are Politiced or Communalised . Why can’t we make Justice in each case without any Discrimination without bringing the RELIGION CARD in the Game . Now for those who not only think but also Claim that ISLAM is a Terrorist Religion and all Muslims are Bad ; What can you say here where all Accused are Hindu and also the Incident took place inside a Temple . Also in many other cases there are Rapists from Hindu community and in my opinion No Crime can be Bigger than this . No I don’t want to blame HINDU Community particularly for it but my Objection is the Religious Card being played by some Selfish Politicians for Votes and Power . Can’t we punish the Culprits who has brought such a SHIT of Torture for the Innocent Girl . It shows how Low we have fallen starting from the Bottom itself as we now label Rapists and Criminals as HINDUS or MUSLIMS .
I don’t know what the Authority wants as the Conclusion . Even when the family couldn’t had afforded a Lawyer a Lady Lawyer named DEEPIKA came forward and has took on the case . She siad that Today Asifa , Tommorrow someone else and Day after Tommorrow someone yet another . This crime is not gonna stop if WE don’t get determined to stop it . She has also said that even she might be Raped some day . Also another lady named SHWETAMBARI SHARMA the DSP of J&K fought all Odds ie Threats , Blackmails and Harassment but collected all Evidences and filed Chargesheet agaisnt all the Accused . We need to salute their Bravery .

Apart from Government MEDIA is a Big Culprit who has Complete Knowledge and Ample time for Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Stock , Sri Devi’s death and Priya Prakash’s Eye winkling don’t have time to openly criticize these Rapists . Some have even started a Trend KATHUA KA SACH where they are trying to prove that this Incident is Fake or Incomplete and are bringing such facts to show that their is something Lie in this incident . I don’t know how these BULLSHIT creature are born to bring Disgrace to Our Society and I just wonder how are they able to come in front f the Women of their Family . We need to completely discard and disrespect such Propogandas oe else it will be just RAPING the SOUL of Asifa all over again .

When I heard the Interview of her Parents I was completely Heartbroken . Her mother was crying like a Mad and was completely Distraught with her Clothes . Her father said that tgey searched everywhere for Asifa except the Temple as they considered it as a Sacred Place . Also much more Heartbreaking fact for you all is that she was an Adopted Child . So just imagine tge condition of those Parents who have lost their only child that too not having a Child of it’s own . Even after this if anyone is in Favour of even a SECOND of delay in bringing Justice to the Girl I din’t think he is a Human .

Some of the people still are like LET IT GO and are not even willing to raise Voice against it . I want to ask them if anything like this happens with anyone of your Family would you had been SILENT then as well . I am a Son of a MOTHER , Brother of a SISTER and if my wish comes true in Future will be a Father of a DAUGHTER . I am saying this from the very bottom of My Heart that if anyone even raises their FU**ING Eyes against any of them I will neither let his Eyes nor his Private Organ in working condition . So why can’t you all raise your Voice aginst it . Just learn from SWATI MALIWAL who is on a Indefinite Hunger Strike to bring Justice for Asifa and is even waiting ir Our PM to return from UK . Not just one or 2 we all should fight for Justice for ASIFA .
Many of you must be thinking why I have said that WE are responsible and participant in this Crime and why I have given the above Title . Whatever one may say but the fact is that we all allow these things to happen . We were all encouraging the Debate over a Movie Movie PADMAVAT but couldn’t pay heed to this case . In other countries the Culprit is instantly Hanged once the Rape is proved and in some places even Bullet and Stones are used for bringing Death and in Our Country instead of investigating we waste time and money in Politicizing and Communalizing the issue and here Mass protests are needed to bring Justice for A Girl .

There are thousands of supporters of Rapists like RAM RAHIM nad ASARAM BAPU but only in few hundreds come out in support of Girls like ASIFA . We have made the Mindset of our society that Girls are always down or lower than the Boys . They are subordinate of boys and boys can exercise control over them . From very beginning the girls are taught to be careful but a Boy is never taught to behave Respectfully towards a Girl . Even Parents who are the first teachers and it’s their Moral Responsibility to teach their children about this Aspect of life but instead they not always themselves hide from this topic bit also try to hide their children from it . Whether changing channel when News of Rape comes or changing the Topic when Torture on Women is talked about . Due to such behaviour these Boys never learn to respect Woman and what about Respecting even they don’t learn to Behave against Women . If you all really want to stop this Crime PLEASE teach the boys from very beginning about this Aspect and don’t waste your energy and time on teaching a Girl how to dress , talk or walk as they are always good at what they are doing and never the Culprit . Also those with FU**ING logic about dressing sense of Girl who claim that the Girls are themselves resoinsibel for their condition should go and FU** Off themselves as they don’t have any explanation about reason of Rape of a 8 year old Nomadic girl in simple Nomadic Dress .

Whether a Saree, Skirt or Burkha everyone has been Raped even now a Diaper is Raped I have some line I would like to share

Was it really my fault asked the SHORT SKIRT ?
No it happend with us as well said BURKHA and SAREE !
The DIAPER in the corner couldn’t even Speak … !!!!!

A complete Change and Revival of Mindset is required in Our Socuety if we raelly want to curb this DISEASE . Also outside India a Very wrong and bad inpression is created when such incidents take place in India so frequently . As it’s Repurcussions we have seen how Huge Mass protests were done against Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UK Visit along with Slogans of MODI GO BACK and JUSTICE FOR ASIFA .

It is a Crime as big as Female Foeticide as it also does not allows Women to LIVE . We have seen how Girls made us Proud at Commonwealth Games 2018 and also in 2017 Olympics both the Medals won by us were brought by Girls . Apart from this in many other fields Girls have outshown the Boys . More or less they are at same level as of Boys and just imagine how many Achievements , Milestones and MEDLAS we have lost due to these Crimes . Now if we allow these things to take place it is nothing but doing Female Foeticide and not allowing them to Live , Dream or Rule .

Also I have a Brutal but a Practical suggestion for these DEVILS that instead of hanging them we shiuld give them some more Torterous treatment because if they are Hanged straightaway they will never feel the pain that the Girl went through . I am Apologizing initially as it is a very Brutal method and those with Soft Hearts please don’t read this . I think it will be better to STRIP the Rapists publicly and then Slowly pour Acid into their Private Organ and leave them at their condition . Neither they will be able to Urinate properly nor anything else . Each time it will make them remember their Deed and then they will come to know about the Pain of a Woman and Actual Remedy and Fear against this Heinous Crime will be come in Existence .

I would like to conclude here and would liek to urge all the Women out there not to Worry and just believe in yourself and you don’t need to change your Dressing sense and Style of living due this Narrow minded thinking and Fear . Just remember that you are the most Beautiful creation of Nature which is made for being Cherished . I myself say SORRY for being unable to do anything for you ASIFA But ; I PLEDGE I will not allow any such case happen under my Information or Presence and will bring Maximum help for these Affected woman once I will be able to do that . Please Stay Safe , Rock , Shock and Rule the world the job you are all are made for .

Be Bold Be Brave and Be yourself



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