10% Reservation : Appeasements for Dumbs Headache for Intellectuals

Few weeks back an Act was passed in the parliament which would give 10% Reservation to the lower income group belonging to upper castes in government jobs and educational institutions . This 10% Reservation is in addition to the existing 50% Reservation and which can’t be exceeded as per the Supreme Court but does SC matter when we have NaMo . Though initially it seemed as a Tonic for those poor students who belong to upper caste . But when a cautious study is done it’s found that it’s not what it seems actually .

First of all let’s see what are the benchmarks being set for a person to fall under this category .

  1. Those whose annual family income is below 8,00,000 per annum will fall under this category . But according to data 95% of Household have their income in this range only . Yes , only declaration matters as we can’t RAID each and every student declaring their incomes . Even ARUN JAITLEY said on 12th Jan 2018 that only 76 Lakh Indians declare their Income above 5 Lakh . Individually we find 99% people have income less than 8 lakh p.a. ; ie, are economically weak .
  2. Agriculture land owned should be less than 5 acres only . Data shows 86% land holdings are less than 5 acres .
  3. House should be of less than 1000 acres . Data shows 80% of Households have less than 500 acre land .
  4. Residential plot should be less than 100 yards or less if Municipality and 200 yards or less if non notified municipality . Data is not available in this case but first three cases give a good idea

But this data is for whole country and we have to take the case only for Generals . But since 90% people of country are falling in this category we can expect more or less same for the General as well . If we think it’s like almost all Generals competing for 10% SPECIAL Seats . While rest 40% is open as usual keeping in mind 50% seats are already for Reserved ones . Since almost all are competing , it’s just channelling Generals in two categories (10% and 40%) without any Logic or Meaning . An Apt Comment I found on Twitter is “So this is not even a Lollipop gifted to voters ; it’s the Lollipop in your pocket only being presented to you in the form of GIFT” .

Another thing to keep in mind is that according to our last budget ; Tax Slabs start at 2.5 lakh ;ie, those whose income is less than 2.5 lakh need not pay any Tax . But in this Reservation system , those whose household income is less than 8 lakh are Economically Backward . So the group between 2.5-8 lakh (Majority of people) is capable enough to pay tax but that much economically backward that it needs Reservation . Also just having such Income Slabs aren’t gonna help in serving the actual candidates as many will come up with Fake income certificates .

Let’s see this discussion from another point of view . If we take annual income as 6,00,000 (Simplicity in Calculation) , only we come to 50,000 per month . Just think with your Brains out should a person earning 50 thousand p.a. be termed Poor and given Reservation . What is the main purpose of Reservation ; to uplift weaker sections of society but giving it on the basis of economic criteria is not correct as it’s not a Poverty Alleviation scheme ; there are already many running by the government . Another point , suppose that there are two candidates one having 50lakh monthly income while others being around 5000 per month ; both are competing over just one Seat then obviously the rich guy will be able to grab it as he would have been through better and more facilities in life . Just as we see cases where those belonging to reserved category are availing Reservation generations after generations despite getting better off be the first generation only . According to actual aim of Reservation they shouldn’t have been availing the benefit as soon as they got into higher standards .

In 1993 when Reservation was introduced for OTHER BACKWARD CASTES (OBC) limit for CREAMY LAYER was 1 lakh pa and hence, many Poor people were benefited from it . Then the limit has been increased 4 times . 2.5 lakh in 2004 , 4.5 lakh in 2008 , 6 lakh in 2008 only and then 8 lakh in 2018 . It is called a good step saying that rich also face Discrimination if they belong to lower castes . But basically it’s just an Appeasement by the politicians to CHEESE TRAP the people by adding more and more people in OBC Group for Vote Bank . Another notable point is that Supreme Court has set Maximum limit of 50% and beyond that it CANNOT be given . But many states like TAMIL NADU have given more than 50% . Also another cunning step by BJP was to introduce it on the second last day of the parliament so no one can object it in such a short span and if they do so they will get presented as Enemy of Poor . It’s a topic which needs much research , discussion and debate specially regarding how to ensure that only genuine candidates are helped and how to prevent Fake Income certificates . I genuinely think that this area can be worked on intelligently but that’s not the aim of these political parties and only that’s why the Act was brought just before the Elections in a hurry .

Major question is WHERE ARE THE JOBS … ?????

If there won’t be jobs you can’t give Reservation on anything . In past few years Jobs have declined and Unemployment has risen . Government has been trying to hide Unemployment data and also Manipualte it to show the contrary ; but reality is that Jobs have really been Scarce in our Economy . Instead of Reservation we should demand for Jobs and fot that quality educational institutions are required and stress on development of HUMAN CAPITAL is to be given . Former way is a short term easy solution but latter is a Long Term actual treatment . All governments try to choose the easy route as latter move requires Labour , Brain and Passion for the country but we as Intellects shuld stress on for the right one . Also the fact which made me Laugh and boiled my Blood simultaneously was that I saw many people of the General category really happy saying that it will really help the needy . I just couldn’t explain everything to everyone .

Also think that should a person be punished for being in high class ; it’s exactly what the scenario is . SUPPOSE in future income slab required for Reservation is lowered to include actually the needy ones , but even if we want to give Reservation to Needy it’s being pictured as a BANE for those who UNFORTUNATELY lie in high income group or whose parents or forefathers committed the crime of working so well that they and the coming generations will live in good standards . Reservation also exists in some other countries but how can 60% of Jobs be reserved in a country . Is this a JOKE or what ? It’s already done in Maharashtra giving a high reservation to the MARATHAS . So now JATHS in PUNJAB and ADIVASIS in RANCHI should also be given Reservation . Actually reserve everything for different communities except General ; we Generals will just sit and Criticise , that will be absolutely Fantastic . The passion with which some specific communities protest for Reservation by destroying public properties and taking lives . This kind of mindset and attitude will only take our Country down the line . In a country where everyone is eager to being called Downtrodden ; what will they do for their Country . A country full of downtrodden will make the country only that .

According to me Reservation can never be the solution of the problem we are facing . Not only it destroys the existing Healthy Competition among Youth but also brings a sense of Relaxation among Reserved ones as they can clear an exam in more attempts and lesser marks than actual . How can recruiting people with lesser Intellect improve the conditions of downtrodden . How many times have we seen talented General candidates missing out marginally , getting in Depression or committing Suicide ; the reserved candidate selected due to lesser Intellect will never reach that high level Career that those who scored higher (whether General or Reserved) and will also be Worse Off in some way , so no one is actually benefitting from this . One way can be to provide them resources and scholarships on economic basis but reducing Cut Off and allowing more Attempts are just Foolish Appeasements and Torture on Innocent Generals which I will Never Never support .

A MEME is very famous ; where NaMo asks OBAMA “Why your country is so developed than Ours … ?????” and he replies “Because you give jobs to reserved ones and we give to those missed out deserved ones” ; it’s damn Funny and Ironic but speaks the Harsh Truth . We blame so many Indians to leave our country , work and settle abroad but we should look into the Mirror that did we provided them the opportunity they deserved ? Answer is NO and so is the answer of the fact that will Reservation bring Equality ? Even though I want but I know that this system can’t be eradicated . It’s an IMMORTAL INSECT planted at the Head of our country forever by ourselves .



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