AUSTRALIA CONQUERED : Make way for the new Super Powers in World Cricket

First of all Congratulations on an emphatic and historic victory which will be cherished by us for long . Not only we have broken the Rubber which was loathing us us but also defeating Australia at it’s backyard is something which will go down as one of the greatest victories ever by an Indian side . We had never won ODI or Test bilateral series in Australia and this time we have won both . Last time we won T20Is 3-0 but this time Rain didn’t allowed us to do the same and series ended Draw at 1-1 . But after that an exciting test series and Competitive ODI series were by us both 2-1 .

First let’s start with the Test series . 1st match played at Adelaide ; India chose to bat first . Initially we were in trouble at 30 odd for 3 but then our Modern Wall stood and smashed a brilliant 100 and took us to a respectable total . Australian batting always looked uncomfortable in front of us and they were marginally behind our Target and we got a marginal lead . Then we came to bat again and this time we looked more determined with Openers giving a solid start ; then Skipper and Wall capitaliziling and playing out the new ball . Pujara scored 71 and RAHANE well supported him with a delighting 70 . When put on a Chase which looked difficult for them we initially picked some wickets but on last day pitch became very Flat and their Tailenders showed great character . Match went very close but at last we pulled it to our side by a margin of 31 runs . In both innings all Bowlers took wickets collectively .

In the 2nd match at PERTH ; the Fav Aussie wicket where defeating them is considered extremely difficult though we are only Asian team to do so (in 2008 under ANIL KUMBLE) . This time our team selection was very Confusing where ROHIT and ASHWIN were injured ; spinner could have extracted turn here but we just went with outer covering of wicket and played 4 pacers ; also we picked wrong choice as 4th pacer we should have went with BHUVI as his batting skills would have been useful as well but we went with UMESH . The Aussie batting first time ever in the series played fluently and other batsman also continued attack and they posted a big total . In reply our starting was bad but Skipper and vice captain stood and showed their grit and determination . But after them no one stood and as a result we gave a huge lead . In 3rd innings there batting was again very good and though SHAMI rattled through them but still they posted total big enough to trouble us . In these Chases opening is very important which was again dismal . Skipper spent whole TEA at Nets as he was so passionate to make us Chase this one as well . After he was gone everything was out if our hands and we lost this one by a big margin of 146 runs .

Series was beautifully set up for the next 2 matches . In 3rd match INDIA bought in MAYANK AGARWAL as debutant opener and made VIHARI open with him . This move was a masterstroke as our Opening partnership started dominating their bowling for the first time in series . Also LYON was their top bowler who was making things difficult for us but from here on he was Neutalized mainly by AGARWAL also by PANT and PUJARA . India with the help of AGARWAL’s and KOHLI’s 50s ; both deserved to be in 3 figures , and PUJARA’s brilliant 100 we posted 436/7 declared . In response we got them cheaply at 150 odd and gained a big lead . Kohli should have enforced the Follow On but he didn’t and came to bat and CUMMINS was on Fire with the ball ; once we were 30/4 with all main players in Dugout . AGARWAL and PANT played with Grit and determination and made us reach 105/8 declared . From here on our bowlers knocked them over ; though Rain interrupted and at one stage Aussies were praying for Arin to continue but everytime Rain can’t save you and we won the match comfortably . India lead series 2-1 . It was sure now that irrespective of result of 4th match TROPHY would be retained by us as we won the last series in INDIA (2-1) .

In the 4th match Indian team came with even more Power and their top class bowling looked Crushed . India posted a historic 622/7 declared withthe help of PUJARA’s 193 (was too unfortunate) , PANT’s 159 and JADEJA’s 81 . In response we dominated them but on the flat deck taking wickets was not that easy . But still we bowled them out once . There wasn’t time to bat again and KOHLI enforced the Follow On (Historic moment as Aussies last got follow on at home in 1992) . But Rain had other ideas and almost two days were washed out and match ended in a Draw . But History was created and India have won the FIRST ever BORDER GAVASKAR Trophy in Australia . When ALLAN BORDER gave the Trophy to Kohli and he Kissed it I literally had tear in my eyes and the passion My Captain and Team had after winning showcased how much they have worked hard fir it and how much it means to them . I can’t say about all Indians but this trophy meant a lot to me .

Let’s see the positives from series ; PUJARA is the biggest positive and he has shown that he is a High quality batsman in any condition and the MODERN WALL , someone outscoring KOHLI is itself surprising . Also I have said may times that our Middle Order (3,4,5) are Best in world as they are most Adaptable . AGARWAL had a promising debut and showed lots of Guts , PANT again showed that he has so much ability , JADEJA proved himself as a Quality All rounder in overseas , our Pace Battery having incredible performances by SHAMI and BUMRAH specially latter was Exceptional , they created many records has proved that ours is the Best pace attack in the world . Biggest positive is KOHLI as a Captain , he was Tactically very proactive with use of bowlers and also with field placements . Despite Aussie side was not that strong but not only we used our Strengths perfectly but also neutralized theirs which is a true mark of a Champion side .

But some slight Concerns are also present like RAHANE’s form , I am not tol worried as he has scored runs but hadn’t got a big one , he just one 100 and he will back at his charm which he will surely get that in upcoming home seaosn . KOHLI didn’t scored too many runs but it was still a good performance as he stood on crease fir long in the tense moments . For Openers I would say SHAW and AGARWAL should be our openers while RAHUL needs a Break to come back with clear and fresh mind and VIJAY might have just played his last match as Age is not by his side . In bowling I think BHUVI is always a better choice than ISHANT both his performance and all round ability outscores him but still he performed well . In Spinners I will say JADEJA is much better than ASHWIN specially in Overseas and we must have experienced it in this series . Apart from it I would say UMESH doesn’t deserve chances over BHUVI as his performance is way below the mark . I hope and I am damn sure that next time we will Tour overseas which will also last tour of many players we will rectify our small mistakes , learn from them and conquer all the left Forts .

I had seen INDIA losing one sided 4-0 in Australia and how it was remarked that India can never won here and they don’t belong to here . How Aussie media mocked us even our Media burned us and the same Hypocrite are just worshipping the team now . For them I would say neither we accepted your Abuse nor we need your Praise . Many Haters are saying we won just because SMITH and WARNER didn’t played . For them I would say was it India’s fault ? also one should keep in mind why they didn’t played . I have Sympathy for them but that can’t be the Excuse for undermining the Hard work and Emotions of our Team . Also remember we didn’t had BHUVI and BUMRAH in England where we lost but no one sympathized us there , we missed presence of PRITHVI SHAW but another debutant didn’t allowed us to miss that for long . Also their Bowling was a top class attack but the way we played them is Incredible and no one has any mouth to say against that . Credit should definitely go to our Pacers who performed better than them and bowling continuously in 140s is Brilliant .Much credit will also go to RAVI SHASTRI and Coaching staff for keeping team in positive frame of mind and preparing smartly for the series . Also these are the same Haters who neither gave us credit in South Africa in a Tight Tour nor in England where we played much better than what scoreline suggets . They say they don’t like KOHLI but reality is that they were also against DHONI when he was the captain and even had problems with SACHIN . For Virat I would say I haven’t seen anyone more passionate than him to make his team victorious . Some will now say that Australia is a Weak team now and bowlers are not that good now . But now I will just say GO TO HELL and let me celebrate my Team’s historic victory . For such a Fan who has been through all this , this Victory is above any other Happiness . But these Haters are just Minorities ; there are also millions of Fans always standing by our Captain , our Team , our Nation who celebrate when our team comes out victorious and also lift them morally when they fall down losing .

Coming to the ODIs in first match we restricted them to 280 which was a par score . Our batting unit had a dangerous collapse and we were 4/3 , ROHIT and DHONI tried their Best from there but couldn’t make us Win . Some Idiots were criticising MSD’s slow knock without thinking that if he hadn’t played that way we would have lost badly , also he got out on wrong decision . In second match they scored 298 despite sensational bowling from BHUVI . During Chase KOHLI set it up beautifully with a brilliant 100 and then MSD sealed with a match winning finshing 50 . In 3rd match we bowled them out for mere 230 with CHAHAL’s 6 wicket haul and BHUVI’s brilliant first spell . While batting matcg seemed in our hands when MAHIRAT were batting but as KOHLI got out we were in trouble but from there JADHAV came to the rescue with a stunning fifty and as usual MSD was there with a match winning unbeaten knock .

Here biggest positive was MS DHONI who came back in Form and shut all the critics who were once desperate to throw him out . He has shown that the way he thinks he should play he should be left free to play like that only . Even Skipper also showered too much praise on him and said the same and in addition he also said that MSD is tge most passionate player India has ever got . Other positives will be BHUVI’s return to Sharpness , KOHLI’s Captaincy , CHAHAL’s incredible bowling , JADHAV and KARTHIK as Finishers have almost solved the middle muddle . ROHIT’s continuation in Form is also a plus point .

For concerns I would say DHAWAN didn’t had runs but he will come back in form . One thing they should ensure is that during off time players should play Domestic so that they remain in Rhythm . RAYUDU’s overseas performance has again come under scanner . We are lacking a pacer , in absence of BUMRAH neither SIRAJ nor KHALEEL have been at par . Also in absence of PANDYA we are forced to go with JADEJA as a spinner just because he can bat but he is NOT taking wickets . We need to play our main spinnere (CHAHAL-KULDEEP) and for that BCCI should get rid of this Nonsense ASAP and allow PANDYA-RAHUL to return . Also SHANKAR is okay to keep the balance , but only on papers as everyone knows he is nowhere near PANDYA . Also I think No.4 is Best position for MS which can only happen when RAYUDU doesn’t play and our finshers (JADHAV , KARTHIK and PANDYA) can comfortably play after that and it will also allow MS to play his Very Natural Game .

World Cup is on cards and we should put on our Best XI on field continuously . Upcoming frontier is NEW ZEALAND where conditions are very similar to that in England so it can help us in WC preparation . Also we have a home series against Aussies as well . In the former series we won’t have BUMRAH and will have to go with SHANKAR only but we should play KUL-CHA / CHA-KU only and go with SHAMI as pacer till then . In Home series which will be last series before WC we have to ensure that our final WC XI is on the field . So these two series are our last opportunity to figure out anything if left but 90% things are sorted out and we should hold with it and performance as well . Also I am damn excited to see SHUBHMAN GILL play as he fascinates me too much ; seems difficult but will be very deserving to Debut .

But before ending I would also like to take you all to another different Angle of this winning story ; MS DHONI the captain who led us to so many cherishable moments was literally Abused and called FISADDI after the crushing loss in Australia back in 2011-12 . When India toured next we met KOHLI the Captain who showed promising attitude and won our and his Predecessor’s Hearts as well . DHONI retired from Tests after 3rd match only while India had already lost the series ; many trolled him and called him COWARD but had he ever cared for his personal records , he retired after playing 90 Tests (keeping in mind he also left captaincy after 199 ODIs though later he got opportunity to get to 200) . His real reason was to give KOHLI another match to lead here so that he can surely break the Rubber next time we come here . His decision was absolutely a Masterpiece and see we have won here . Taking nothing away from KOHLI who has lead us brilliantly to the Historic Truimph but credit will also go to his Predecessor . Also Fans of both fight amongst each other but reality is that the Admiration and Respect these two have for each other is Unmatchable . I can only wish knowing it can’t happen that they always play together ; one thing I will recommend even after MSD retires he should be the Mentor of our team ; one thing I can say as long as these MAHIRAT are with our team NO ONE can even think to come close to us . We all know about the Aggressive attitude of Kohli poised to make us win each time ; if he can combine it with sharp Tactical Mind mark my words every team will just DREAM of defeating us . So All the Best Team India for these two tours and we are not much far from our Ultimate Milestone 6 months down the line and finally from being called the NEW SUPERPOWERS in World Cricket .



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