The most burning topic in the country right now and why not , it’s a Historic decision which has changed the CONSTITUTION of India . Well ….. it should be called a LAW instead because it has become one after being passed by both Houses of Parliament and then being signed by President .

So , what this law basically says is that any illegal immigrant coming from Pakistan , Afghanistan and Bangladesh belonging to Hindu , Sikh , Christian , Jain , Buddha or Zoroastrians , basically any religion except Muslims can easily get a increase in his stay time and finally get a Citizenship if he is residing in India . Basically , illegal immigrants are those who enter India without valid documents or do enter with valid documents but stay longer than permitted (Stay Time) . Acc. to CITIZENSHIP ACT 1955 , illegal immigrants can be kept in jail and then sent back to their country under Foreigners Act , 1946 and Passports Act , 1920 . But this Act will exempt THESE (all but Muslims) from this treatment and they will easily get the citizenship even without no documents .

From the Government’s side it’s being said that this is only to help out the PERSECUTED Minorities from these 3 countries . But this LINE itself kills many Logics , first of all there are Tamils from SRI LANKA , ROHINGYAS from MYANMAR (even UN mentioned it) and UIGHUR Muslims and TIBETIANS from CHINA . Why they aren’t being included here , just because they don’t come from the VOTE BANK community . Also , it’s a big big misconception that Muslims don’t persecute Muslims . In Pakistan only , the way AHMADIS and SHIAS are tortured , muslims living in BALOCHISTAN and SINDH are treated as second class citizens and made to feel like Hell . Most of you must be remembering that in a blast in Pakistan school 130 children died , all Muslims only . So it’s a big myth that Muslims don’t persecute Muslims .

So the basic idea of CAB itself comes out to be Fractured . If it’s only about persecution why some communities are still being barred and why Muslims as a whole is barred . And just logically tell me what is the SI unit of persecution , how will anyone come to know that if he is really tortured or if he has just come to India to avail benefits of CAB . Wouldn’t it will lead to a Huge Overflow of Immigrants from the 3 countries to India in search of better job options and living conditions and if course PEACE as they are getting free citizenships without any documents. From where are we going to give them employment and food when our own unemployment and malnutrition are record high . The main argument which was used for throwing out Immigrants ; isn’t it is just coming back to us ? AMIT SHAH clearly said this country is not a DHARMASHALA but now how suddenly it has become one where “MUSLIMS ARE NOT ALLOWED” .

With that I would like to enter into NRC (NATIONAL REGISTER OF CITIZENS) ; how and why it came . It all started with agitation in 1979 when people of Assam complained that due to huge Immigration especially from Bangladesh there is widespread Unemployment , so all the immigrants who came after 1971 should be deported back to their country . It led to the 1985 ASSAM ACCORD , though then PM RAJIV ANDHI signed it but due to Bureaucracy and Vote bank politics it never got into affect . BJP promised to implement it in Assam and this promise led them to win elections there for the first time in 2015 .

But here is just one side of it . When it actually came to implementation the process was found very tough to handle . For simplified clarity you just understand you have to prove that you are the citizen of this country . If you think you will do it with AADHAR card , you are wrong , neither your Voter ID nor Ration card nor anything sort of that will work . You will have to bring any document which will make sure that you or your ancestors were in this country before 24 March , 1971 . Your electricity or water bill (if you have spared them) , land papers (if you have any) or bill of shops (if existed any) . Now government is saying statements of local authorities may also be useful . But , isn’t this whole idea is sounding so DUMB . But even if today somehow you bring such documents you will also have to show that you are son and grandson to your respective ancestors with the respective birth certificates .

In this country where many are not even a literate you are expecting him to keep an up to date list of documents dating back to 1971 and what about those who don’t have any piece of land dating back , so all LANDLESS are immigrants . Aadhar Card which is so necessary for almost every govt. related thing , still many don’t have it , so just think of a birth certificate which is not even given a Shit , who will be having it dating back then ? In urban areas only many will be lacking it so the less we talk of rural areas the better .


Imagine someone born in India , all his ancestors are from here only but he doesn’t has birth ceritificate or land documents and dies in 2013 . Though his sons have documents but since they can’t prove their father was here before 1971 they all are termed IMMIGRANTS .


Some poor families living in India only from all back . They stay in Tents and just sell TEA and PAKORAS for a living . They don’t even have an identity , even if they arrange birth certificates from hospitals how will they show their residence in India before 1971 … ?????

I can imagine many such cases and if you still can’t , come for a cup of Coffee by my side I will calculate as many cases as possible . It’s such a shame that we all are Immigrants until we prove our citizenship standing in long Queues .

But after much agitation the NRC was implemented in ASSAM . There were two draft lists released first and then the official one which 19 lakh of the names living there missing . Despite clear assurances of government that “No Indian citizen will be left” we saw a KARGIL War Hero (MOHAMMAD SANAULLAH) and the son of ex-President of India (FAKHRUDDIN ALI AHMAD) missing out . Other than that not only it costed the country a whopping 1600 crore but everyone had to stand in long Queue proving his citizenship leaving aside all his works . It may be easy for You and Me but that’s not the case for many . Many people who were working there coming from different states had to go back their home searching out documents incurring high costs . Cases were found where one between husband and wife had their name on NRC but the other didn’t . And despite all this 19 lakh people missed out , don’t know how many immigrants among them . Also many government employees were the ones conducting this exercise without getting any extra pay but surely devoting much extra time .

Cases of Bribery were also found after which this whole exercise took place under supervision of SUPREME COURT . Even the local people of Assam who actually demanded for it weren’t satisfied because they were themselves seeing some genuine people being missed out . The Assam CM also seemed dissatisfied and he along with other MLA’s despite being of BJP only started opposing it . But what really came as a surprise for BJP was that out of those 19 lakh 14 lakh turned out to be Hindus . What they wanted and expected was that majority will be Muslims and we will kick them out labelling them as IMMIGRANTS which will eventually boost our Vote Bank . Even the main idea behind nationwide NRC is that if from all states we are able to eliminate around 20-25 lakh Muslims we will be winning elections even in the places where we don’t . But what about the Hindus who are also getting eliminated , it will cancel out our plan , so they brought in CAB .

Out of all those who have missed out on NRC , many might be immigrants really and many will be legitimate people . And ….. whoever’s name is not on NRC List is what … ????? … Come on … An ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT … what else . Then only comes the CUSHION called CAB or CAA as you say it which will give back citizenship to people of all religions except Muslims . So basically if you exercise your Brain a bit you will find that the NET EFFECT of this (NRC+CAA) will label a decent no. of Muslims as Illegal Immigrants and throw them out of India from India . Out of which many will be genuine residents , poor people living here from long and just because they couldn’t arrange documents they are being thrown out . Also apart from them any other non-muslim immigrant coming here will be boosting their Vote Bank for sure . This was the reason the cut off date for CAB has been kept at 31 Dec , 2014 . Why ? Because BJP came to power then or because minorities haven’t been persecuted after that .

This was the prime reason why AMIT SHAH said “CAB will come before NRC” . Just because BJP has the numbers (in Parliament) it is playing this extremely Cheap vote bank politics which is Fascist , Communal and Torture on all the Poor and Downtrodden . Also , it is found very interesting that how easily the leaders are spreading a Lie . Just tell me , in whatever I explained , how come the NRC and CAB aren’t related which is continuously being told by all the top leaders . What they think we are … Idiots . I also saw some neutral people saying that it’s not going to affect those living in India . Yes … individually they won’t but as a combination very heavily . These leaders have got such great powers that they are dividing us on communal lines but making us feel that we are being integrated .

And … what do you think will happen to those being thrown out . They can’t be deported to BANGLADESH as it will require them to be proved a Bangladeshi and when they couldn’t be proved an Indian how will they be proved Bangladeshi . They all will be kept in a DEPORTATION CENTRE like prisoners , for your information many are already being constructed with cost of 300 crore each and just imagine the staggering amount our country will be paying for it . In this time of Economic Recession it’s even a worse idea than DEMONETISATION and it’s actually to distract us from that and other real issues only . Also ABHJIT BANERJEE had said that India is wasting it’s time , money and energy on NRC . Even if there are 1 lakh immigrants in India , are they that big a number in 130 crore that will have to incur that big a cost for picking them out “CHUN CHUN KE” . Stopping immigration needs other solution but definitely not this one .

This act deserves a complete Boycott and I would like to urge everyone for that . Here all the 16 non BJP CM’s need to take a stand together that they won’t allow it to be implemented as many are taking . We as citizens can just sit at home as we won’t be affected but as a responsible citizen we have to raise our voices against this Act which is destroying the very Idea and Soul of our country . But one thing everyone must ensure that no violence takes place during any of the protest . Firstly , who are you fighting for , your country and then you are destroying your country only taking Tricolour in hand chanting JAI HIND , what sense does it make . Secondly , if any piece of violence occurs the Government and authorities will get one more excuse to not listen up to you all citing all as Anti-National Criminals who will be getting a cruel beating as happened in JAMIA and might detain many as well . There was this reason only GANDHIJI taught everyone to walk on the path of AHIMSA . Kids ….. he is not the Father of the Nation for no reason . So be extra careful that during your protest not even a MOSQUITO is killed .

I know this situation is a very heavy on hearts of anyone who fought for making INDIA Independent . Did Subhash Chandra Bose only recruited Non-Muslims , did BR Ambedkar framed Constitution for this day , did Muslims weren’t an integral part of our independence struggle . What logic does it make that country was divided on basis if religion in 1947 . Why to dig old graves beneath which lies so many riots , bloodshed and bad memories . And even if you do let me make it very clear , the country wasn’t divided on basis of religion it was some INSECURE Muslims who wanted a different country and went for that . The Idea of India was never on basis of religion so anyone to become an Indian , religion shouldn’t be a basis of that .

The people irrespective of their religion stayed in India when they could have gone for PAKISTAN a Muslim nation but they chose India because they wanted to be here ….. though only to be kicked out for a few Votes and a Nonsense Dream . What is happening is exactly what our country makers were afraid of and opposed to . We all are heading the path of PAKISTAN . We all are being made to book a CAB which is taking us from INDIA to PAKISTAN at the cost of many hatred , grievances and of course Economic Loss . We all are on a way ….. from where the nonsense dream HINDU RASHTRA is very near .

“All Indians are being thrown off a flying Aeroplane and everyone except MUSLIMS are being given a Life Jacket … reason there are many Muslim Flights flying in the Sky”

“An India which denies itself to some of us will end up denying itself to all of us” .



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