Pankaj and Christina are boarding the flight from Spain to Indonesia. Pankaj asks Christina “Take the window!” Christina replies “Thanks Dear” and they sit down. The flight takes off, they order chicken chowmein and lemonade during the trip. The flight lands at the Delhi airport, from where it will connect with the other flight to Indonesia. Both Pankaj and Christina get off the flight, rest at the airport for half an hour and as the notification comes in, they get on the flight to Indonesia.

Hey…they are here!!!

It’s 10 minutes gone and the flight is about to take off. The announcement is being made “We will leave in…” The sudden interruption in the announcement is followed by some panic among the crew and managers. Pankaj gets a little suspicious but they eventually sideline the thoughts. But, in a span of a minute or two, some police officers enter the plane. They have a look at the passengers who are in masks, discuss amongst themselves and stop at the seat of Pankaj and Christina. The main police officer, Inspector Shresth grabs Pankaj by his round neck t-shirt and pull him out.

Painful Hold

He shouts “Hey…what’s wrong…leave me”. Christina gets very scared and starts crying “Please…leave him…don’t do like this” as two more inspectors get hold of Pankaj. Pankaj balances his cool and signals Christina to save their luggage and the items in it. But, the police was not that very stupid, two more inspectors come ahead and grab Christina and their luggage (a purse and a laptop bag) respectively. The inspector holding Christina has made sure that he has held her by her golden hairs leading her to cry in pain. Pankaj just can’t see this. He says “Hey…take me…but please leave her”. He also tries to get off the officers, but just to receive a punch in his stomach and a kick from behind. Pankaj, being in officers’ grip falls in front uttering “AAH…..CHRISTINAAA…!!!!!” Christina too in pain continues sobbing while uttering “P…P…Pankaj…!!!!”


Pankaj is an Indian Youtuber. He started making videos some 4-5 years ago when he was a college student in Spain. It was there only that he met Christina, in the same college and instantly fell in love. While Pankaj was studying computer programming, she was here for English literature. Slowly, Pankaj started building opportunities through lunch breaks, free periods, libraries. And…then they were friends, partners and finally lovers. Now, Pankaj has become an established YouTuber and Christina has freelance writing jobs. They stay together in Live-In and travel widely across the world while managing their jobs as well.

Inside the Cell

Both are taken by police into separate police jeeps. Both are placed inside Interrogation rooms along with Pankaj’s laptop, taken out of his handbag. Inspector Mukesh ask “Who funds you to make videos criticizing and defaming India?” Pankaj bewilderedly asks “What are you saying…there is no funding…I have made videos of what I thought…aaaahhh…” He receives electric shock through the wires inserted into him. Inspector Mukesh says “I am again asking “Weren’t you funded by our Opposition parties?” Pankaj says “Hell No!!! why would the…aaaahhhha” Inspector Mukesh comes ahead and says “This is the last time I am asking you…or else now you will hear cries from the adjacent room”. Pankaj gets scared and says “But sir…please believe me…no one has funded me, sir…” A loud cry comes from the next room.

Christina has been undressed and electric shocks are being given to her and she is crying continuously. Pankaj shouts “Hey…hey…you can’t do this…please I beg of you…I beg of you…”. He again shouts pleading “Yes…Yes…I was funded by the opposition…but she has got nothing to do with this…please please”. He pushes and intentionally falls from the chair and falls on Inspector Mukesh’s feet and he hears crying has stopped. Pankaj continues weeping on the floor.

Christina has presented a paper to sign. She reads and says “No…I am not doing anything like this…what is this nonsense?” Inspector says “Pankaj has already accepted and signed all this, so it is better for you to sign them as well”. She looks at Pankaj being held some 10 feet behind Inspector Mukesh. Pankaj in his utmost moist eyes says “Christina…please forgive me…but trust me I have done no wrong”.

The next day, Pankaj and Christina were sent to jail and were booked under UAPA for being part of an international conspiracy to defame and harm India. While they both are in jail, Pankaj is only thinking that how come they knew about their exact flight timings? He picks the newspaper that comes in jail. He reads:

“Student protest brutally crushed after violence erupts, students complain someone planted conspiracy before the protest as if someone knew the whole plan.”

“Government critic living found dead in the room, shot twice in the head, was living in an unknown place”

“Opposition leader RAHUL GANDHI complains that he is sceptical that his security is being compromised and the phone is being tapped”.



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