The RUMOURED Apartment

Sunita pressed her head onto Rohan’s chest. “I am sorry…we shouldn’t have done this child…we knew it can be hazardous”.

Rohan puts his hand over her head and said “Don’t be sorry…it was our collective decision…it’s not your fault”

Sunita starts crying “But, we already had Aashu…I should have thought that I am 38 now…the doctor had previously warned me to be careful

Rohan’s eyes also get moist-“Please…don’t blame yourself…it was not in our hands that Vashu was born extremely weak”

Both Rohan and Sunita kept on sitting on the hospital bench. Doctors were trying to revive Vashu who was born extremely weak, for the 10th consecutive day. After an hour, Dr Sunil comes out. Rohan and Sunita looked at him with eyes, tense and eager at the same time. Dr Sunil just utters “He’s gone”.


After some 3 hours, Sunita opens her eyes gaining consciousness. Rohan was sitting by her side on the bed. She asked, “Where are we?”

Rohan says “We are back home…you got unconscious there…so we brought you back”. Sunita starts crying helplessly, with Rohan consoling her in his arms. They further decided to donate all the organs of the deceased baby.

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There is a group of residents from the locality having some serious discussions.

“Hey…you heard, Mr and Mrs Verma had a new child”.

“Oh my god…how come were they able to have a child at this age…that too after that incident”.

“Shh…I am very sure that they have adopted a baby…it’s not possible for them to have one” (in low voice).

“Yes…I too agree…how come they will be able to make a baby at this age…?????”

Suddenly, Vineet Chopra enters and the whole group stares at him as if he is going to put in a huge revelation, which he does indeed.

“You know…a male can have a child as soon as they enter puberty…whether the child will survive or not, that’s a different thing…but I think at around 15 you can have a healthy child.”

“But…what do you want to say???”

“Well…you all are so innocent. Okay…answer me, do Mr and Mrs Verma have an elder child?”

Yesss…they have Aashu”

“Correct…and how old is he?”

“He is 15”

“Correct again”

“So…you want to say…?”

“Absolutely…you all are thinking correct…he is the Love Child of Aashu”

“But?” (the whole group)

“What but? Just use your common sense…Aashu is a young boy and (in low voice) also I have seen him with a couple of girls…very frequently. You know, these are today’s generation kids…getting physical at a young age is not a very big deal for them. Also, why will Mrs and Mr Verma have kids at this age out of nowhere”.

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After that day, everybody started ignoring and staying away from the Verma family. If a vegetable seller has come into the apartment, and Mrs Verma joins the ladies, most of them will wrap up their shopping and will leave as soon as possible. If Aashu returns from tuition and tries to join the kids in playing badminton, all the mothers call their son back. This became a trend and fashion to not invite the Verma family to any of the social functions.

One day, Mr Verma was getting downstairs to his office, just when he sensed that someone is talking about him inside a flat whose door was open with curtains. He hid to the side and tried to listen to the gossip.

“You know…yesterday I even saw a girl of around the same age as Asshu entering Mrs Verma’s house. Who knows, she might be the mother of Vashu. I can’t understand…what do these people teach their kids? I think we should even volunteer for this family to be thrown out of the whole apartment. Mr Vineet was very right in pointing out to us about that shameful family.”

Rohan has got the whole drill now…he wanted to punch very hard, each and every society person, But he controlled himself and went down.

The next day, as Mr Kashyap returned from his morning walk…his eyes fell on the noticeboard. His eyes almost fell out. He shouted, phoned and called out the whole society down into the compound. The noticeboard read:

“For the past few weeks, we have been facing regular insults and ignorance from society. We were quite confused, about what possibly could have gone wrong, as we are very simple people. But, then I came to know the real reason. Most people think that Vashu is the son of our elder son actually who happens to be just 15 years in age. 

First of all, let me point out that we had Aashu when Sunita was around 25. Then, a year back at our old residence. One night, we got close and in a completely unplanned way, Sunita got pregnant. The doctor warned that at this age, the delivery might not be safe, but we collectively went for the delivery. Unfortunately, he died very soon after the birth. Since then, Sunita was a broken woman. She blamed herself for the death of Vashu and the agony we went through can’t be described in words. She was sinking into depression. It was then, that I decided to go for a surrogate kid. I also thought about adoption, but then I thought maybe I can get my own blood. The delivery was safe with a young surrogate mother, whom I am and will be thankful for in life. We named him ‘Vashu’ as well. And, suddenly my old Sunita was back. She was playing and taking care of Vashu and above all was extremely happy. 

But, since this society has so ill-treated us that I fear may be Sunita will feel hurt again. And this time, they have even inducted my elder son into this nonsense. So, I with my family am leaving this society once and for all, with immediate effect.” 



The whole society ran upstairs onto the flat of Mrs and Mr Verma. The door was locked and they had even taken away the nameplate. They called the owner of the apartment and received the news that they had vacated the flat yesterday night itself. The whole society stood there in disarray. They had just come to know that ‘RUMOURS’ are not a thing to play with.

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