The Justified TORTURE

“I haven’t done anything!!!” shouted Chintu, as his Seema aunty threw a steel plate at him.

She cried “Don’t lie…I saw you spilling out water there!!!”

But…I was just trying to water the plants…what can I do if it slipped out?”

“What can I do??? Let me tell you”

For the next 5 minutes, the whole house was filled with loud bashing and slapping sounds. And Chintu’s cry could have been heard by the entire locality.

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Here, Shristi opens the door for her husband. Raghav looks severely drunk, as his shirts are wrongly-buttoned and his eyes are drowsy. Shristi recalls what happened when Raghav last entered the room like this. She tried getting a little away from him. But, Raghav despite being drunk was active enough to pull her back through her skirt.

He slapped her right on her face shouting “Bitch…don’t you have the courtesy to carry my bag in when I am coming after working the whole day tirelessly…huh?????”

“Sorry…I was scared because you looked….”

“I looked? I looked what bitch? Let me teach you a lesson”

He pulled out a wine bottle from the rack and smashed it over a back as Shristi cried with immense pain and blood poured from her scarred back.


Chintu is standing on the balcony and on the right opposite are two girls Sita and Gita.

“Hi Didi”

“Hello Chintu” both replied happily “What did you eat”

“Uhh…nothing…because aunty woke late and is still cooking”

“Oh my god…you haven’t eaten anything…you aren’t hungry?”

“I am” said Chintu in the most sympathetic voice possible.

Sita and Gita ran inside and came up with a couple of biscuit packets. They signalled Chintu to be ready and then threw one packet after the other into Chintu’s balcony.

After an hour, Seema Aunty was ready with the breakfast and she called Chintu. He came and sat on the dining chair straightaway as his hunger was not quenched with the biscuits. But, suddenly Seema aunty saw some micro-small pieces of biscuit on Chintu’s upper lip.

She shouted, “Hey…where did you get the biscuits from?”

Chintu out of fear just said “No…I haven’t eaten any biscuits

Now…Seema Aunty had just lost her mind. She knew from where Chintu had got those biscuits. She pulled Chintu by his hair, took him to the balcony, and smashed him with all her anger. She kept on shouting “Will you lie to me again?” “I don’t know what bad did I do in the last birth that I had to take care of you?” “I wish you would also have died in the accident along with your parents”. All this while, Sita and Gita too came to the balcony and just loathed themselves for giving Chintu the biscuits. Chintu on the other hand…had just one option…cry badly.

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Next morning…Raghav woke up and saw that Shristi had already woken up. He too got up, got fresh and came out. He saw that Shristi has already prepared the whole breakfast for him. He looked happy and sat down to eat. He smiled at Shristi and said, “Last night I lost my temper…I won’t hit you ever again…just don’t angry me”. With a smiling face, he took the first bite of the sandwich. He didn’t even swallow the piece before he spits it out. He shouted with an awkward face “So chilly!!!”

Shristi got scared and said “Sorry…I think by mistake I miscalculated the quantity…I will make fresh ones…don’t worry!!!” Shristi moved to go into the kitchen but Raghav held her hand. “You think I am a fool…I know you have intentionally done this to take revenge upon me”. Shristi was slapped twice before she could have said anything. She beggingly said, “Please forgive me…”

Raghav said “I also used to say the exact same words to her…did she forgive me? Why should I?”

“But…what have I done?”

“HA HA HA HA…I used to say this as well…we are so same…aren’t we?” Just after saying this, he hit her with his belt multiple times all over her body.

“You know…I was this small when my parents died…after that, the only thing I remember is torture and crying. But, you know what is even sadder, just when I thought I could have taken MY revenge back upon her by giving her a painful death…she had already died. Now, I can’t let all my hate and revenge keep on burning within me. Raghav has no issues with you…but CHINTU…what about his revenge…?????”


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