CBI v CBI : TOM and JERRY will Squeeze the whole Country CHEESEless

I don’t know why in our Country one after the other such activities are taking place that is not only making our system Cumbersome but also Spoiling the Reputation and Prestige of our country . What can one say about the going on CBI v CBI Dispute where the Director and Deputy Director have alleged one another of taking Bribe and now both have been ousted out of duty by the government to bring a working environment . But what led to the starting of this Feud is what we will discuss now ; this one will seem more as a Suspense Thriller Movie and much like CID Serial which we all grew up watching ; it’s the case like if DAYA and ABHIJEET will fight among themselves who will help ACP in solving the case . Jokes apart let’s come to the topic .

Director ALOK VERMA rose objections and handed a CVC against the appointment of now Deputy Director RAKESH ASTHANA as the Director then back in 2017 ; his objections weren’t given Heed and he assumed the Office . In past one year they have thrown GRENADES of accusations at each other . Deputy alleged that Senior has taken a Bribe of 2 CRORE in the case of controversial Meat Exporter MOIN AKHTAR QURESHI and then VERMA accused him back that he himself has taken Bribe in the case . ASTHANA shot back at VERMA and filed complaint that he has interfered in INDIAN RAILWAY CATERING AND TOURISM DEPARTMENT (IRCTC) Corruption case involving RJD Leader LALU PRASAD YADAV The case was about this Controversial Businessman who was also behind the downfall of two previous CBI Chiefs A P SINGH and RANJIT SINHA .

CBI filed 6 complaints against ASTHANA but he shot back with a Dozen against the Director . On 15th October CBI booked him for taking Bribe but DELHI High Court asked them not to act against the SPECIAL acting director . Deputy SP DEVENDRA KUMAR has been suspended and taken into custody and sent to 7 day CBI Custody on Oct 22 on charges of fabricating statements given by SATISH BABU SANA a witness in QURESHI case saying that he has recorded his statement on Sep 26 but on investigation it was found that he was never in Delhi and joined the probe only on Oct 1 . CBI Headquarters were searched in New Delhi . Then CBI named ASTHANA in FIR in the 2 crore Bribery case from businessmen SATHISH BABU who was in the case MOIN QURESHI case in order to wreck Investigation .

It was alleged that Bribe was exchanged 5 times between december 2017 and october 2018 . Unde new Interim Director M NAGESHWAR RAO 14 Officers probing the case have been transferred . These Allegations came into light when Dubai Businessman MANOJ KUMAR gave a Confessional statement that he has given 2 crore to ASTHANA on behalf of QURESHI who is being probed on charges of Money laundering by CBI and ENFORCEMENT DIRECTORATE (ED) and who was arrested by ED under the Provision of Money Laundering Act . After CBI filed FIR against ASTHANA moved to Delhi High Court seeking interim protection from arrest and quashing the FIR against him . Till Oct 29 VERMA was given time to respond to allegations against ASTHANA and till then no action can be taken . VERMA also challenged Centre’s order to remove him in Supreme Court .

But there another Twist comes in the story when RAHUL GANDHI enters into it by accusing that ASTHANA is a Blue Eyed Boy of NaMo and they have removed VERMA because he was going to investigate the RAFALE Probe . “He was collecting documents in to it and he was forced into a Leave . NaMo wants to give the mesaage that whoever comes in way of RAFALE will be removed and wiped out ” . But apart from that case , cases like that against PM’s Secretary , of Sterling Biotech which also had the name of ASTHANA were also on VERMA’s Table . But Finance Minster ARUN JAITLEY Rubbished all the allegations ; according to him CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION(CVC) hold the authority to the superindent the Bureau , it was done with the sole motive of maintaining the Institutional Integrity of CBI purely as an Interim measure .

So here is this Story flung in between with no result looking in near future . VERMA said that he is CBI Chief only on ID Card ; if he is Guilty I don’t give a SHIT but if he is Innocent then this statement is really Painful of a Officer aspiring to work for his Country . This fight within the agency has triggered a big political fight within India . Opposition hit out centre that it is perpetually misusing the institution for personal benefits . Delhi CM ARVIND KEJRIWAL stated that Centre has made CBI a National Disgrace while CPI(M) said that ASTHANA was made the head just to subvert Investigations against BJP Leaders . RaGa also said PM’s blue eyed boy , Gujarat Cadre officer of GODRA SIT Frame infiltrated as No.2 of CBI has been caught taking Bribes . Under this PM the CBI is a tool of political Vendetta ; An institution that is at War with itself .

Not all but I can definitely agree with RaGa’s last line as CBI has always been an institution that’s under the Scanner being alleged of being in favour of the Ruling Party . The LOKPAL BILL which was meant to make CBI Independent from government is not being passed neither by BJP nor by CONGRESS just because all parties want to avoid being under the Scanner . Not only Criminals having political friendship can get away easily but also if government does not want development to take place on a particular case it will hand it over to CBI and case is hanged forever in a Vicious Cycle . Movement starts from us only so we have to insist for the Independence of CBI just as we insisted in cases of ARTICLE 377 and TRIPLE TALAQ . Also the controversies that are occurring between Centre and Opposition ; situation like these will not happen . It’s high time to make CBI Independent or else these TOM and JERRY will Squeeze the whole CHEESE from our country .



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