Finally this Long and Exciting Tour came to an end . Though we couldn’t conquer the English fort this time as well but wasn’t the Tour extremely Exciting and Nail-Biting . It’s a game of Win or Loss ; one side has to lose always and when two big teams compete results may not always be as per expectations . But it doesn’t mean that we will lessen the Love and Support towards our team .

Just think practically that whenever a team travels it always Struggles and that’s why ICC is planning to give the Toss straightaway to the Visiting team. Remember we won 10 out of 13 matches during our Home Season and lost jusit ONE match . Just remember when England visited India they were thrashed 4-0 one sided without any competition despite winning 4 tosses and having the first advantage . They played with their full strength squad (main Spinners also) . On the other hand not only we lost all the Tosses but still won one match by a big margin and competd closely in all the rest matches(except LORDS) . We missed our main Bowler in such conditions BHUVANESHWAR KUMAR who could have changed the result single handedly and also JASPRIT BUMRAH wasn’t available for first 2 matches . For the limited over series I would like to say that both ODIs and T20Is were close and 2-1 as result the former coming in our side and latter on the other side ; which is not Abnormal result in Cricket .

Now let’s see the matches ; starting with the T20I series

In the 1st match we restricted England to a Average total by superb bowling by KULDEEP and company . Then we chased down way too easily due to RAHUL’s superb record-breaking 100 . In the 2nd match the wicket was a bit difficult and KOHLI and DHONI playedd stable innings to reach us to a low but competitive total but still a competitive and thrilling chase by them couldn’t make us Win . In the 3rd match pitch was very good for Batting and England posted a big total ; though we restricted them way before what everyone had thought when they started with Fire . India chased with the help of ROHIT’s 100 ; KOHLI and PANDYA also did Quickfire Cameos . 1 mistake I would like to point here was dropping KULDEEP as pitch was not good for spinners ; we should never drop such players however the nature of pitch is and it also shakes the Confidence of players .

But we can conclude that our T20 team is extremely Strong whether it’s Batting or Bowling ; keeping in mind that we played without Bumrah . We all should appreciate KOHLI’s captaincy here whether of promoting RAHUL at 3 and keeping Faith in ROHIT . I would like to suggest an Inclusion KRUNAL PANDYA at no.6 who can bring Extraordinary Balance to the nature of the team . This same team should be continued in Big West Indies T20 series (WI is a Champion T20 team)

Now coming on to the ODI Series .
We played the 1st ODI where one series back 481 was scored . We restricted them to 268 witb KULDEEP’s 5fer and won the match 10 overs before with ROHIT’s 100 and KOHLI’s 50 . The second match England were able to go past 300 with Root’s brilliant 100 and while chasing we couldn’t really get going . Just KOHLI and DHONI scored some runs but once they were Out everything was finished . In the 3rd match some strange decisions took place like playing BHUVI despite not being 100% Fit which led to exaggerating his Back strain and getting hum Out of the whole Test series and costing us the series as well which we will discuss later ; playing KARTHIK (It was OK) but in place of RAHUL ; it was an extremely bad decision as RAINA is out of form and there was no need of continuing with him . As a result again other than KOHLI and DHONI no one fired and we scored a very modest total which they chased very easily .

Here we can see that though our team is Strong in ODIs but we need to shape our middle order and build our pace factory as in absence of BUMRAH and BHUVI we struggle badly . It seems very bad that we lost the series depite gaining both the Lead and Momentum . But just keep in mind that it was a ODI series loss after 2.5 years and after winning 9 consecutive series ; there isn’t a team which can’t lose at all .

Now come on to the TEST series

The 1st match we restricted a good going innings of England but when trailing we fell like pack of cards and only KOHLI made an historic 100 playing with tailenders . Then again we made England stand at 87/7 but they added almost 100 runs from there and we received Target close to 200 . Again KOHLI was the sole hero with a 50 but it wasn’t enough to make us win amd we lost by mere 31 runs .

In the 2nd match pitch was very Peculiar and weather was extremely helpful for seamers . India commited a mistake to play KULDEEP when JADEJA was there as there is no substitute for Experience ; some were saying why to play 2 spinners on such wicket they should rember that when we don’t have Quality fast bowling we need to play with our strength that is SPIN . India struggled straightaway and was bundled for 107 . When they started bowling initially they picked half team but after that they missed a 3rd pacer and KULDEEP wasn’t Effective at all due to lack of experience . Then we were to trail a big target but we were just bundled the 1st innings . KOHLI played , led and tried his best despite having a Back Pain .

In the 3rd match India showed that they lost last match not to England but to WEATHER and they have come here to Win . Initially with KOHLI and RAHANE palying sensible innings but missing 100s we reached a 300+ score and then PANDYA came as a Surprise package and picked a Quick Historic 5fer and gave India a big lead . Then we again made a good total with KOHLI’s 100 and PANDYA and PUJARA scoring 50s . The target for Englsih was extremely big and with BUMRAH picking a 5fer we won the match cimprehensively in almost 4 days .

In the 4th match we made a Blunder by playing ASHWIN even when he was not Fit and JADEJA was there ; we failed to Spin them out an dthat costed us the match casually . Again we got the top order easily but struggled for lower order , but still the total was Modest only and we had a chance to get a Big lead which we missed due to some wrong shots by our players ; thanks to PUJARA’s Epic 100 we pulled on a modest lead . Once again , could you believe it , we got Top order easily but again struggled for the lower order wickets and we received a target around 250 . While chasing on an extremely difficult wicket KOHLI and RAHANE scored Fighting 50s but that wasn’t enough for us to get on to the target as no one else supported on the other hand ; we missed it this time by just 60 runs .

Now after losing the series it was a matter of pride for us so made a couple of changes also and we would have given PROTHVI a Go as well it would not only have boosted his confidence a bit for future but most probabaly affected the result as well ; it was also the last Test of Legend ALISTAIR COOK . Though we initially stopped England at 198/7 but then Ridiculously conceeded 332 . While trailing no one stood out and when were on the Verge of conceding a big lead Debutant VIHARI and Sir JADEJA played some Superb Cricket and reduced the lead to mere 40 runs . From the 3rd innings the wicket was favourable for batting and England posted a big total and we received a target above 450 . Our start was not good being 2/3 we survived the day . The next day it was to decide whether to play for Draw or for Win and as expected Our Captain motivated them to go for a Win . RAHUL and PANT played magnificently and scored Daddy 100s ; also RAHANE held on for some time . But after these two got out in scoring some quick runs it was on JADEJA and bowlers to survive a Draw but sadly we couldn’t do it and lost the match by 118 runs and series by 4-1 .

Here as I said our team is not Weak but just needs some modifications . DHAWAN should not be considered a red ball opener anymore and we should Groom PRITHVI SHAW , prosper RAHUL and bring back VIJAY ; RAHUL should always play aggressively that’s his natural game as he wasted many innings just being Too Defensive . I think our middle order is the Best in the world with PUJARA , RAHANE mad KOHLI . KING KOHLI showed that he is undoubtedly the Best batsman of this Generation whether anyone else plays or not (only for experts) as he almost won us a couple of matches single-handedly and the way he led was also Appreciable playing without full strength and in adverse conditions but some work is still needed . For wicket-keeper I would like to groom PANT as he made an impressive Debut ; he should always play his natural game but just playing Calculated shots with some patience as well . We need a proper All Rounder , though PANDYA has given some good performances it’s not good enough as per the expectations that are from him . Our bowling is definitely our plus point as we pocked 20 wickets almost every time . Our pace attack is the best in world as no other pace attack has taken 20 wickets as much as we have taken in recent times . Also our Spinners are very good but JADEJA should be the first choice Spinner in Overseas . Once upon our batsman used to prosper and bowlers struggled and now bowlers are picking 20 wickets constantly but batsman are not up to mark which we have to make happen .

There is nothing as such as Concern except committing SILLY MISTAKES while playing such as Bad shot selction whem one is set and should Caoitalize on that . Other concern is playing a Big player despite being Injured ; we should have faith on other bowlers also and playing a Injured guy just aggravtes his onjiry as in case of BHUVI and that eventually costed the Series to us . But the main concern is our AGE OLD DISEASE ,ie, getting the wickets of Top order but struggling against lower order ; this is a strict failure on Captaincy part as well as Field and Attack is made defensive instead of being more Aggressive but apart from Captain it’s also the responsibility to make sure that we didn’t lose such opportunities and matches we can say in future . One more thing we can say dropping some big players like RAHANE (in SA) and PUJARA here shakes their Confidence and we should frame our team right at the begnning woth our Strength . Last but not the least we can also increase the no. of Warm Up matches we play before the start of series to get acquainted early as it took us 2 matches to get in form ; also we will be able to figure which players are ready for making to the first XI . Just if we could have kept these small things in mind and some LUCK could have favoured us we would have surely won it .Most importantly if BHUVI would have played he could just have been the difference just like SAM CURRAN for England ; we need to make sure that BHUVI is kept Fit and Fine ahead of all overseas tour and specially England . But we can’t rely on anything like GOD and we have to make way for us ourselves and we will do so next time we go there and will conquer the English Fort for sure .

Those who are criticizing KOHLI as Captain ; just go and FUCK OFF as you are not a INDIAN FAN but just a HATER of KOHLI and want to Troll him somehow as he has cleared all doubts about Batting by being No.1 in Tests by scoring Staggering amount of runs . Also if you think INDIA does not deserve to be No.1 you should do the same thing recommended above as even after 10 straight points being cut we are still No.1 and we played like that , yes Result should have been more Comprehensive but “BEET GAYI SO BAAT GAYI” .

So a Home series against WEST INDIES awaits us . I think MAYANK AGARWAL and PRITHVI SHAW should make their Debut there ; RAHANE should polish his regained Form there and PUJARA can also do some practice . VIJAY surely deserves another chance to make his place against AUSTRALIA . I will prefer if KOHLI rests in Tests and some others are given chances to figure out all Options . PANDYA should play both matches to perfect his place as an all ronder and bring an Extraordinary Balance to the side . In India we will play woth 2 Spinners so we can mange only 2 pacers there and we can rest 1-2 pacers , I think BHUVI should surely play to gain some more Red ball Rhythm and ISHANT should surely rest as he played all 5 matches and also was Injured in the last match . I am Split between BUMRAH and SHAMI , I think latter should play and sharpen his Rhythm a bit more as he could have delivered a bit more in England also . The former can rest as he has to play full fledged Limited overs .

Sorry for discussing WEST INDIES Tour before much awaited ASIA CUP . We all know how Prestigious this tournament is for the Asians and . It is the only old going tournament still in existence with INDIA winning it most times (6) and Sri Lanka and Pakistan winning 5 and 2 times respectively . This time two groups ; IND , PAK and HONG KONG (came after winning Qualifier) are in one Group A and PAK , SL and BAN in the other group B . In group stage each team has to play two matches and top 2 will go to second round , I think it will be BAN and AFG from group B and it’s not even worth discussing that IND and PAK from group A . In the 2nd round (SUPER FOUR) it will be a ROUND ROBIN Format ; where each team has to play all other teams and here also IND can surely make it to Finals and the other team should be PAK according to Cricketing Logic and current form being kept in mind .

We can surely win this 7th time just if we don’t do something like Champions Trophy 2017 final , yes you all heard right I am damn sure that Final gonna be INDIA v PAKISTAN as no other team is able to stand against us but just PAKISTAN is in good form nowadays and it will make the rivalry even more Delicious . We will witness 3 IND-PAK matches within 15 days and what else a Die-Hard Cricket fan like me needs in life . Our squad is a complete squad just KOHLI being rested annoyed me as he could have been given Rest in WI tour also and he is the best against AMIR (my Danger Man) , but we can’t change that and I have full faith in ROHIT SHARMA as well as I rate his Captaincy skills extremely highly
So with ROHIT and DHAWAN opening and RAHUL can play at 3 now and he should be in the 11 throughout till the World Cup ; then DHONI should come at 4 and for next two positions we have PANDEY , JADHAV , RAYUDU and KARTHIK ; my first choice will be the first 2 only but we must make sure that latter two also get chance for sure . PANDYA at 7 will bring the optimum balance as JADHAV can also bowl ; BHUVI and BUMRAH makes our Pace Attack deadly and our Spinners CHAHAL and KULDEEP will surely TURN things out there . We also have SHARDUL , KHALEEL and AXAR as reserve bowles who should be given due chances when possible .
So that’s the team which will play ASIA CUP and most probably WI Tour also ; but most probably it’s the team which is very close to the final structure of World Cup team . It’s a great opportunity to throw away all Frustration of the English tour and get back on our Winning and REGUALR Track .

Come on Team India let’s win ASIA before winning the WORLD next year ; if we win it without KOHLI just imagine what could we do with KOHLI . It will be proving all over again that we are the Invincible rulers of this Generation .


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