KARNATAKA 2.0 : Game of Thrones

Last week only BS YEDYIURAPPA took the Oath as chief minister of Karnataka . Yes it was YEDIYURAPPA as he changed back his name from YEDDYURAPPA . This was BJP which came in power in yet another state . But in 2017 they were not in power as it was CONGRESS-JDS Alliance (116 seats) which came in power as they were able to pull off majority back then . BJP (104 seats) fell short just by 8 . But now when 16 MLAs of the Ruling Alliance have resigned and it also lost the Floor test in the assembly . BJP won the trust vote (TRUST VOTE means all MLA’s vote they are with which party to check go has the Majority) ; the 16 MLAs were disqualified by the Karnataka Assembly speaker which further reduced the size of Assembly and so of the majority mark as well and BJP came in power easily . Now , this story is not as simple as it is looking , let’s come in the inside story .

Actually it’s a simple question of common sense why have the 16 MLAs of not just 1 party but of 2 have resigned immediately . Reason is simple MONEY MONEY MONEY ….. SWEETER THAN HONEY . Yes BJP PURCHASED the 16 MLAs and asked them to resign . When Karnataka speaker rejected their resignations they went to Supreme Court and asked to allow them to resign ASAP . After the 16 resigned , BJP was able to form the government . After taking the oath it also had to pass the floor test and it was able to do so quite easily . It gained the trust vote despite 13 MLA’s being declared DISQUALIFIED by the Speaker .

BJP hasn’t staked it’s claim for forming government in Karnataka for the first time . Right from the time when the election results came in 2017 BJP was very eager to form the government . It even made it’s CM take the oath just with 104 seats and promised that it will come with majority in a week . But it failed to do so ; though it was not a easy failure . They tried very very hard to purchase the 8 MLAs , it’s said that each MLA was offered a 100 crore bribe . Congress and JDS were so so scared of BJP’s money power that they kept all it’s MLA’s in a hotel and didn’t even allowed them to attend any phone calls as if just few go that side it will crush the government . Finally, BJP couldn’t succeed until the floor test and their government claim fell and Congress-JDS came to power with HD KUMARSWAMY (JDS) as the chief minister .

After then many a times news came that Kumarswamy is being dominated by Congress , he is CRYING and wants to resign . But the facts didn’t turned up into reality and the government continued somehow . But BJP led by AMIT SHAH is a team which believes that defeat comes only when someone accepts the defeat and that didn’t happens easily in Money loaded BJP . Right from that time , BJP was undertaking OPERATION KAMAL to anyhow purchase the MLA’s . A sting operation also came which showed video proofs of how BJP MLA’s were trying to purchase their MLA’s . YEDIYURAPPA himself accepted meeting the son of an MLA . Despite all this Operation Kamal continued under the leadership of YEDIYURAPPA . It seems finally it became successful and MLA’s got the Equilibrium price they wanted at the reservation price and perhaps exhausting all the cosumer surplus of BJP . Well ….. Sorry for too much Economics here … HA HA !!!

So coming back to topic ; after the MLA had resigned they stayed in a hotel in Mumbai surrounded by the BJP persons and Congress was not able to make any contact with them . When congress personnels tried to meet them in hotel they were barred from doing so by the MUMBAI POLICE (of course on the order of BJP government) . Despite Congress had bookings in the hotel still they weren’t allowed to enter stating some emergency situation in the Hotel . So Congress was not even allowed to meet and persuade it’s MLA’s ; though they have also persuaded them using money only and whichever side the MLA goes it will get a 100+ crore bet … WOW What a Life 100 crore for nothing … !!!!!

But it was not the first time we heard about this Trading or say Horse Trading of MLAs . Here is the following list when Congress MLA’s resigned and went to BJP . In 2016 , From UTTARAKHAND 9 , from ARUNACHAL PRADESH 43 . In 2017 , from TRIPURA 6 due to which congress got 0 seats there in the next election . Now in 2019 5 GUJARAT MLA’s out of which 2 were made Minster as reward (more money) . In GOA as well 10 MLA’s resigned and joined BJP . Even in RAJYA SABHA , 4 out of 6 TDS Rajya Sabha members resigned and went to BJP strengthening BJP’s hold there as well .

Many of you might be thinking isn’t there a law to control of this , there already exists one called ANTI DEFECTION LAW brought in 1985 during RAJIV GANDHI’s tenure as many cases of party switching were taking place by MLA’s then , a MLA from HARYANA called GAYA LAL changed his party thrice in a single day leading to the birth of phrase “AAYA RAM GAYA RAM” . This law disqualifies MLA in 2 cases ; if a MLA voluntarily changes the party or if he disobeyes his party in a WHIP (Voting Yes or No in a topic in assembly) . But if (2/3)rd MLA’s of a party collectively resign then it will not come under this law nor will such cases where a MLA has resigned as it happened in this case as well . The former Loophole of collectively resigning was also used quite many a times .

So even if laws are made these THIEVES mindset people still find out a way to come out of it . Another thing which we see here is that these politicians who are resigning and switching parties for Money ; they don’t have any ideology or existence of their own . They just go wherever they get money . Another striking thing to remember is 98% of KARNATAKA MLA’s are Crorepatis (99% INC , 98% BJP , 95% JDS) ; so despite being so rich they are selling themselves just for money . That’s why I said above that rach MLA must be getting not less than 100 crore . One more thing we can bring out of it , if Elections are to be RIGGED in such a way ; what is the need of having Elections then at the first place . Any MLA can now just threaten to change party and he will be offered huge sums from both sides … What a way of money making . Any common man which gives Vote with a belief , he will think that what is the need of Voting now , in future he will be the ones deciding his Party on the basis of money offered .

So what can be the way forward . Bringing a Law or Amending it ; no way , these people will still find way to come out of it soemhow . In my opinion the day BJP passed Electoral Bond Bill which hides the name of anyone who donates anonymously to a party and got 95% of all donations , the ball went permanently in their Court . As long as we are not able to regulate Money in politics , almost anything can be done by these money holders . Congress also used to do this in their regime and now BJP is doing it as well that too on a much larger scale . One more thing is that we always give Vote just seeing the party and not judging the credibility of the candidate . That’s why I always say that vote only if a candidate deserves your Vote examining his personal credibility not just because of party and never give a party damn high a majority power Or else bills like Electoral Bonds will be passed and similar money cum MLA transferring Scheme will be running effectively in future as well . As RaGa said after the KARNATAKA Results that “PM himself promotes Corruption or we can say is itself Corruption” , it’s sad but is coming out true . There is no straight forward way to cure this problem . First the Money has to be eliminated then the mindset of politicians is to be Washed ; which seems quite difficult a job now when parties are just playing with Democracy as the ball and Money as the bat .



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