Kuldeep Sengar’s Swagger shows perils of Adityanath’s Macho “Thok Denge” statecraft

Usually I write Articles and bring what’s going on up to you ; but this time I am bringing an Story which I am writing with a very Heavy Heart but No it’s not close to My Heart .

ONCE UPON A TIME IN 2017 a 17 year old girl gets missing from her Village , is found around 15 days later . She was RAPED , GANGRAPED and that too twice within 10 days . Police charged KULDEEP SINGH SENGAR a 4 time MLA of BJP from UNNAO district of Uttar Pradesh with the charge of Rape and Kidnapping . Police was reluctant to take any action and this provoked the victim girl to attempt Self-Immolation in front of UP CM’s Residence on 8th April 2018 …..

5 days before :

Her Father was arrested and was allegedly tortured in police custody mainly by KULDEEP’s brother . Though accusations were made from both sides but Police decided to act on only one . He died in police custody and multiple marks (14) of Injuries were found on his body , reason as mentioned in Psotmartem was BLOOD POISONING due to perforation of Colon . Now do I need to clarify more keeping the fact in mind that Police works on the orders of State government ; ie , the YOGI Government .

ATUL SENGAR was arrested following this death and high charged investigation is started on him by the special team of Crime branch . UP Government tried it’s very best that the Story doesn’t leak out , ie , people don’t come to know about it but with time it did and as soon as this news came the social media was firing up , everywhere #BJPSackSengar was trending at the top . In Media also this news broke out and was not at all creating the impression that BJP wanted to be created for itself . They HAD to arrest Sengar on 12 April 2018 . But just he being arrested was neither the justice to the Girl ….. nor the End of the Story .

The Uncle of the survivor is suddenly convicted in an 19 year old Murder case filed by Atul Sengar . In no time 5 cases were slapped on his face and he is put behind Bars . There was only one Witness of this Heinous crime YOUNIS KHAN but before his statement could have been taken by CBI he dies suddenly in his Village and was buried without even informing CBI , reason here was termed LIVER AILMENT . And wait for the Worst , just last week , when the survivor along with her two Aunties and her Lawyer were going in a Car to meet her Uncle in Jail a Truck came and smashed the car with heavy force leaving the car damaged , both Aunties killed , Lawyer severely injured and the Survivor in Ventilator battling life and death . Now for catching that Bloody truck driver we need the no. of the truck but ….. Oh Goddamn it !!! The number plate is painted in Black . Though somehow the driver came forward but he is said he doesn’t even know SENGAR nor the victim Family . He painted No. Plate black just to hide from some payment seakers . Though I am not satisfied with this argument but it’s under Investigation so nothing can be said .

Yes you are not listening to a Thriller crime drama movie plot , you are listening to a real incident which happened in UNNAO district of Uttar Pradesh . Now when it almost became sure to everyone that who has committed all this . KULDEEP SENGAR who was virtually given a Clean Chit so far was booked under the charges of Murder and other attempts to Murder and is taken under custody again and Fastrack investigation has been started against him . Though it’s sad he even used Cellphone in Jail and lived a very Relaxed life . The case has been transferred to Delhi CBI now which has been Questioning him from the last few days and it also Raided his 17 Places . So what it shows is that he was not a simple MLA ; had approach to much higher levels , was a close Aide of YOGI ADITYANATH and even in Jail was monitoring this Crime Drama . YOGI who is known for making big statements has shown that he is only a THUNDERING Cloud not a RAINING one . A Craftsman of igniting Riots , Mob Lynching and Communalisation (He has also gone to Jail for this) is So Busy (for Nothing) that he hasn’t paid a single visit to the victim girl nor any Apology has came by his side .

The survivor and her Mother were kept in a Hotel room in the name of Safety but the room even lacked water and electricity . Even the security given to them failed to Comply during accident as they were on Holidays . Am I the only one who thinks that security was withdrawn at that very moment just on the signal of Upper Level (You know whom I am referring) . Leave all this they used to get lots and lots of threatenings on phone by ATUL SENGAR and other close aides of KULDEEP SENGAR . Despite the victim wrote many Letters to YOGI the UP CM and Supreme Court not even one was being looked over and now the CJI has asked to look into the process by which a letter reaches me . The victim’s Mother has now said that once her Daughter gets well they will leave this place and never return to UP . So which kind of JANGALRAJ System have been set up by us where Victims are so much feared and Culprit is just Relaxing .

Though he has been arrested now but it’s not that Government has done so voluntarily ; it HAD to do so as after the Truck Accident incident or else it would have really lost the confidence of Public . Before that whether it was UP CM YOGI himself who called him Innocent at the beginning or it was BJP MLA AASHISH SINGH urging evryone to stay with him in TOUGH times when BASELESS charges are framed on an Innocent . SAKSHI MAHARAJ the BJP MP from Unnao visited Sengar in Jail after he won from the seat in General Elections 2019 and THANKED him for his constant support . Here the Story questions all the general public as well . Those who belonged to UNNAO district or say the Constituency , they must have seen the Unnao case very closely as it took place near them , atleast they must have known the in and out if this Story . With which Bloody part of the Brain did they voted for BJP in that constituency . Either they were Unaware of all this , or they were Mentally Absurd people or the most probable case …… THESE THINGS DON’T MATTER THAT MUCH … !!!!!

Actually this has been the case nowadays that ; These cases don’t affect people much . After all we vote for Government in aspiration of ACCHE DIN , Women should themselves be secure and if any Politician RAPES someone for Pleasure , then it’s OK it will strive them to work harder for us . No … You are not finding it good ; then why the Hell did they all Voted for a party which didn’t even had the balls to sack his MLA who is accused in Rape ? Also it’s not the first time they have done this .

Anyone remembers KATHUA ? The 8 year girl was brutally Raped and killed inside a Temple with the temple priest being the chief accused along with 6 others . Not only a Rally was conducted in his support which was attended by BJP Leaders but the chief accused was Garlanded by JAYANT SINHA Union minister of BJP . All channels of the GODI Media either didn’t show the news or showed it like if all allegations are Fake . One famous journalist who has also travelled to TIHAR Jail tried his best to make a false impression . Finally it’s verdict came 2 years later after much delay , threatening , hurdles in procedure and 6 out of 7 were convicted ; 3 for Life term and 3 for 6 years (1 was acquitted as not enough proofs were present against him) . But not a single word came out of the mouth of BJP leaders ; neither at the time of incident nor at the time of Verdict . Just shouting Slogans “BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO” will not at all help if you make it being used as a Warning instead of a Slogan and degrade it by adding another line BETI CHUPAO in it .

It’s not just all Politics guys it’s a very serious issue which will not just be resolved by Candle Marches . Why the no. of RAPE and other Heinous crimes against Women refuse to come down ? What is always so striving that makes a man lose all Sympathy and FUCK out the Dignity of a women ? Every government shouts about the issue but pays it the least attention after getting elected , Governments have changed but the status of these incidents have never . What is the fault of these girls ? Dressing in a stylish manner , getting out at Night or simply just being a Girl . Apart from it people hesitate to file a case , even if they file Police resist to lodge a complaint and even if they launch our Judicial system which has the speed of a TORTOISE makes the Life of the Girl no less than HELL .

Their lives are completely ruined ; in most cases they die after the Rape and even if they survive many commit suicide and if anyone doesn’t they live a life which shouldn’t be called a Life . One of the major reasons is no doubt our Judicial system as I mentioned and the punishment they receive ; in very few cases death sentence is announced , mostly life term imprisonment and sometimes even Milder imprisonments are announced as we also saw in the KATHUA verdict . Atleast death sentence was expected in that case where the victim was a Minor . In my opinion in such cases no convicted shall be given any less than being Hanged and of possible something even Brutal than that .

Well , I didn’t wrote this Article to talk how to reduce the Rape cases and increase the penalty . I have written once on it in more detail when the KATHUA case occurred . You all can read it out :

Basically I wanted to write this Article to show how the Government we vote for sometimes gets Busy in shielding the Rapists to protect their members and work for their Vote Bank .

Here it also needs to be mentioned that the girl has suffered multiple fractures specially in collar bone and rib cage , a few pieces of bones also got into her Lungs . Just imagine how dreadful and horrifying this situation is . Just after listening to it my nerves have freezed . Latest update I heard was that she is still Critical though Stable . Let’s hope that she survives though her life is already ruined almost . As it’s said “Justice delayed is Justice denied” ; this SENGAR should be Hanged along with all his Subordinates . The UP Government has also stood head to head , shoulder to shoulder with this man and deserves some Punishment as well . Just the 25 lakh Compensation as Ordered by SUPREME COURT isn’t enough , it will not make up for the Mental Torture and Emotional losses she suffered . Do I need to remind you all how can we punish a Government . Before Voting just remember the face and condition of this Girl and perhaps you will go for right choice and if you haven’t understood even now then you will never ever understand .

#JusticeInUnnao #HangKSSengar



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