Real Independence before the 73rd one : Article 370 and 35(A) Scrapped

Article 370 and 35(A) the two Articles of our Constitution which were the reason of all the problems in Kashmir , for wastage of so much money , death of so many soldiers and innocents . An article which should have been removed much earlier for much nuisance wouldn’t had taken place . It’s finally been scrapped in a surprising and secretive manner and it is a moment to rejoice for all of us . Many governments came and went but despite it’s problems being highlighted many many times no government ever thought or say dared of removing this . After the merger of KASHMIR in India in 1947 , Article 370 and Article 35(A) came into existence . While the former gave J&K a separate Constitution the latter exempted any outsider (Outside Kashmir) to become a citizen there .

So despite this whole procedure taking place in a Nutshell of a time and in a surprising manner but I was not surprised by who has done this because only this government could have done this . No ….. I am not saying this just to garner praises and just because it’s removed now but because BJP was the only party which even TRIED to remove this article . When it was in opposition it continuously raised this demand strongly quite a many times and it was even one of it’s many promises before coming into Power in 2014 and before this term as well . They weren’t able to do it last time but they did it very smartly this time .

Let me tell you about the smartness here . According to all the rules and regulations , this Article came with the notion of President of India and could have been removed as well by him only taking the J&K State Assembly in confidence with consent . Now , they weren’t able to do it before as the state assembly neither wanted to nor gave the consent for removing it . Coming back , as I said about the power of state assembly in this matter . Now when there was no state assembly that power shifted to central government and it was able to remove them easily with the majority as now getting anything passed in Parliament is just a cup of tea for MODI Government . Another thing was that BJP has not passed a constitutional amendment but has declared the two Articles Null and Void just with the consent of President , a less complex thing to do . Here , look at another aspect ; going by rules an Assembly Election should have taken place around 3 months ago but it was because of this purpose only that BJP asked for continuity of President’s Rule there which was of course granted . As if the state elections had taken place it was 100% sure that BJP couldn’t have came to power and whether it would have been PDP , NCP or Congress the Story would been same and the saga had continued .

Now let’s look at how the whole procedure took place . Firstly Government decided to send 10,000 troop of soldiers to Kashmir in addition to already existing 40,000 . Reason was given that they are suspecting a PAKISTANI Terror Attack . Then suddenly in a very unpredictable manner they took every SEPARATIST and HURRIAT leaders under arrest . Now , speculations started to come out that BJP is planning to scrapping the two Articles . Then the two biggest political faces of Valley MEHBOOBA MUFTI , FAROOQ and OMAR ABDULLA gave Firing and controversial statements – “Even touching Article 370 is like touching Bombs and it will bring Bloodshed and Violence in the valley” . Of course why would they want to ever remove it when they were literally enjoying the powers of a Prime Minister by RULING in a state . So to avoid any further problem BJP straightaway took these leaders at House Arrest and cut off the mobile and internet connections from the whole region and imposition of Section 144 was a further ‘cherry on the top’ . Now when news broke that Home Minster AMIT SHAH is going to visit Kashmir it almost became sure that what’s on the table . After a visit there he went to RAJYA SABHA and then to LOK SABHA for the so called formalities .

During the discussion Opposition mainly Congress seemed divided as some of it’s leaders gave statement in favour and some in against . A debate broke out as well where AMIT SHAH said that NEHRU was the one looking at the Kashmir issue so don’t blame PATEL . But then counter argument came by SHASHI THAROOR that the documents contained the Signatures of both NEHRU and PATEL and whether it was matter of Provinces or that of KASHMIR all were being looked by both together so one can’t be singled out . Another Congress spokesperson ADHIR RANJAN CHOUDHARY came to lead the front but instead of taking the boat to the shore he made it sink with his confusing and lame statements such as the one “KASHMIR is not an internal issue but an international issue” . CONGRESS , JD(U) and TMC walked out of Voting which further eased out passing it in the parliament with the support of TRS and BJD .

Another major takeaway from all this was that now J&K State will be divided into two UNION TERRITORIES . J&K one and LADAKH the other ; the latter residents are way more than Happy as in all this Kashmir issue Ladakh has always been the most ignored place and has been lagging behind in terms of development . So having a central control over it will help in it’s progress . For the former one , this decision is called for the time being and both NaMo and Amit Shah has said that once situation improves there statehood will be granted back . I myself don’t see this coming in very near future . So for the time being India has 28 States and 9 Union Territories .

One big challenge will be to gain the confidence of Youth there which are really very much out of league . Just two days back it was seen that MS DHONI who has taken some time off Cricket and is serving Indian Army in Kashmir was booed by slogans of BOOM BOOM AFRIDI by Youths . Though MSD didn’t gave any reaction but wasn’t it highly unfortunate that the the best captain cricketer of our country is being disrespected . Many were asking that BJP did all this keeping Kashmiri people in Illusion . This was the reason why it was needed to be done . Also it was asked why local leaders were not taken in confidence and were instead kept under arrest . The reason is obvious these good for nothing leaders who were not able to do anything in the region from so long , what drastic could they have done in meeting with Centre . Of course they would have opted for continuity of the Articles and Luxury of their life , it was good that they weren’t paid any Heed . Yes it was kind of CHEATING but SHRI KRISHNA also cheated in MAHABHARAT and in my opinion if cheating is done for good reasons like these then it’s even better than many honest deeds.

But here we have to take another look at what is the current status of KASHMIRIS . Frankly speaking I think that they are really scared as anyone would be if suddenly you are surrounded by Troops and you can’t even use phone . Though Stone Pelters were found in action but I am talking about the general innocent people . AJIT DOVAL the NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR (NSA) has visited Kashmir , ate lunch with locals and called the condition there as peaceful . But GHULAM NABI AZAD said “Anyone can eat with you for money as when I went there I wasn’t allowed to enter citing security concerns , if everything is okay then why I was not allowed” . Looking at all this our prime minster addressed the nation specially KASHMIRIS and assured them that there is no need to worry as there is nothing drastic being taken away from them and instead this step will help them grow further as they will come to feel in near future . He also announced some schemes and investments for there of which the best one was opening of SPORTS ACADEMY . In my opinion if instead of AJIT DOVAL if Modi Ji himself had made that visit not only the impact had been much more but also the locals would have felt a bit relieved and included . I can understand the security concerns and all but still I would say he should . But better late than never ….. He can still make one visit before 15th August .

I had once talked about what the problem exactly is in Kashmir amd what can be the improvements which you can read it here :


PAKISTAN and CHINA our two biggest enemies are just “JALA BHUNA HUA” out of frustration as all their mischievous and terrorist mindset activities will not take place that easily now . PAK also gave “GIDAD BHABHKI” that PULWAMA and War kind of incidents may happen again if India scraps the Articles . Out of frustration they have stopped all Bilateral trades with India as if it will affect India …. Huh . They have also stopped railway service with India and also released HAFIZ SAEED from the so called House Arrest . Many of their Brats are busy in spreading stuffs on Kashmir that Indian Army is torturing and killing innocents which were later found to be Fake . Someone please tell this BEGGAR Nation to carry their A** which is not in a proper shape nowadays .

Why I am praising BJP Government so much is because of two big reasons . You must recall that few days back US President DONALD TRUMP on his visit to PAK gave a statement that he will work on the MEDIATION between IND and PAK on the Kashmir issue . It was a foolish statement and he just wanted to act oversmart as Kashmir is extremely personal issue of these two countries (Or say 3 including China) and no other country can interfere and do the mediation . So just within a week of this incident Government taking this big step is actually a statement to the world that “We are INDIA , we don’t fear anybody not even USA and don’t need anyone to teach us mediation in something which is Ours” .

Another thing which deserves praise and which actually makes it better than other Gambles of MODI Government is high level pre planning . DEMONETIZATION and GST both were implemented Haphazardly without much pre planning . Basically were taken in JOSH without much HOSH . But this time not only pre planning was done very secretively which can also be seen by the speech AMIT SHAH gave in the parliament that how much detailed study he has done . Other thing is even after implementation measures are being taken to maintain peace and prevent any mishappening . Even preparations are being made that NAMAZ and EID is carried out properly so this step will always be remembered in a positive note in Indian history .

Here I would like to warn everyone about two assumptions that everyone is making nowadays . First , everyone is thinking that all problems in Kashmir will be or say is solved now after the scrapping . But no it’s not that simple a issue . Even from last 12 months there is president’s rule so Centre is controlling everything but still PULAWMA attack and stone pelting had taken place . So that big a change will take time to take place but I am damn sure that it will take place eventually as the main barrier has been removed now . Second , many are praising MODI that’s good but many are doing that by blaming NEHRU calling him responsible for the problem . Here , I would say that the political condition of now and then is way too different , so comparing one decision at two phases is not correct in my opinion . Whatever NEHRU did was perhaps needed at that time , keeping in mind that was mentioned TEMPORARY and could be removed by President if need arises . What MODI did should have been done much before by Congress only but finally it’s done . So don’t compare them , don’t play the BLAME GAME just enjoy this mega step .

Finally I would like to congratulate our prime minister NARENDRA MODI , Home Minster AMIT SHAH , the whole Cabinet , Parliament and all the fellow Indians after this mega step . Let’s celebrate our complete independence just before the 73rd Independence Day as now from KASHMIR to KANYAKUMARI there is only one constitution the INDIAN CONSTITUTION , one Flag the INDIAN Flag and one Country INDIA ….. My India Your India Our India

Happy Independence Day … !!!!! 🇮🇳



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