New Caoching Staff amidst Virat-Rohit CIVIL WAR

Well a bit late on this but still an important topic to discuss on . The Indian cricket team has been given it’s new Coaching staff and also the Board seems in the mood of continuing with VIRAT KOHLI as the Captain in all 3 formats . But the most important headline in my opinion was growing Rift among VIRAT and ROHIT the vice captain as how this CIVIL WAR ends will decide the fate of our team in coming years . Let’s figure out all these things

Firstly starting with how the Coaching staff was selected and were their appointments credible .

  • HEAD COACH : First appointment came with that of Head coach . There were quite a few big names who applied such as TOM MOODY , MIKE HESSEN , MAHELA JAYVARDHANE , etc . Only the first two and RAVI SHASTRI made it to final 3 and the latter one was selected finally . For me it was the perfect choice alteast among the GIVEN OPTIONS . I was having mental tussle between SHASTRI and HESSON but previously working with this team , nice coordination with all th players , captain’s own choice , relaxed , calm yet hardworking ….. these factors made the difference for him . As I also mentioned in my last article that we have been phenomenal under him over last 2 years in all 3 formats across the globe so he was perhaps the best choice in his last possible appointment (After 2021 he will be above 60 and not applicable for Coaching) . Just we missed on the World Cup but we will get two more opportunities in next two years .

  • BATTING COACH : VIKRAM RATHOURE a new name came foward in this Coaching list . There were not very promising options though so perhaps he was a good choice . SANJAY BANGAR had a good tenure but his job was very below par ; as batting was not able to complement our world class bowling in SA and ENG due to which we lost Series there . Also in all his tenure he wasn’t able to solve the MIDDLE MUDDLE in ODI’s which cost us the World Cup . For time being let me tell you all though VIKRAM RATHOURE didn’t had much international experience but has a prolific record in domestic , was a free flowing stroke playing player , has some experience as Coach and Selector at state level as well . Well , how will our tem fare under the new batting coach will be seen in upcoming T20 World Cups .

BOWLING COACH : BHARAT ARUN was reappointed in this post which was absolutely perfect decision . His work as the bowling job has been terrific in these years . We have come out as the best bowling group in the World . All pacers , spinners and even PANDYA have shown tremendous improvement under him . It’s not just me but also the bowlers themselves who have completely praised him . Looking forward for more bowling Fire-Power in this tenure .

FIELDING COACH : This was the worst decision taken that day . R SRIDHAR was re-appointed as the fielding coach . It was not that bad a decision in a normal case , but it becomes one when you come to know that he was selected ignoring JONTY RHODES perhaps the greatest fielder in history . Our performance in Fielding was not TOO good as described by the selectors , it was kinda Average to Good only specially if you remember the Catches we dropped at Slips at England tour , we made it a bit in AUSTRALIA Tour but still the job was not fulfilled . When you have got the opportunity to get the coaching from th very best then instead of grabbing it by both hands you just folded your hands and didn’t even picked him in top 3 . Excuses given were lame , he is one of world’s best fielding coach and Johnty doesn’t have experience with India . Everything is fine but he should have been the choice atleast by me .

OTHER STAFFS : Other staffs such as Physio , Fitness Trainer were also renewed as SHANKAR BASU the fitness trainer and PATRICK FARHART the Physio have resigned post world cup after a remarkable tenure . NICK WEBB was appointed as the Strength and Conditioning coach ; he has worked with New Zealand’s first class side and some Rugby teams . We can hope for good services and tenure from them .

With the coaches taking their posts let’s see what our team combination should be in all 3 formats keeping T20 WORLD CUP and TEST CHAMPIONSHIP as top Priorities . In Tests our middle order is well settled with VIRAT , PUJARA , RAHANE , VIHARI taking the stand and so is the pack of our bowlers JADEJA , ASHWIN and KULDEEP as Spinners andd BUMRAH , ISHANT and SHAMI as Pacers . Inclusion of PANDYA will make the Balance even greater . In the opening slot MAYANK AGARWAL should be invested on but KL RAHUL has been really Dissapointing and we have to look at some other options as well like SHUBHMAN GILL , ROHIT SHARMA and other domestic star performers .

In the ODI’s just few spots in middle order need to be locked on ; for which I will blindly invest on SHREYAS IYER who has been very promising . PANDYA and PANT are the absolute Future and deserve Investment . SHUBHMAN GILL and KRUNAL PANDYA should be given their Breaks as well . Other than them ISHAN KISHAN and SANJU SAMSON shoul be kept in the Mix . Rest our Team is very well sorted out , having world’s best top 3 and world’s best bowling group . For me KEDAR and DHAWAN are Concerns as not only they are quite aged but also their Form is hanging on their upcoming performances keeping the needs of T20 WC’s in mind .

In the T20 , RAHUL should be the Opener alongwith ROHIT even if DHAWAN is in ODI’s . In bowling as we are seeing some new young combinations are being tried which is a very good strategy . In batting we need one more Solid T20 kinda batsman in middle order other than KOHLI and PANT . We have to see the options MANISH PANDEY , SHIVAM DUBE , some other domestic talents . Both PANDYA Brothers should play together which will make our balance very lethal and dangerous . Just take care of BUMRAH’s workload , he is the best bowler in the planet and we ned to take care that he pllaysbonly crucial matches like Test Championship and T20 World Cups .

Now coming on to VIRAT-ROHIT Rift and Captaincy Debate ….. oh both are same actually as that’s what it’s all about . Actually what has happened is that after the semi final loss in World Cup , there have been high demand that ROHIT should take over the Captaincy atleast in the limited overs . But not only Board decided to continue with VIRAT only which was no doubt correct choice . If you have believed in someone then invest on him and don’t be Insecure just after 1-2 series . Same thing I mentioned in my last Article and also I said that I am even happy if ROHIT takes over limited overs captaincy especially T20Is because he is too a very good captain ….. COOL and SHARP-MINDED . Also VIRAT was himself eager to continue in his job . So all this lead to clash of of Ego between these two Greats and lead to all this .

This started right after the World Cup exit when ROHIT left from England 2 days prior to his team with his wife on a Vacation . You may find it Rude but if you try to understand it from his perception ; he made 5 100s and was the leading scorer in World Cup , gave everything he had , gave his Hearts outfor his team despite all this his team failed to make the final cut . For him the team was at fault for letting him down for not making up for his one bloody rare failure and specially VIRAT was his Villain for not making a 100 that day , not being tactical as him and perhaps not doing what he would have done in his place . All these feelings combined with a heavy heart , agony and too much frustration made him Unfollow ANUSHKA SHARMA from social media accounts . He had already unfollowed VIRAT long ago . The first call for the WAR was taken . Following or not following someone is not something very remarkable but if he unfollows someone he used to follow it always raises Questions and gets Attention . War is On … ?????


Demands were coming to replace VIRAT by ROHIT as the Skipper in limited overs . Quitting captaincy is one thing and being thrown out of the other thing . For him , he hadn’t done anything Wrong . He led the team with all his best efforts , even everyone was appreciating his captaincy just till the bloody time we lost and opinions just turned their Directions suddenly to Opposite . For a player of that prestige as of VIRAT if he would have undergone the second case it would have been highly disrespectful and traumatizing for him . So he had to do anything to save his spot . Firstly he cancelled the plan of taking Rest in WINDIES Tour as he didn’t wanted to give any chance to ROHIT to make his point as Captain (Well he has already done that by winning 4 IPL Trophies) .

Well the War is On ….. NOW .

Let’s go not much just one month back . Remember the match IND V ENG in the World Cup . We were on to chase a very big target . Our start wasn’t good so a big partnership was needed . VIRAT and ROHIT started building one , initially the latter was finding it difficult to adjust and was trying rash shots . Then VIRAT came , talked with him and advised to play calm and risk free shots . Suddenly , we witnessed Raining Boundaries by ROHIT and all were delightful shots to watch on as a Cricket Fan . Complements and Applause were coming by both to each other and they were discussing , correcting each other and figuring out how exactly they will chase it . Though things didn’t go by plan and we lost the Skipper first , then his Deputy and finally the match as well .

You might be thinking that why I asked you all to remember a Lost match . I did so to make you all remember the level of Commitment and Dedication these two have for each other and for the team as well . Well , how this CIVIL WAR will end depends on who will make them lessen down their Egos . The coach and other team members will have to do it for them . They respect each other we all know but when will their Annoyance they have recently developed will end . Though ROHIT hasn’t wholeheartedly praised VIRAT but Virat has called him”THE BEST IN THE WORLD” quite a many times . Another point to be taken into considerationis that some instances are present such as MARK WAUGH and SHANE WARNE of Australia ; that even if players and captain didn’t had best relation but both of them performed very well alongwith the team .

Regarding Captaincy I have already given my stand . Just one more notable point is how both of tem perform serving as Captain . Ifyou see VIRAT his record is even Humongous after becoming the captain . But if you look at ROHIT , his past 5 years in IPL have been a Run Drought but has gained 3 Titles . So we can see that Rohit doesn’t perform very well when burdened with captaincy task as well . So in my opinion if VIRAT continues to lead the team with the able support of ROHIT it will be in the best interest of everyone .

VIRAT and ROHIT are the Heart and Heartbeat of our Indian Team and and as soon as they resolve all the issues and start working combinedly for our Team the better it is for them , for the Team and for the Country . Because the body functions the best when the coordination between both Heart and Heartbeat is Perfect .



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