It’s a very sad moment for the country to mourn the Cowardly Killing of our 40 brave soldiers . I pray for their Souls
Are you all Furious ? I am as well and this is one of my few works written in extreme anger . After 44 of our brave CRPF Soldiers were massacred by some SPINELESS Terrorists I am in the mood of Murdering somenone from that day and if the anger of whole country is collected , I am damn sure Volcanic Eruption is on the way . Specially when I saw Widows and Orphans crying their Hearts out calling back their dear ones , when parents and siblings were crying and promising that we will join Army and take the Revenge not only it filled me and all of us with extreme anger but also brought tears roll down our cheeks . These Bloody PAKISTANI Terrorists what they think of themselves as and why have they done so , what they got and what was the fault of the Victims . I am also angry as Hell but showering anger at the correct place and on the correct person is also necessary ; an Art not every one is Master at .

PAKISTAN has shown how low it can lick just to show it’s Terrorism Dominance . We haven’t attacked them even once neither we have ever broken Ceasefire and attacked them like Cowards entering in their Territory but each time suddenly one of many Terrorist organisation with the help of Pak Army show their Coward standard . Each time we tried to extend hand for Friendship and Peace we got stabbed on the back by the Counterpart . Slowly they have made Kashmiris also a part of them using ISLAM as the common factor , which has made it very difficult for us to constrain their powers as they are operating within our borders ; as it was seen in this case as well .

One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that basically PAKISTAN is divided into 3 categories . Citizens , Army and Government . ARMY led by ISI is the ones supporting and funding Terrorist organisations like LASHKAR and JAISH , or we can say the Army are themselves the Terrorists as these activities can’t take place without the Army playing a major role . GOVERNMENT here is a mere PUPPET of Army and whatever the Army instructs it is bound to follow . IMRAN KHAN is a fantastic person as said by almost all who met him but in this nation he is neither responsible , nor accountable for any of the deeds or activities happening around . Now comes CITIZENS , I won’t say they are all clean but yes most of the citizens are on the same side as us , crushed by Terrorism . Many times , the Terrorists there attack Civilians leading to Blood Bath , as we can recall in 2014 how 130 children were killed in school by the Terrorists only . So whenever we say PAKISTAN MURDABAD or abuse PAKISTAN we have to keep in mind if not make it clear to all , who we are actually referring to . Even I refer to the above slogan whenever such Terrorist atttack takes place or whenever IND v PAK match is on but I never mean it for the Victims but for the Enemies as per the circumstances

But a very very dangerous disease of ours is showing Plastic Patriotism . We all will be updating these kind of STATUS for 10 days and after that will lean back to the mode we were in a day before the attack . How many of us really know that CRPF (CENTRAL RESERVE POLICE FORCE) Jawans were not getting salary on time and were from long demanding a hike . How many of us even came to know that the Convoy which was attacked demanded and Aerial Journey but was denied as no one wants such facilities to be given to CRPF . CRPF are the first responders to any internal security lapse including facing the STONE PELTERS . They were demanding a Hike in Salary and Pensions from long , a lower rank officer in Army earns 1.5 times more than a lower rank officer in CRPF . Do you know that since 2012 175 CRPF were martyred and 189 committed Suicide ; just imagine the mental depression they were going through due to lack of capacity to make a living . We are even Worse than these Pakistanis if we can’t take care of our Heroes , can’t help them make a living and can’t let them LIVE . Neither the CRPF Soldiers get the benefits of OROP (ONE RANK ONE PENSION) nor they can awail the benefits from ARMY CANTEEN . It’s really Unfair and Painful to see a specific group of Soldiers being denied the benefits they deserve ; what is more painful they themslves have to REQUEST for the benefits for such services which can never be repaid . How many Jounalists had the Guts to raise these issues and those who do are labelled Anti-Nationals ; so now caring for your Army is being Anti National , WOW !

How many of us remember TEJ BAHADUR the BSF Jawan who made videos and circulated them on WhatsApp representing the exact conditions of the soldiers ; Yes EXACT , there is a difference between what the Government and their IT Cells show us while what the condition actually is . That soldier was suspended from the Army as he showed the TEAcumWATER and DALcumWATER which is served to the soldiers and are expected to work 18 hours for us . Other than this there have been many occasions where Army personnels have been literally crying to express their demand . Many of us made those videos trend on Social Media but was there even one who made sure that the risk he took proves fruitful . When these attacks take place we all become Patriotic but when these attacks are not taking place we are least bothered whether the Army , due to whom we are in peace now , are themselves able to sleep comfortably . Those who are violently showing their Patriotism by spreading violence and destruction ; if you are really a Patriot then spread the real condition of Army and show your Enthusiasm in improving that . Irony is that the Politicians Divide us and the Terrorists Unite us . Actually we all were really depressed and Sad when we saw the news of the attack broke out which shows we feel for the Heroes but it’s also equally important to prove it when it actually matters .

Another point which needs attention is the way people were attacking KASHMIRIS as of all of them were involved in the attack . Many incidents of Harassment and intimidation of Kashmiris by other countrymen mainly in UTTARAKHAND have been reported . Many have already fled back to homes in Jammu , Delhi , etc . In Uttararakhand , 22 students were arrested who were trying to throw Kashmiri students out and even in Dehradun where many Violent incidents have occurred on the Kashmiris . The MEGHALAYA Governor himslef called for social boycott of Kashmiris and even the DEAN of Dehradun College has been suspended . What shocked me even more many prominent names were calling for such low cowardly acts . I am asking painfully , what have they done , why are you showcasing the Outrage on them , even I am angry like Hell but I am preserving my anger to shower it on the bloody deserved ones . We got another example why ARMY is the Real Hero when even at this extreme situation faced by them they were firm with their intent and made some Helpline Nos. available to help any such cases arising . Unlike these so called Patriots who were isolating a particular community and putting out the whole blame on them . It’s such a shame that in a country like India some are being isolated with their Ethnic name being made the Headline . The Home Ministry issued an advisory to states and union territories to issue security of Kashmiris and this matter is also under Hearing in Supreme Court but from those from whom expectations were highest the HRD Minster PRAKASH JAVADEKAR said like an Irresponsible Dumb that “No there haven’t been such incidents , please don’t talk like that , it’s the tremendous reaction of Anger in the country” ; and almost all other central ministers were either in denial or in confused assurance . On the contrary it should be the Government only who should boldly these acts and ensure that all students can return safely to their Educational institutions ans all KASHMIRIS can live and study freely and safely across the country .

Also we saw how outrage was being poured on to the MUSLIM community . Whenever such instances occur they are the Victims with shops broken , houses burnt . I have been calling from long ago not to communalise issues and even I wrote an Article few days back on it but what to say about some FOOLS who have sold their Brains to their Religious Agents . We saw how Muslims were also rallying against Pakistan and calling PAKISTAN MURDABAD . But even then Nonsense people were calling that they are doing it out of Fear and Fake patriotism . Whatever be the matter ; Don’t forget before being KASHMIRIS or MUSLIMS they all are INDIANS our countrymen . Radicalisation is at an all time high with the government not much bothered towards it . An aspect everyone is neglecting here is that if you all will be Radicalising a certain group it will be very easy for the Terrorists and Evils to brainwash these deprived ones . They can infuse feelings of Anger and Revenge in them citing that ” See , how your own countrymen have dumped you and humiliated you , now you go and take back whatever is yours , Go get them “ . In this way Guns will be handed to them , their mind will be Brainwashed and Terrorism will be increased comprising youth and enthusiastic .

Apart from them some people who were asking for Non-Violence and Peace talks were badly abused and called Anti Nationals . NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU said “Those who have done this HEINOUS Crime should be punished and the degree of punishment should be so Harsh that this TERRORISM gets a permanent solution . But even then we should continue the Peace talks with PAK as it continued in all such talks in the past . But we can’t blame the whole nation for a bunch of Terrorists” . You all must be surprised because Media houses have only shown you the second half as it helped them in making up some TRPs and grabbing your eyeballs for 2 hour debate . Trend was asking to sack him from Punjab cabinet and even from THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW . KAPIL SHARMA rightly said that if removing him would have been the solution then he is SMART enough to quit himself , it’s all a Propaganda to divert the attention of Youth from the main topic . Even I am not completely in favour of SIDHU’s statement as I don’t think PAK deserves any Peace talk now but I fully agree with the statement of KAPIL SHARMA and it is all a Propaganda to divert our attention as it’s not a big issue and anyone can have difference in opinion . Even AKSHAY KUMAR gave similar statement but no one gave heed to it , I saw it but didn’t shared it as it would have brought HATE for a great guy . Recently SUSHMA SWARAJ said that our Enemy is not Pakistan but the Terrorism and the Terrorists . So now where are the Trollers hiding now .

IT Cells were active in spreading fake images to troll them . RAHUL GANDHI with the terrorist head , NaMo laughing during Mourning . These cheap activities were done by both party IT CELLS , I would like to ask , there are Soldiers dying there and you all are busy in fighting over distorted photos , IDIOTS . Also VIRAT KOHLI and SHAH RUKH KHAN were trolled for tweeting LATE a everyone is as Free in their Life as the Trollers . Even XAVIER UTSAV in our college was cancelled even though we postponed it from 16-19 to 18-20 . Even when BITOTSAV (Fest of BIT) and Function in NAGAR NIGAM were going on 16-17 . Why only our college was humiliated just because it’s a prime region of BJP and it wants to make it’s impression to garner votes . The way our college was highlighted on ZEE NEWS and our Principles and senior professors were misbehaved with by RSS Activists . Our nationality and patriotism was questioned . I don’t want any Nationliasm Certificate specially from the organisation which killed GANDHI and burned our National Flag . Even our prime minister was busy election campaign , interaction with party wokrers and inauguration of SUPER FAST TRAIN and WAR MEMORIAL . Though I expected 1 day National Mourning but still it’s not that big a deed . What can be done by closure of shops just marching with a Gang will not bring back our Soldiers , nor are you brave and capable enough of taking revenge with PAK , so better stay quitly at Home . Life goes on , even the soldiers would never have wanted that we all cancel and stop being HAPPY or stop LIVING . Anyone who Loves his country never wants it to Mourn .

Another thing we should take care is we should not demean our country in the aim of punishing Pakistan . What can we say about that Idiotic step of not allowing and refusing Visas to two PAK competitors . INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (IOC) was furious and said that it’s against IOC Principles where non discrimination , equal treatment and political non interference are Supreme . It’s repercussions were drastic as 3 of our Shooters were denied including 16 year old ANISH BHANWALA the Gold Medalist of 2018 COMMONWEALTH GAMES to avail Olympic grade at home ; it’s going to cost us highly as we all know that we are quite average country when it comes to Sports (other than CRICKET) and if we will miss such opportunities with our Illogical Excuses then nothing is going to happen and we will degrade only rather than improving . In addition to that IOC in strongly worded statement said that ” We will suspend all discussions with INDIAN NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEES (INOC) regarding hosting of any future sports and Olympic related events until full guarantee is obtained regarding free entry of all prticipants” . It means India’s chances of hosting 2026 YOUTH Games , 2030 ASIAN GAMES and 2032 OLYMPICS have gone under Cold Storage . Just remember that IOC is very Strict and Brutal in dealing with such cases ; ahead of ASIAN SHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIPS in KUWAIT saw it’s qualification status removed as it didn’t granted an ISRAELI delegate Visa and less than a month ago MALAYSIA was thrown out of WORLD SWIMMING PARA CHAMPIONSHIP as it turned down Visa requests of Israeli participants . Such incidents are Warnings for us not to repeat the same mistakes and lose great opportunities in Sports just in the name of ANTI-TERRORISM .

I boldly accept that Pakistan is a Terrorist nation but even if we want to boycott them why the Hell the other countries will boycott sports with them as they don’t have any Enemity with them . First of all sportsmen are not Terrorists and denying them Visa has nothing to do with Terrorism and will noway help in that cause . Some Foolish Brainless are demanding boycott of Pakistan from Cricket World Cup and other sports as well . Keep it in mind that Pakistan has attacked on you not on other members of ICC ; this War has to fought by Us only ; just dragging whole ICC and Sports into it without any meaning can instead prove be shooting on our foot . As we are also hosting 2021 T20 WORLD CUP and 2023 ODI WORLD CUP which will see Pakistan coming and playing in our Nation and if we will try to restrict there as well we any also see Hosting taken away from us , Punishment slapped on us and even Elimination from those Tournaments as well . If one asks me personally I think Cricket should never get affected by the Terrorists and Sports should always continue . Neither the sportsmen are terrorists nor we have been able to restrict Attacks on Us by stopping the game . Also if we look from sportive point of view , if we stop playing against those against whom our hunger for victory is the most and enthusiasm is at the highest peak then you are just Killing the game .

SACHIN has rightly said that instead of Quitting and Bowing down against our Arch Rivals defeating them will be the best revenge as we have done 5 out of 5 times we have met in the WORLD CUP . Then Mr. IDIOTSWAMI so called Jounalist was seen disrespecting the Legend who held the hopes of Nation for 24 years saying ” I don’t believe in such GODS who are Anti-National , take your 2 points and throw it in the Dustbin , we are not going to play against PAK” . I will ask him and many others disrespecting him , he was the man for whom and by whom I and many others started watching the game , for me HE was My Cricket and it was only He that today the world’s Best Team comprises of almost all who started playing the game watching him . You may have differences in opinion but please not , Oh Sorry, dare not speak CHEAP as you Face words for the GOD .

There might be many who would have started abusing me for my remarks , let me clarify myself using a Example just thought by Me :

Suppose you and your Neighbour are arch rivals from 2-3 generations back , but you and the boy of your age in that house don’t Envy each other and though you both are not Friends you used to play together . Then another Fight takes place between your and His Father and situations become so Worse that not only you both have to stop playing but also stop talking . In any function neither you call them nor they call you but at neutral functions you both go and stay poles apart . Now you both are giving a competitive exam and you both are selected and coincidentally will face each other in , say , GROUP DISCUSSION or INTERVIEW and only one will be selected . Now , I think you all can relate , tell me , What will you do face the competition , try to defeat him , take your Revenge and go ahead or you will say , I am not competing and will Quit like a Coward and let him go ahead .

This example best describes the situation we are in . Your answer has already contradicted your thinking you had before reading it . HA HA

But we also saw some PAKISTANIS hiding in our place who were celebrating the attack , abusing our martyred soldiers and remembering JAISH , they were arrested but that’s not sufficient . Anyone who abuses our Country or Army should be made rid of any Indian identity cards and should be kept under brutal isolation for long . We also saw how Indian Hackers threw PAK Image into dustbin using GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA . On searching best toilet paper we get PAK National Flag , on searching BHIKHARI we get Imran Khan and nick name of HAFIZ SAEED is shown as HIZRA in Wikipedia . It’s been the mood of the hour to boycott PAK . CRICBUZZ has banned PSL matches and T SERIES has removed PAK Singers from their page . That’s what happens if you take the OATH of being Terrorists .

For the ban on Artists I think ART is a pure form of living and we should not pollute it by pouring Terrorism over it . But another point is that why will we give huge amount of money to the artists who will give Tax to the Terrorists which will be used for us only . We don’t have anything against these artists but I do support this Ban . Last we have not opened an EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE Programme for the Artists who can’t showcase their talent to the Terrorists . For the ban on WATER , I would say I do feel for the Civilians out there but we just supplying Water doesn’t guarantee that the Minorities will be treated well there as we all know the Oppression and Torture suffered by the HINDUS , BALOCHISTANIS and even the AFGHANS . Also we ourselves have not completely eradicated WATER SCARCITY from country that we will be the Water Leader of others . I also support this ban on water as it will also hit their Agriculture which will hit their GDP Hard and subsequently their Terror Market .

There were also some Peculiar who were calculating how many of killed were of HINDU and MUSLIM community , how many were of Upper caste and Lower caste , one even published a report claiming majority of martyrs were of lower caste . I would like to say ARMY is not as CHEAP as you , there every one is only an INDIAN and that’s what they also want us to be and we all should be . There can’t be a better Tribute for the martyrs than to stay United as Indians . Also our Media instead of getting us the News and trying to sooth the condition of viewers are just exaggerating everything trying to create Hate while some are busy in counting Government’s mistakes as it’s the perfect time for that .

There are a few questions we should try to answer
How the 250 kg TNT was carried through the Checking Points … ?????
How the Terrorists were able to operate in the Valley … ?????
How our Intelligence couldn’t sense it even when HAFIZ SAEED warned in a Video … ?????

After all this it’s not the time to fight among ourselves . I really liked it of the whole Opposition to present it’s Stand with the government . We all should be with the government , with the Country United as a bunch as in that form no one can even touch us . I have full trust in our Intelligence they will find all the required information even from the Hell and then grab the Culprits to beat the Shit out of them and will take the complete Revenge . Revenge will be taken and it will be taken very Hard .

Just trust NaMo , trust AJIT DOVAL and trust our Unity and see REVENGE is underway .




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