PULWAMA Part 2 of 3 : The Valley of KASHMIR

Kashmir , the valley which is or should we say used to be a Tourism Heaven . But what happened there which SQUEEZED out all the beauty from the place . What transformed it into a Valley of Fear that pulled down share of Tourism in GDP from 10% to 6% . It was all TERROR , these activities started in the valley around 1989 , then improved a bit but again detoriated in 2001 . The impact of it was so drastic that no. of tourists used to fall by around 98-100% in the subsequent years of terror attacks and it has fallen to a absolute minimum .

It’s not just Tourism but also the working there which gets affected , in the last 30 years 1796 days there has been CURFUE and Strikes leading to Closure or BANDS with each costing around 250 crore , in 2016 the 51 day Bandi costed 10500 crore . The total cost (4.55 lakh crore) is already 5 times J&K Budget and 3 times of the respective GDP . The state obviously has the highest Security personnels and military officers deployed and not only their lives are lost in high no.s due to these activities but also the innocents casualties are way too high . As comapred to other states Kashmiri people get 8 times more fund allocated to them , government spends 8092 crore on each person . Also the point to be noted is that these costs have incurred despite the allocation to counter terrorism activities have risen by 550% still the conditions have been so miserable . These activities have also shown it’s SIDE EFFECTS , Unemployment Rate being 21 % (25% among Youths) with annual increment of 2.74 lakh in population each year . Tourism , Horticulture and small scale industries have been crushed and new businesses cannot take place . Only some existing large and medium industries have the whole responsibility of providing Employment . For record there are 22000 schools but it’s 75% are so downgraded that it even lacks Electricity , Terror had already led to stoppage of around 3000 schools . The literacy rate is 65% here and even the allocation in Health sector has fallen by around 0.5% (4.9 to 4.5) and here there is only one Doctor on every 3800 people as compared to the national average of 2000 .

J&K was a separate and independent spanned on 2.1 lakh crore ruled by DOGRA Rajputs . To rule whole place they first captured LADAKH and then snatched KASHMIR from the British . Then it had 40 lakh population touching borders with AFGHANISTAN , RUSSIA and CHINA . At the time of independence in 1947 the KING HARI SINGH wanted to remain independent just like SWITZERLAND . But just after independence PAK attacked on it with KABAILI ATTACKERS specially targeting Hindu community , it’s said that Kashmiri women formed an Army and fought them which was one of the greatest ever showcase of Courage and Valour . HARI SINGH reached JAMMU on 25th October 1947 and on the next day Deal of Merger was signed and with immediate effect Indian Army started it’s fight with PAK to throw them out of Border but couldn’t do that completely and GILGIT and BALTISTHAN slipped out of our hands .

SHEIKH ABDULLA was the friend of NEHRU amd and also the founder of NATIONAL CONFERENCE . He was made the head of Kashmir and he persuaded Nehru to give Kashmir a special status . The proposal was presented in Parliament as Article 306-A which later transformed into Article 370 which gives one after the other special rights to Kashmir including a separate Constitution and separate Flag ; we will talk in detail about this later . India had to face many War kind situations all because of this Kashmir from two fronts . CHINA attacked in 1959 , 1962 and 1965 with the MEDIAN one being most destructive on us leading too high ECONOMIC Costs . Why PAK will lag behind in these so they also attacked us in 1948 , 1965 and 1971 with almost 1 lakh PAK soldiers surrendered on their Knees in the last War , PAK ripped apart in two pieces leading to birth of BANGLADESH .

SHEIKH was planning a Conspiracy against India with PAK , as soon as Nehru suspected it he was put behind Bars in 1953 and got released in 1964 . He became the Chief Minister INDIRA GANDHI’s tenure in 1975 and remained at the post till 1982 after wich he died and his son FARUKH ABDULLA took over his boots . It was this time only when ALGAWWADIS named Creatures came into existence . There was allegations of 1987 elections being unfair after which the lost leaders held weapons which raised the Sun of the ATANKWAD phase in the valley . In 1989 Daughter of then Home Minster MUFTI MOHAMMAD SAEED was kidnapped and for her release 13 militants had to be released and in a similar case Brother in Law of GHULAM NABI AZAD was kidnapped and for his release some terrorists had to be released. In the 90s decade militants started returning from PAK after taking training . AZADI slogans were chanted down the valley and non muslims were easy targets of the militants . Torture was rampant on them with innocents being Raped and Murdered . Lakhs of KASHMIRI PANDITS were thrown out of their homes . Conditions were that bad that there was President Rule between 1990-1996 after which elections started again .

How and Why the Terrorism reached such Sky High level in the valley . This story starts with JAMMU-KASHMIR LIBERATION FRONT (JKLF) which was founded by AMANULLAH KHAN in 1977 which also included MAQBUL BUTT who Hijacked Indian Airlines flight in 1977 . He was arrested by PAL due to immense pressure from our side but was released 2 years later . Then he returned to Kashmir under the arrest of Police . JKLF militants kidnapped RAVINDRA MAHATRE , the Indian representative in BIRMINGHAM ; as their wished were not fulfilled so he was even killed . India also hanged the Root cause of all this on 11 Feb 1984 but couldn’t hang the ROOTS as he became the POSTER BOY of the militants and many Youths went to this path chanting BUTT’s name

But what made Kashmir so easily accessible to PAK . Actually the Kashmir we see in maps is far from what it actually is . With half of area under PAK with the name (PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR) also some part grabbed by CHINA it leaves India with a very small part . Though we claim it always but the harsh truth is that we will never be able to get it back without a high no. of Casualties . With so much control within our borders PAK has brainwashed the brains of Locals towards them wanting AZADI and merger into PAK . When couldn’t defeat us in War PAK decided to break us and make us Hollow from within . The moral condition in Kashmir is so bad that many incidences are heard when students raising National Flag were beaten badly and each time we lose a big cricket match , there is DIWALI in Kashmir with huge bursting of crackers . Pakistan used the Commom factor ISLAM to spark terrorism and start a militant movement , though Indian Army tried to control it but it is very difficult to curb the terrorism that coexists with Civilians .

The Kashmiri youth worships those who are actually responsible for the Pathetic situation over thete ; PAK Army and the local brainless leaders . But once they have become like them the treatment required is also the same . When a muslim man is lyunched by some rioters or when a Dalit man is beaten by a mob the first reaction which comes in the mind that the culprits should be arrested soon and punished severely . But why our opinion changes when some men throw stones on a CRPF Van causing driver to lose control leading to death of 2 soldiers or when some Kashmiri throw stones on Tourists eventually Killing them . Why suddenly various Theories start coming up instaed of doing with them what they deserve . In 2017 only over 9000 cases were droped against the stone pelters , also before and after that the conditions were same . The main argument given is that they are UPSET and MISGUIDED Youths , Oh Thank You for giving us the new term , let me tell you that one who hurts Muslims in the name of religion , those who attack Dalits on the name of caste and even those who RAPE Women are simply misguided . Why cases are filed against them , go and sooth them with some COUNSELLING Prorammes , even what was the need of that JUVENILE Bill as a Juvenile is misguided when he is passionately raping someone but he will become a Ideal Man as soon as we sooth him . All the crimes are committed as the criminals are UPSET over some or the other thing , even we all are upset over something in life so should we all start smashing each other with stones . Even tourists , school children and locals were attacked but even then we have remained helpless and clueless in the situation . If we see the origin of stone pelting it takes it’s roots in ISRAEL where PALESTINIANS fought the Israeli population with demonstration called INTIFADA (To Shake Off) . As the ones they attacked were way stronger than the attackers it was considered an act of bravery then . But even then how the ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCES (IDF) reacted with Power and were given the right to use arms and shoot the stone pelters which led to even more violence and eventually situation became that Worse that sometimes IDF shot people just on Suspicion .

Even I don’t want such hard and disproportionate action feeling the gravity and sensitivity of the situation as it can cause Havoc in the Valley . I think the PALETTE GUNS are the best treatment and it was really disappointing of an institution as big as Supreme Court to order it’s stoppage just on Humanitarian grounds as Army people are also human . Such grounds are applicable only on humans not on such shameless creatures who throw stones on the Army , the ones who spend their whole life for our protection staying away from their family and sacrificing all the happy sides of life . Not just Army throwing stones and killing anyone is a Crime where stones are not pebbles ; a 2 kg Stone when thrown with high velocity on your head will just smash your brain out and will most probably send you on a heavenly abode . These ill mannered people can’t respect anyone but will always be the first to expect respect back . If anyone tried to shoot us with a Gun or stab us with a Knife , we will definitely fight without thinking repercussions arising out of it then why we start giving liberty when the weapon is a STONE . Just because the culprits are Kashmiri and Muslims complicates the case as it lays down a RELIGIOUS over the hands of authorities . Crime is a Crime whether done by person of any caste , colour , creed , religion or sex ; so why the need arises of drawing the line over which criminals to punish and which to sooth . He have to stop looking this case with the Lens of Religion or Liberal Benevolence and simply as a case where Innocents and our Armed forces were attacked which is simply a Crime ; this is the only way we can reach a conclusion in this case or else we will just be wandering over a thousand injured , hundreds dead , Tourism and Lifestyle destroyed and fear being sitting as a Crown over everyone’s head . Whatever be the wants and needs of the stone pelters , they can always peacefully protest and try to bring up their point but using this means will only increase the no. of problems you are suffering from . If your problems are brought in the highlight in a proper way you may see articles , movies and songs made on it to further reach out everyone . But as soon as you have picked a stone you are as big a Criminal as one is holding Knife or a Gun .

It was really smart and much needed the way Indian Army handled and responded in Kashmir after the PULWAMA Attack when it got full independence and all the problems all of a sudden started finding solutions on it’s own . Stone pelters and so called freedom fighters were brutally thrashed and their loyalty for PAK died at the instant as they started chanting PAKISTAN MURDABAD . Also Army warned that whoever is seen with a stone or a Gun will be shot at sight so all the parents ; Control your Children . Also the Separatist leaders losing their security was another marvelous step as these PAK sympathizers don’t have any other job than misguiding the Youth and empowering our dear Neighbours . Even leaders like MEHBUBA MUFTI and FAROOQ ABDULLA are never seen criticising PAK for it’s deeds and always blaming the Army for mistreating locals . Why are you blaming the Army , use your brain and think that how tough a job they are doing curbing terrorism that coexists with civilians . Specially the former leader always complains that Kashmiri people should feel like Winners ; I would like to say that for feeling like a Winner one has to follow the work ethics of winners , following the footsteps of Forever Losers Pakistan one can’t expect to feel like winners .

But the KASHMIR issue should also be looked upon from another point or point of view instead , we have to acknowledge the fact that even when Kashmir is a part of ours we have not been able to infuse our morals in them but PAK was able to paste their mindset on their face despite being an outde country , so there is something which is acting as a TRIGGER for them taking PAKI Activities . The factor which acted as a Key for PAK was Unemployment at a rampant scale ; if one fourth of Youth lies without any job and in desperate need for money it becomes relatively easy for people with Malicious intentions to influence them as we all know Bad work is always Richer than Good work . It’s definitely not an excuse for allowing Militancy but also not a fact as small to be ignored easily . It’s for sure that PAK has been able to provide them with something that we aren’t able to . A startling fact which even I couldn’t believe when I first saw it ; no. of youths taking joining militant groups in Kashmir is drastically rising after 2014 . It’s not the case that UPA Government governed Kashmir in an extraordinary way , after all these local politicians , POK , Article 370 all are gifts of Congress only . But yes if their record is good enough to be look upon in a particular area then we should take into consideration what they did so special which constrained Terror activities . In the words of Congress President RAHUL GANDHI they conducted PANCHAYATS there , invited Corporates to open business there and also tried to make sure Youth are BUSY . One has the Numbers we have and we should believe in his ideas and BJP should discuss with them what can be done to improve the situations . Let’s forget electoral benefits and use the culture of DEMOCRACY to protect ourselves .

So basically we can say that if we want to stop the Youth from entering the PAK Circuit we need to keep them BUSY . There is a Hindi proverb KHAALI DIMAAG SHITAAN KA GHAR HOTA HAI . How can we do so , as we discussed above that we need to crush the stone pelters and other militants to ensure PEACE in the valley first of all . A Cleaning process is very necessary and after that smooth running of Educational and Cultural institutions should be on our priority list . Apart from that those activities need to encouraged there which can grab the eyeballs and excitement of Youth such as START-UPS and Youth Politics . New ideas need to be encouraged with prizes and if Youth’s attention and minds are concentrated in Business and Investment then not only it will refine the areas but also it will be crushing the backbone of Terrorism .

I have an another unique idea for this situation :

We can see that our national cricket team is strong and contains players from diverse states ; reason for it’s dominant game has been an Efficient and well executed domestic circuit . Seldom do we see that J&K has reached any higher level of a domestic tournament and it’s contribution to our Cricket team is also very minimal . Except a few names who also faded away quickly we don’t even remember any significant name there . Under terrorism and bad company everything has just been Buried . Why not to have CRICKET ACADEMY opened there with some really top class facilities . Many might be saying that who will go to teach in such a place , for them I would say that if we won’t take such steps which are Unique in nature then forget about getting desired Results which will be Historic in nature if accomplished . Not only the Youth will be highly attracted to it , they will get distracted from bad activities just as a Naughty Child is involved in Co curricular activities to distract him from notorious activities . Also they will inherit the qualities that sports give like working collectively with Team Spirit , not losing heart and hope in any situation and never underestimating your rival . But the most important factor which I think will work here is NATIONALISM as every player will be playing and competing for playing at higher to higher level and ultimately for national level which means representing your country with Tricolour over your Heart which fills everyone with emotions . The biggest victory for us will be if we can generate the Patriotic feeling among those who have been INFECTED by PAK . Initally we can align Coaching with schools to ensure that everyone reaches there but I am damn sure that Enrolments will be very high in no.s ; also we can encourage other activities like Art , Music , Drama , etc . but Cricekt us the RELIGION anywhere in India and it is not under the umbrella of Article 370 . I will not say that this is the solution for the underlying problem but yes I am extremely sure that it will IMPROVE the situation to very high extent .

As we know that J&K has it’s own constitution , with centre dealing with Defence , foreign affairs and defence ; state will enjoy more political independence . Some peculiar rules also got applied like a non Kashmiri can’t buy Land here , a Kashmiri girl losing out her citizenship if she marries a non Kashmiri and the most annoying rule if a Pakistani marries a Kashmiri girl he gets the citizenship as if our country is a bloody resort for all , so there are many such liberty which J&K enjoys due to this Article . At that time Theory might have looked good on paper but it was never a good solution but actually it was just a disaster . A very well said line by CHETAN BHAGAT is “Instead of being blessed with two parents , J&K became no one’s child and remained an Orphan” . From the total J&K , the Kashmir valley is just 7% of the whole area having population as of Chennai and in size as of Sikkim . With rugged terrain , landlocked area and if left to remain independent on it’s own it will just be a tiny stub in a troubled area abused by both India and Pakistan . With no real economy and extreme dependence on it’s neighbours for almost everything it will pave the way for terrorism , smuggling and Drugs being completely taken over by Islamic forces and chances are high of it’s transformation into an Islamic State . It is obvious then that no one would be interested in Investing there leading to absolutely no jobs and safety . So all the Kashmiri people and specially the Youth need to understand this that there is absolutely no FUTURE for them , for Kashmir or for anyone if Kashmir slips out of our hands and even if it goes in the hands of PAK . The public also needs to understand this simple fact that their future lies in India only .

So for making Kashmir truly a part of India we need to remove the Bloody Article 370 which is only empowering the local politicians there . The Kashmiri Pandits should be brought back there , it’s not easy to understand how if feels throwing you out of your Home . The biggest point to be kept in mind is not to question their Patriotism all the time ; if one’s each demand is put under a NATIONALISM SCANNER , irritaion and frustration binds them to go against the country . I accept that one can’t be allowed to go against the country but so is everyone not liable to prove his Nationliasm each time . I think this NATIONALISM Test conducted by some media houses who know everything that NATION WANTS TO KNOW lead to further worsening of the situation there . Just try to behave normal with them and everything will start coming out being normal . Remember it is a fight within the Family and we can’t afford to defeat any side as whoever loses ultimately the whole family will lose . India will lose .



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