As I said Trust our Defence, Trust NaMo and trust AJIT DOVAL . We have hit back at PAK and we have hit very hard this time . PAK was ready for a Surgical Strike so we brought an out of syllabus AIRSTRIKE . Crossing LOC first time after 1971 and conducting Airstrike over BALAKOT area which is the main headquarter of JeM was a mission which marked it’s name in History . As we know JeM was only responsible for the PULWAMA MASSACRE we can say that we have taken the Revenge for which PAK will cry for very long .

Another TACTICAL Victory by us was calling this attack as Pre-Emptive and non-Military strike by VIJAY GOKHALE the foreign Secretary of India . The area over which the strike was conducted was fully under the control of PAK Army so by calling the attack as just a Self Defence act as they feared further attacks from JeM ; it’s both a Sarcasm and Irony as if PAK criticises us it will have to accept that it has sheltered and helped JeM and others to grow and gain control and if it doesn’t say anything heavy unrest will be witnessed in PAK . The strike took place at 3:00 to 3:30 with 1000 kg bombs being dropped over the headquarters of JeM killing around 300 Terrorists including some top commanders and high officials of the organisation . The whole mission was undertaken under the surveillance of AJIT DOVAL our NSA Chief or we can say the ETHAN HUNT cum JAMES BOND of India who once again used his sharp brain and top skills in the Mission . As per reports it’s said that just after the Pulawama Attack security was increased highly at Borders (Land and Sea borders) but that was just to distract and grab eyeballs of PAK Authorities on the wrong side . They couldn’t have even expected in their dreams about an Airstrike .

But the Attacks didn’t ended there only it was obvious that PAK will do something just as . Even after the PULWAMA ATTACK they warned that if IND attacks on them for Revenge , not only PAK will think but it WILL Retaliate ; this statement came after IMRAN KHAN denied any claims of being behind this attack saying it always wants Peace . The next day after the Air strike two PAK F-16 aircrafts entered our borders as if we would have been sitting clueless like them to suffer the attack . Indian Airforce was totally ready for retaliation and they chased down the 4th generation aircraft with three 1st generation MIG-21 aircraft using R-73 Missiles and dragged them of the Border with one of the aircraft crashing down inside PAK Border ; this was one of rarest in rare case where such a modern aircraft was crashed down by such an old model . One of our aircraft also crashed but due to technical failure within our borders even before the attack took place . But in course of this attack one of our 3 aircrafts also got disbalanced and crashed , what was more Unfortunate that it crashed inside the PAK Border . The speed with which fighter aircrafts fly , it’s not easy to understand when the border has been crossed that too when one is chasing another plane . As soon as he realised that he can fall down he used PARACHUTE to land safely where he saw locals around . Here , one has to salute his Sharp Mind he immediately asked whether it’s IND or PAK , after getting no response he said BHARAT MATA KI JAI and when no one else said it back he understood that he is in the lands of our Dear Neighbours and in deep deep trouble .

He immediately ran to a lake and destroyed all documents he had , if some documents were not getting destroyed completely he ‘ate’ them , yes you read it right . Then he was attacked by the Locals and brutally thrashed which left him bleeding and wounded . We have to thank PAK Army here which came and took him under custody . Very then PAK Authorities released a Video which showed he being taken under custody , he was Wounded and his eyes covered , he just said that ” I am from Indian Air Force , I am Indian and a HINDU ” on being asked further details he said “I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL YOU THIS” , which shows his Courage and Valour of not bowing down in front of enemies even being in their Territory and being in adverse situation . After a while another video was surfaced by PAK Authorities only in which he publicly admitted that he is a IAF Commander and is currently under PAK Custody and the authorities are showing very good behaviour towards him ; he was drinking Tea while referring in the video . Though it was alleged that Video had around 17-18 cuts which shows that either he was forced to say what he said , or his words were moulded so that they mean what THEY wanted him to say . Heavy unrest was going on here in India as everyone was very much worried for him ; but soon it became clear that nothing will happen to him as GENEVA CONVENTION came into the effect and not just from INDIA but PAK was being sandwiched by International Pressure as well . On the very next day PAK PM IMRAN KHAN declared that the next day he will be released and handed over to the Indian authorities as a PEACE GESTURE but everyone knew that he didn’t had any other option as well as he came to know just after the TRAILER of AIRSTRIKE that the WAR MOVIE is going to be a Blockbuster . Though I would here say that he could surely have delayed it for 2-3 weeks and also could have physically tortured ABHINANDAN VARTHAMAN but he opted returning him back to INDIA ; I can’t say of others but what I am able to make out of it is that IMRAN KHAN on personal level doesn’t want War and can even say wants Peace and Harmony but as I have mentioned earlier that his Thinking doesn’t matters in that country . After this decision he was criticised and Hooted in the PAK Parliament which shows that not just ISI and Terrorists but even the Opposition didn’t wanted him to be released , so in such a situation I would call this decision as a very sensible one .

He was handed over to Indian authorities via BAGHA BORDER on 29th February around 9 pm though he could have been released easily by 12 noon as planned but the whole process was delayed by PAK Authorities for just no reason . He was accompanied by . What further intensified my respect and admiration for him was his attitude at the time he was on the verge of being released ; though formalities were going on very long but not even for one second did he ever looked hesitated or panicking , was just standing quietly in military position with no signs of fear or hurry on his face . Another fact was that he suffered a injury on his back when he jumped out of the plane but even then he never made us realise that . Finally the wait was over and he crossed the border and returned to his MOTHERLAND , Our INDIA , our INCREDIBLE INDIA . After a while his medical tests were conducted , many high officials including our Defence Minister NIRMALA SITHARAMAN met him . He also revealed that he had to suffer Mental Torture in Pakistan which I think must be for presenting PAK in a good way in the videos . Some nations are born for being abused and just don’t deserve to be talked properly and PAK is one of the front runners .

Till then I found the political atmosphere quite United in the country and was also having some respect for the Opposition leaders but after that a sudden BREEZE OF CURIOSITY blew amongst everyone in the country . They started demanding Proofs of the Airstrike and the no. of terrorists killed claiming that the whole episode was fake and for garnering votes . Almost all leaders were Shamelessly asking and the tone they used was so disrespecting for our Air Force ; they just alleged without even thinking whether they are referring to Government or the Army . Actually what happened was that before this PULWAMA Attack and BALAKOT Strike the elections were expected to be a closley contested nail bitter but after this incident taking place right before the elections it’s almost certain that BJP will be able to come to power once again . So this led to INDIGESTION and LOOSE MOTION for all Anti-Modi Groups and it was just the Side effect of that what we witnessed . What these politicians don’t understand is that it’s a critical WAR like situation and instead of boosting our Defence forces their whole Morale is being put down by questioning their effort . Just think practically who the hell would have landed from the fighter planes to take 12 Megapixel pictures of the dead bodies of the bloody terrorists and then had sat down for counting them as if their was no time constraint in this Mission . One very Wonderful comment was made by someone from our ruling party ” After killing Mosquitoes at night should I sit down for counting their bodies or should I enjoy my Sleep ” .

I fully admit that there is Right to Information and Freedom of speech exists in our Democracy but at such a critical time using them so haphazardly can be Disastrous for this democracy only . I will surely not say that if BJP had been in Opposition and this strike would have been undertaken by CONGRESS , their reaction would have been drastically different but I don’t know why these politicians can’t understand a simple fact that there is a difference in contesting elections which occurs once in five years and fighting a War of which just once in lifetime is enough to leave the whole Country shattered and in scratches . Sometimes one has to forget about Election and Parties and should think about the Nation specially in such Critical War like situations . Even if in your family there is difference in opinion between you and your family head or with any member ; if you all get up on a fight with your Neighbour who is throwing stones at your house you all will break your neighbour’s face together by being under one UMBRELLA ; instead of one senior member fighting and hurting his face and others demanding the Neighbour’s Broken TOOTH to believe that yes his face was hammered .

There are many who are saying that MODI doesn’t deserve any credit for this , but we have to keep in mind that the 1971 War , which is one of the most bravest and Courageous war in the History of mankind ; much credit is given to INDIRA GANDHI and also it should be . Similar praises are garnered by other ruling parties as well so we should not compromise in giving credit to NaMo where it’s due .
But it should not be used a s a propaganda tool for elections ; for those shameless politicians of ruling party who were using IAF’s Valour for it’s Vote Bank like YEDURAPPA claiming we will win now because of this and in many places BJP Posters with Airstrike ; I don’t have words to describe their Cheapness who can use the sacrifices of our Soldiers for their personal benefit and try to steal the credit of Army .

Talks have taken place between INDIA and PAKISTAN ; it’s not the case that it hasn’t . ATAL VIHARI BAJPAYEE was the man who tried his very best that Peace Talks continue between the two nations whatever be the political condition . Even after KANDHAR Plane Hijack , Parliament Attack and Kargil War he ensured that talks are still going on . Between 1999-2007 both nations met for 350 times and that is considered GOLDEN ERA OF INDIA -PAK EFFRORT FOR KASHMIR PROBLEM . In contrast to that there hasn’t been any structured composite Dialogue between the two .

The politicians of the valley think that Army has the responsibility of developing a place , while other politicians and government get happy just after a reduction in violence and a rise in tourism ,; turning it out as Solution as they did in 2003 . From 2003-2008 CEASEFIRE was declared between the two counties and AMARNATH land controversy was also not in discussion . After that SALAFI-WAHABI Community led an drastic rise in no. of Masjids as within 10 years it rose from 600 to 3000 . ISI has influenced the Youth against the nation , stone pelting and other militant activities through Social Media . The ATAL Formula is considered the best way to deal with the problem with TALK BETWEEN TERROR Formula . In 2001 ATAL JI and PAK President MUSHARRAF gave 4 point Kashmir solution . Every year it’s again implementation is proposed at the retired officers TRACK 2 Meet :

  • Both countries lessen the amount of LOC at border
  • There is no change in J&K Border and locals should be allowed to go beyond it
  • J&K gets Autonomy in governance
  • J&K will be taken care by a combined force made by INDIA , PAK and KASHMIR .

So if one will say that we have not tried to maintain Peace he is telling a Big Lie . There are some people who are calling our Retaliation as War Mongering . Just remember we hadn’t started the war nor have we attacked anyone , it’s PAK who has Attacked us and started the War and reacting to that Attack which killed our Soldiers , caused grief to their Families actually the whole Country is not called War Mongering . Even MASOOD AZHAR was releaser after being by VAJPAYI JI and NaMo landed staright in PAK PM’s wedding even eithout invitation to act as their friend . These were signs of peace gesture thinking that PAK will change it’s mindset and as per promise will not allow usage of any of it’s land for terrorism . But each time we were proved wrong , just one fact was proved right that PAKISTAN is after all PAKISTAN .

I just have one complaint with this attack that we shouldn’t have disclosed this within hours like Children that – “YEY WE KILLED THEM” . Let me give you an example once PALESTINIAN Terrorist group BLACK SEPTEMBER kidnapped and killed Israeli Olympic players . Not just ISRAEL took the revenge , it killed each and every perosn involved in it . The mission was undertaken by MOSSAD the intelligence agency of ISRAEL and it took around 50 years for it’s execution but even then not for once did ANYONE got a blink of it . Even when governments changed the mission continued to undertake without any hindrance because every government worked for their country not just for elections . Movies were also made on it but only after, the mission was over unlike our case where within 48 hours of the attack there was a line of production companies for making movie on it . If one thinks that one or two strikes will end Terrorism , then you are wrong , you will not able to kill that much as much will newly emerge . I am no one to give suggetsions to our defence but I genuinely think that MOSSAD kind of Mission is needed to kill the TERRORISM BUG right from it’s roots . However time it needs let it be , whether BJP comes or CONGRESS let the mission continue . It requires support of all parties without any hesitation , all parties have to work for our nation . Even I want to watch a movie on Air strike with AKSHAY KHILADI KUMAR palying ABHINANDAN but I will be equally happy if I get to watch it after 50 years if it’s beneficial for our nation .

To all the Evil Minds just keep in mind we are NEW INDIA , not just we will enter in your house we will grab you by the collar and beat the shit out of you so badly that your 7 generations will not even dream of doing this . Also if one thinks that it’s all over now , wait , the Lives of 40 soldiers can’t be Avenged by just this attack . The mastermind must know that he has done a a big big mistake and Revenge is not complete as AJIT DOVAL also said . Our Indian Army’s Revenge will be so so cruel that Terrorism will have to introspect itself and will have Nightnares of Indian Army . I am with my Indian Army Head to Head Shoulder to Shoulder HEAD and SHOULDER .

We had not started the war but we will bloody hell finish it .

How’s the Josh ? High Sir

How’s the Josh ? High Sir

I couldn’t hear you I said How’s the Josh ? HIGH Sir ….. YEAAHHH




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