Tony was a 14-year-old boy, who was very innocent in nature, good in studies except for Maths and very much fond of sports. Looking at his streak of poor marks, his parents hired a tutor for him named SAURABH CHATURVEDI, a full-time college student and a part-time tutor. Ironically, it was Tony himself who selected the name out of the given shortlisted names available to him. But, then he didn’t know that the teacher is going to turn down his life completely upside down. The tutor entered his life just like Greg Chappell entered the Indian Cricket Team.

Saurabh entered the story with a track record of teaching two students, both of whom got 10 CGPA. Though he didn’t know the fact that the school from where they belonged had an internal marking system and any good student will be getting 10 CGPA by default. Initially, it all seemed good, as he was making Tony understand the concepts, but slowly he started showing his true colours. He used to give him heavy homework, so much that he can’t finish in a day. He would complain to his parents for every petty thing so that he gets scolded. . While solving, he would continuously poke him “Do it like this…again this mistake”.

Things started getting out of hand when despite knowing that Tony had a social studies exam the next day, he would give him the same amount of homework and also expect him to complete it. Under pressure, he did solve around 40 questions and out of that, his test didn’t go as per his standard due to obvious reasons. But wait, even that didn’t satisfy the blood-drinker, he scolded him, complained to his parents and even twisted his ears badly leaving him in pain.

With time, the twisting of ears started becoming a daily affair. It started causing constant pain in Tony’s ears. At times, he even felt that something liquid flowing inside his ears. And yes, out of fear he didn’t tell this to anyone. With time, being scolded for an hour, being made to solve questions continuously with pokes and taunts became a regular affair for him. This created such a fear in him that just before the arrival of his tutor, he had to go to the toilet multiple times.

Through all this, his parents always believed Saurabh and placed full trust in him. One day Saurabh asked for a copy in which he had explained a particular concept and Tony brought it but was not able to locate exactly where the concept was explained. The toy also brought all his other copies in which he had written under his teaching. So many copies being present itself proved that he did work hard, but who cared for that. Soon, Saurabh accused him that he has misplaced the copy and called his parents and gave them the news adding a few twists, he throws copies here and there and doesn’t write what I tell him to.

He literally provoked them to beat him and cheered them euphorically while they did so. Though, after a while, he himself found that concept in the very first copy given to him. But the damage was done already. He asked his parents to not allow him to watch sports, to participate in sports and just study the whole day like a pig. Slowly, Tony’s maths improved than before and he also passed out with good marks. But for a while, let’s take a small pause and think, was that the thing Tony wanted for himself.

Today Tony has developed into an underconfident and depressed man, while his classmates scored more than him applying lesser efforts. Saurabh was anyways useless so he is still teaching at that local college, while his own classmates got placed in big companies. What is the line till parents should put pressure over their children, till what level should the tutors be given liberty? Who is responsible for Tony not getting what he wanted for himself, his ruined happiness and all the surmounting emotional and mental pain he lives on with today.

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