A boy named Nikhil was very innocent by nature and didn’t know how cruel this world is. He had a friend Somesh and he used to sit with him, eat with him, and talk with him. Yes, he had other friends too but it was Nikhil who he was closest to. For Nikhil, the two were just two people with similar ambitions and interests and so he thought everything that way. 

Now, what happened is because of Nikhil sitting, talking, walking, eating and being with boy people started calling him Gay. Surprisingly, they were only calling Nikhil Gay and not Somesh, maybe because Nikhil was weak and too innocent. They went a few steps ahead and used to call Nikhil Somesh’s wife. Some used to pull his chest and call it boobs while some used to touch his penis and say there isn’t one.

Now, Somesh was such a cheap person, he used to shut the offenders in front of Nikhil, but in his absence, even he used to laugh at it. Many boys of the class started calling him gay or the newly developed word ‘CHAKKA’ openly and some refused to sit with him any longer saying “Whenever a boy becomes his friend … he just keeps on running behind him licking his ass”. Now, is being with someone you consider your best friend is being Gay nowadays.

The biggest fraud with Nikhil happened when at the ninth standard, students had to select different languages, Somesh intentionally chose the subject that Nikhil would never have opted for. The reason was he wanted to get rid of this ‘Husband Wife’ theory. Just when the class was bifurcating, Nikhil wanted to hug his friend as he would never be able to sit with him again, but Somesh denied him and went to the other class. Initially, Nikhil felt lonely, but slowly he coped up with others.

Now, after the class reshuffling, there were many new faces. Nikhil made some friends, out of them one was the topper named Akhilesh. Also, he was the one Nikhil got away with the most now because they had similar tastes, similar interests and also both were good in studies. Again, they used to sit together and remain together most of the time. But, after a while, the past rumours of Nikhil being a Gay paved their way into this class also. The architects of this were the old students of Nikhil’s previous class.

Now, just suddenly out of nowhere Nikhil was a Gay again. People were again teasing him and laughing at him. But, just when he was thinking “Oh … leave these people” the biggest setback came as Akhilesh too took his bag and went to sit with someone else. A notable point here is that Akhilesh took this step right when people were laughing and commenting on him. Just for a second think, about what would have been the mental condition of Nikhil at that time.

If you guys were expecting a happy ending … you were wrong. He continues being bullied, abused and termed a Gay or CHAKKA whatever you may call it.

Now, you all tell me what was the fault of Nikhil. What was it exactly that he was doing wrong? Is having a friend with whom you are very close, a crime? What is the limit defined up to which two boys can be close in a friendship? Roommates sleep in the same room … So? Colleagues sit together … so? Brothers stay together … so? I heard people having objections with girls and boys being friends, but how is it happening that a boy is being punished for being friends with boys. If Nikhil kills himself out of depression and loneliness one day, shouldn’t a murder case be charged upon all these disgraceful ‘so-called boys’? Also, the story leaves us with a Question … What are the parameters and instruments of measurement of “What Makes You A Gay” … ?????

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