Why one needs Sex Education ?

Aashish is an innocent, introverted and shy boy aged 15. He comes from a very conservative and strict family. Now, neither is he interested in knowing deeply about Sex and nor did the environment at home allowed him to do so. So, even after passing out the tenth standard, he doesn’t know anything ‘practically’ about sex.

All he knows is the theory of NCERT that he rote-learn. Sex was a word that was in a way banned in the house. When news about a rape incident would being telecasted, the only thing his parents did was just to change the channel. He comes to 11th standard, the class was full of miscreants and ‘A RATED’ boys. The whole day, all they did was telling adult jokes and discuss the plots of some award-winning porn films. All of this caught zero interest of Aashish and that made those A-Rated guys to poke and rag him. They used to taunt him saying “Grow up man…watch some porn and masturbate…HA HA”.

They used to even ask him “Do you masturbate?” Of course, they used the Hindi word and of course, Aashish’s answer was NO. That suddenly made him an even funnier laughing piece in the class. In this modern society, reading books, watching movies and playing sports are outdated activities. It is masturbation and throwing out all the sperms you have inside your body, which makes you a smart and intellectual person.

Now, what happens is that when parents don’t teach you about these important things, one is compelled to learn about the things from those A-Rated boys. One day some of them rounded around Aashish and told him “Hey listen…start watching some porn…and masturbate…it is very good for health”. Aashish ignored their statements, but the bad advice are more effective than the good ones.

Aashish tried watching porn, but just the very face of it, made him almost vomit and he shut off his phone. But, with things like that, what happens that one tries doing it again and again. He tried it again the next day, this time he didn’t felt like vomiting but couldn’t masturbate as he didn’t know how to do it exactly after holding your penis. But the third day, he did get successful as he remembered what his A-Rated Teachers have taught him. He insanely vibrated his penis and then came out…the holy element.

That incident filled him with a different kind of emotion, that he had never felt before in life. From that day onwards, he started doing it regularly, sometimes around 10 times a day. He went on to become a masturbation addict and a sex maniac. Practically, there is nothing wrong with masturbation, but the thing is what should be the limit to which one will go. And…most importantly, who should be the one telling about this to the young teenagers, their parents or these A-Rated worthless students.

What impact, will porn have on an immature brain. The way women are shown repressed and ‘under control of men in such videos, doesn’t it promote rape like incidents? Also, there should be no surprise when we find lakhs of people searching about brutal rape cases on porn websites…who are they…where do they come from? If the parents voluntarily talk with their children about sex education, tell them about the physical, emotional as well as biological changes that he is going to undergo and how he should be dealing with it and they are always there for him if he ever feels stuck…how much will it cost them?

I think it’s high time and our Indian society must evolve now, especially from this ‘Generation Gap’ and ‘Maryaada’ kind of things. Or else, it will be costing us very heavily which it is actually doing. I hereby also request a separate curriculum for ‘Sex Education’ to be included in our secondary school syllabus.

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