The Karnataka Encounter ….. Perhaps the Best way to deal with these RAPISTS

Few days before we came towards a horrific incident taking place in TELANGANA . When a girl named DISHA who was Vetenary Doctor by profession was allegedly gang raped and then burnt down . The culprits have been killed not by Judiciary but from Gun Shots . This move is highly on debate and let us also think what can and should be done .

She was returning from work and her Scootie broke down , suddenly a man came forward to help her and took her into Confidence that he will help her for the repairs . But then 3 more men came and they took her to a Deserted place . She was perhaps sensing a Danger and she phoned her sister that she needs help but before anyone could have reacted the phone was cut . After that what happened was so Horrific that it’s better to not switch into the details . She was brutally gangraped and then imagine what , she was BURNED down . What was her Fault … No tell me what was her fault … just the fact that she was born with a VAGINA . What kind of lust , thirst or Hunger is it which makes a man rape a girl even after she is Dead , yes that’s what happened here . Now after that with the help of Petrol Pump owner , few locals and the smart investigation of Police led to the arrest of the 4 named . After that SC ordered a fast track ruling in the case but still it wouldn’t have brought the result in a week .

As usual people with cheap and dirty mindset started cooking their Chappatis . Some started shouting that rapists are Muslims , but when it came out that only 1 is Muslim rest 3 are Hindu then they started calling him converted Christian . Then came some as usual UNCLES stating that it was Girl’s fault , why she went with them , surely she also had a sexual desire , some even called her Irresponsible for calling her sister instead of 112 . But the most disturbing category of people I found were the ones who searched HYDERABAD GANG RAPE on PORN SITES . Do you really think these 80 Lakh Searchers were even Human , what they wanted , to see her being raped , to see her burnt , to see her crying , shouting and dying . These people have made being a Boy shameful , a Disgrace .

Now while this case was going on Telangana Police said – “NO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” . They took the 4 to the crime scene and tricked them by handing Guns on their hands and kILLED them shooting down by Bullets . Though , for reason police has said that they came there for recreating the crime scene and the culprits somehow tried to flee by snatching our Guns only and they were also pelting stones at us . Well ….. I think you all are smart enough to know that this is a Well Directed STORY . Those of you who have watched the movie SIMBA must be knowing who the Real Life SIMBA has done it . And I would like to give them a big big salute for the same .

Yes it was a big violation of human rights , very Unconstitutional and also CHEATING . So ….. the thing which happened with the Girl , what was that ? BLESSING . When she was cheated for repairing Scooty and Humanity was murdered when she was Raped with all might , was her human rights taken into account ? Just frankly tell me the way she was gangraped and burned can anyone having even a bit of humanity inside can commit it ? Let me be very clear human rights is only for humans not for these Demons .

At max what would have happened if legal procedures would have been followed . They would have been getting Bail back to back . Even if they would have been convicted they would have got Life Imprisonment as very few are hanged in our country . Only 25% of rapists are actually punished and merely 5% are hanged and the pace of this procedure is even lesser than a TORTOISE . We haven’t even been able to hang the rapists of NIRBHAYA till now … 7 Goddamn years . Rapists of ASIFA in KATHUA weren’t hanged (3 were imprisoned for 6 years and 3 for life) despite she was a Minor even when new rule says rapists of minors should be hanged .

What is happening in UNNAO ; 2 cases of Rape occur . In one BJP MLA is involved so he gets favour and birthday wishes even after being arrested , still he manages to kill almost the whole family of victim . In other case , 5 men gangrape a girl but FIR isn’t lodged for 2 years , she has to reach out Court just for that , police resist in arresting , even after being arrested they easily get Bailed just because they have sources till upper level of government and burn the victim alive . She was running 90% burnt crying for help , where was Human Rights sleeping then ? She gets some help but only for a few hours after which her soul departs from this world . What Law & Order , What Human Rights , What Constitution ? What the FUCK you all are talking about ?

Yes , I agree with the argument that doing Encounter of Rapists will be like admitting the failure of our Administration . So … you still have any doubt left on that ? If yes then face these . A no. 911 was to be activated for Women safety so she can call on the no. if she senses anything like this . But our mighty government didn’t implemented it in 10 states (9 BJP ruled) and the NIRBHAYA Fund which came for implementing safety for woman , 90% of that fund stands unused because our government was able to bring woman safety at it’s fullest just by the 10% fund (includes both BJP and INC Governments) . What can we expect from these people .

Yes I accept that instead of this step we should have concentrated on making our System efficient . What system ? Where is the system ? I just talked about UNNAO . You think this MODI government will take action against rapists ? HUH … 40% of it’s own MLA’s and MP’s have “Rape and Crimes against Women” charges against them . Will they take action against half of their Party ? CONGRESS … well is no exception . Our prime minister can’t spare a few minutes to at least condemn these incidents on Twitter because he works for 18 hours . What expectation can we have from these people , these Lawmakers , this System ? Where are all the “MAIN BHI CHOWKIDAAR”s hiding now ?

The only valid argument against the Encounter I found “What if the accused turn out Innocent” ? . See , in majority of cases these types of cases are Crystal Clear as like the Hyderabad Case , Unnao Case or the Nirbhaya case . So at least in this case points shouldn’t be raised about Innocence . But I will suggest that if there is even 1% chance of Error first some more Investigation should be done before any such action . Sometimes the accused turn out innocent then there must be traces and evidences supporting it . But just asking for stoppage of Encounters of Rapists will even blow away the only spark of Fear in the minds of Rapists . They should piss off in pants even before thinking about committing such activity .

And all those asking the Constitutional Validity of Encounters . This Constitution itself says , it is “OF THE PEOPLE , FOR THE PEOPLE , BY THE PEOPLE” . Since we all cannot work for Constitution as we all have diverse fields so we elect Government and in no sense we are inferior to them . If the STAFF we have appointed is not doing the assigned job we will have to do it ourselves . Who are we people to take law in our hands ? Well the same people who allow these Rapists to take the dignity and pride of woman in their hands and why don’t we just ask this question from Rapists only ?

Also , I would like to ask everyone if any such thing happens to someone in your Family , will you still give such statements ? Well for me at least the answer is NO . Even though DISHA (Hyderabad Victim) is by no means associated with me but from the time news broke out my blood was boiling as a Volcano . If just they would have came infront of me I would have killed them with my own hands after making a SAUCE of their PENIS . Do whatever you can . I personally think these Rapists should be publicly Lynched and Hanged and yes it is Fear Mongering and if any of you is sympathizing with Rapists you are just one of them . First people shout BRING JUSTICE and when they are killed they shout WHY KILL .

After this much I would like to rest my case . Though there are many aspects on this topic such as Moral Sex Education of children and Redefining security system for women using Technology . Well I can promise these things from my side but neither do I promise nor do I expect any such thing from our Government . Why will they work on this when people only don’t pay any heed . The day Women Security becomes one of the agendas surpassing RAM MANDIR on which we start giving Votes , perhaps that day will see the Government really working on it .





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