Recently CHINA as per it’s usual nature used it’s VETO Power against calling MASOOD AZHAR as International Terrorist , after that apart from the usual Plastic Aggressive slogans BAN CHINESE PRODUCTS and PAKISTAN MURDABAD attacks were made on NEHRU the first prime minister of India . Now one should be thinking that how NEHRU came in this story of PAK , CHINA and VETO . Actually it’s being said that during 1950 Nehru was offered permanent seat in UNITED NATIONS but he declined the offer and GIFTED this opportunity to China who is using this opportunity in the best possible way to hurt us . Literally Nehru is given the whole blame for what China does . I will not try to defend nor defame NEHRU but let’s just go through what ACTUALLY happened that time and how much truth lies in the claim .

First of all China was an original permanent member of the Security Council from 1945 only signing UN CHARTER . In 1949 after the Communist Takeover in China took place but the ousted government of SHIANG KAI SHEK which called itself the Republic of CHINA continued to hold that seat . Then NEHRU felt that it’s not right that a small island holds UN permanent council that too with VETO power as it lacks that credibility . So he appealed other permanent members council to give that seat held by TAIWAN to the COMMUNIST CHINA (PRC) . Though US admitted the objection presented but was unwilling to give the seat to a Communist regime and instead offered India only if they would take the seat . Nehru found this Unethical and Injustice over China , as why will we eat someone else’s CHAPPATI ; we will be able to get the seat on our own one day .

But few more facts to be taken under consideration are that even if India would have accepted the US offer it couldn’t have been able to surpass the USSR ( RUSSIA that too before the SINO SOVIET Split ) Veto power which would have surely came against us shattering all hopes . After a landmark visit to USSR by Nehru even USSR offered us the permanent seat in UN permanent council in 1955 but even then Nehru rejected it as an IRONICAL situation this time US who had offered us initially had used VETO against us . There was absolutely no chance that both US and USSR would have simultaneously agreed for giving us the permanent seat . Both feared giving the seat to China but both the super powers would never have allowed us to get into their club without being sure that India will side them in case of conflict which means being Obliged and Subordinate to them which should not have happened at any cost .

India was considered a country with principled foreign policy . Not only our this reputation would have been destroyed but also we would became a PAWN of one of the superpowers . We should instead thank that we never became a Pawn or Subordinate of any country despite being in Disdain situations . Also at that time INDIA and RUSSIA relations were at a very prime high and this acceptance of offer would have completely destroyed it .

One dangerous but ignored possibility of accepting that offer was that it could have offended CHINA and The 1962 War could have occured a few years before or there would have been two INDO-CHINA Wars in History . India was neither willing to nor in the condition of War at that time after getting Independence from 200 years of British rule . Before that many invasions are noteworthy which have played a big role in emptying our treasury . At that time saying NO to a big superpower shows the knowledge of past and courage of present by the then prime minister .

One may criticise NEHRU for being too friendly with CHINA in return of which we have only received Stabbing at back . Despite so many Friendly Hands forwarded by our side what was forwarded to us from China was always War , Border dispute , one after the other Jealous activities , and VETO on almost everything which was in our favour . But before criticising Nehru just think that aren’t we all even more guilty as we are the biggest market of Chinese products giving them Boost in Trade and Economy . If you want to really take Revenge from China just boycott all their products , we will not DIE without them . Use SAMSUNG only however slow and third class it is but don’t go for Chinese products . Just spreading BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS on social media will not do anything we have to break their back . Take inspiration from USA can’t even sell a NEEDLE to Japan right from the time it dropped Bombs there as NO ONE will buy it even if Government imports them . Keep it in mind trading with our Enemies is like spitting on our own country .

This permanent seat would never have come to us as case as long as UN CHARTER had been amended which does not give permanent membership to anyone other than certain specified nations . So as the amendment was not possible so was not possible the inclusion of India as permanent members . Those who are shouting for Permanent Seat should accept now that actually there was NEVER a permanent seat so how we could have got it . I have myself felt that NEHRU is being targeted unncesarily over the last few years specially on WhatsApp with worst kind of lies used . One can have political opinion different from him , One can not like his personal life but there is no point in HATING a man who spent 9 years in Jail for our Independence struggle with one being 2 year long and who led the foundation of the developmental path for the first time upon which we are building new Skyscrapers at present . Criticising now living in the world’s 6th largest economy is very easy but leading a Country having Empty treasury and fragile economy remarkably is not that easy as it sounds . I am myself not a Fan of NEHRU as I know about his Negative aspects but yes I also don’t Hate him because I also admit his Positive ones .

So here I rest my case . It was an attempt to erase a Misconception which was making it’s way in the minds of way too many . I would suggest just one thing that don’t believe in any news that comes around specially on WhatsApp and even from media houses as almost the whole Indian Media is sold out and is working for the ruling party with the sole aim of bringing it back to power in 2019 . They want to present situation as if NEHRU is solely responsible for all the Bad things happening . At last I would like to say that whatever be your belief don’t Hate NEHRU , Hate CHINA it’s them who are the main Trouble makers . Hate them and punish them but don’t envy the INVENTION OF INDIA .



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