What Will People Say … ?????

There is a family consisting of NIKHIL and SUCHI Sharma and their 2 daughters TINA and MINA Sharma. While Tina is 17 years old, Mina is just 13 years old. The family shows that it is very modern, open-minded. Then one day, something happened that changed everything … or maybe nothing. 

During the summer vacations, their cousin brother KALYAN came to visit them for a week. He was the son of Nikhil’s sister ANJALI. He arrived on 15th June and during the whole week, they played together whole-heartedly. His impression was that of a very simple, meticulous and studious boy. Finally, on the 22nd of June, Kalyan went back. 

The whole family was waving him off, but despite being called several times, Mina didn’t come. Though everyone seemed surprised but since Kalyan was getting late, so they all forgot about it and Kalyan went ahead. 

During dinner time also, Mina seemed extremely lost and disturbed. Also, since Brinjal was the main dish on the dinner’s menu, Mina was not at all eating anyways. Now, Suchi just lost her cool and shouted –

“It’s enough … Mina !!! Eat it or else….

Mina replied with the same lost mind 

“I am not hungry … I don’t want to…

Suchi : It’s too much now… In the evening you broke the vase because you were walking like a drunkard and now you are not eating …. What is this ? I will… 

But suddenly Tina comes in between

TINA : Don’t worry Maa, I will make her eat in our room. Just relax!

Everyone except Mina finished their dinner and went to their rooms. 

In the room, Tina came towards Mina and asks her quietly-

“What is bothering you, Mina ?

MINA : It’s nothing Di … at least you stop bothering me now ?

TINA : I know there is something … tell me Mina, or else no one will ever hear you

But Mina still didn’t say anything, Tina got up and started moving ahead, but Mina stops her and starts sobbing holding her hand.

Tina moves her hand over her head and consoles her while Mina tells her EVERYTHING. 

After around 15-20 minutes, Tina picks her phone and types something for around 5 minutes. She then gets up angrily, pulls Mina by her arm and takes her.

Mina says “Please don’t tell this to anyone Di … Please”

Tina : Shut Up !!! I won’t let this sink in just like that.

She enters their parents’ room.

Tina : Maa, Papa … I want to tell you something 

Nikhil and Suchi : Oh yes … tell Beta

Tina : You remember that Kalyan ?

NIKHIL : What are you even saying Beta … of course … he was with us only till yesterday … what’s the matter ?

Mina closed her eyes out of fear. 

Tina : Kalyan sexually harassed me when he was here.

Mina stared at Tina with utmost bewilderment.

Both Nikhil and Suchi thought as if there is nothing beneath their feet.

Suchi : What are you saying Beta … do you even know what are you saying…..

Nikhil : You must be having some misunderstanding Beta … Kalyan cannot do this…

Tina : Hey … if someone is inserting his hands inside my panties … it’s not a misunderstanding … it’s FUCKING harassment 

SUCHI : Mind your tongue … Tina

Everybody gets out of the room and sits in the hall. Both Nikhil and Suchi are extremely enraged and they are just staring at each other with tense faces. Finally, Nikhil picks up his phone and rings BINNI, his elder sister and Kalyan’s mother.

Nikhil : Hello Didi ! How are you ? Didi … I never expected this from Kalyan

Binni : I also never expected this from Tina, how can she do like this ?

Nikhil : What !!! What are you talking about ? Kalyan did some ‘bad things’ with Tina and you are…

Binni : Ohhh !!! And what about the way in which Tina talked with him. Have you seen the messages ? How can you … you are too busy defending your daughter. Go and see … I have sent you their chat screenshots.

Nikhil takes a look at the chat between Tina and Kalyan

Tina : Hey … bloody cheap … don’t you have a mother at home, how can you harass your own sister … huh ?

Kalyan : Hey … don’t falsely accuse me … I haven’t done anything … I was just helping her with her knee pain … and by mistake, my hand got touched there.

Tina : No one is a fool like You Kalyan … there is a long distance between knee and Vulva, if you know the name … you bloody D**KHEAD.

                              Kalyan Blocked You 

Nikhil looked angrily towards Tina, while SUCHI too read the chats.

Binni : My son is saying he was just helping her and your daughter is accusing him only. She doesn’t even have the manners. I warn you … don’t even dare to raise your finger at my ‘Honhaar’ son. 

Nikhil : Di.. 

The call was cut.

Nikhil : What is this Tina ? Is this what we have taught you … answer me !!!

Tina : What are you saying Papa ? That scoundrel harassed me sexually and you are defending him ?

Nikhil : D…D…Didn’t he said that he was only helping you with knee pain … then why are you stretching it so far… it might have happened by mistake. I don’t know though why he referred you as ‘her’ in the chats … his English is quite good I heard.

Tina : Papa … I can’t believe this !!! You are actually saying this, he has sexually harassed me….. 

Nikhil : Shut Up !!! It’s too much now and please stop shouting ‘Sexually Harassing’ … standing near the open window. Come this side

Nikhil pulls her towards her side after which Tina angrily leaves the room.

Nikhil and Suchi sit together, they know what is the truth. They just can’t believe this and since Binni is elder in the extended family, they can’t say much.

Suddenly, Mina appears and says “Maa … Papa… you were saying na that why he used ‘her’ instead … because … It was not Di … but me who was harassed by Kalyan. Yes, he harassed me.

Nikhil and Suchi just can’t believe this. They remain in shock for 2 minutes. And after that ….. NOTHING. She is still their elder relative.

Nikhil : Hey Beta … you are a good girl … just do one thing … forget about it. Don’t tell this to anyone else … okay ….

Tina (rushes in) : Papa … how can you say this ? Kalyan has sexual….

Nikhil : ENOUGH !!! don’t shout like that … everyone will hear … Please understand …. That side door is open. 

He rushed towards closing it.

Suchi : OK! It’s too late now, everybody just go to sleep. Go ! Go !

Tina and Mina go into their rooms, while Tina was angry as hell, Mina was most probably crying. While Nikhil and Suchi just sat and stared at the front wall while boiling angrily as a kettle from within. The court was adjourned for the day or maybe forever. Anyways, they can’t talk about this to anyone neither other relatives nor their daughters and of course, not at all to the police. 

Because if they do ….. WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY … ?????



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