SUCHI’s ‘One Night’-Stand

SUCHI is coming to her parent’s house for the first time after her marriage. Both her parents Mrs. and Mr. Ramesh are very eager to see her. SUCHI’s husband HEMANT has come to drop her off, keeping in mind her In Law’s house is also in the same city. It’s been only around 3 months when the two had a love marriage after getting the nod from both families.

Both Hemant and Suchi touch the feet of her parents. Mrs. Ramesh invites Hemant also to stay for at least that day … but he declines the invitation citing his important meeting late at night. The Happy Family reunion reached house, SUCHI got fresh, they all ate the family’s favourite ‘Makke di Roti aur Sarso da Saag’. At the evening around 7pm when Mr. Hemant was reading newspaper which he couldn’t read in the morning because they had gone to pick SUCHI.
Suddenly SUCHI comes and says “Papa … I want to tell you all something”. Both Mrs. and Mr. Ramesh get serious thinking what happened, so both keep their object in hand aside to listen. SUCHI says “I was raped … I was raped” and a drop of tear come out from her eyes. Both get anxious as how can she be raped when she was safe in her In Law’s house. With sweat coming out of their head they asked “Who .. When … ?????”

She answers … just 2 day back by HEMANT. Mrs. Ramesh asks “Are you kidding … how can he rape you, he is your husband”. SUCHI replies angrily “Why … shouldn’t a forcible sex by husband be called Rape”. Her mother shouts “SUCHI”, but her husband calms her down and says “Beta … tell us chronologically what is the matter”.

SUCHI starts saying “2 days back … HEMANT returned back from his office and had dinner after which everyone in the house including RADHE (house help) went fast asleep. After arranging everything when I was just going to sleep, HEMANT jumped upon me, he started kissing my back, my neck and started pulling out my dress”. All this brought a sense of discomfort on the face of their parents.

SUCHI continued “But when I told him that wait … I don’t want to do this today … I am very tired today, but instead of him getting aside his grip over me got even more tighter and he said “Just shut up … you are looking very sexy today let me release all my tiredness on you. After that I told him several times to leave me and get aside but his manhood got the better of me. I was harshly raped whole night … next day I woke up with too much pain and when I told HEMANT about it he just ignored me and went office as if it’s no big deal . I tried very hard … but I was raped (tears rolled down her eyes while essaying the whole story).

Her mother got very angry and went aggressively towards her saying “So on the basis of this lame story you have come back … are you out of your mind, he is your husband and if he some day or the enjoys a bit … what is the problem, after all one day you have to have children. SUCHI interrupted saying … “But wouldn’t I have a say or ‘consent’ on that. She turned towards her father “Papa … you told me to behave properly I did, you told me to treat everyone there with respect I did, you told me so I even made some sacrifices and if in return today I ask that at least I should be treated with dignity … at least I should be asked before an intercourse … at least treat me like a living being … is it too much Papa ? I was raped as if I am an object … am I Papa … tell me”.

Mr. Ramesh had not uttered a single word by now and was just staring with some anger and a bit of disappointment on his face. SUCHI said “I only know that you have taught me how to respect women and how I should come up in this gender biased world and I know you can never rape someone without consent”. This line had a different effect on his father’s face as her daughter was having a false impression about him of being considered someone of so high a stature which he was definitely not. Something which he didn’t considered wrong while committing when happened to his own daughter had a completely different effect on him.

Mrs. Ramesh got angry and said “It’s too much … you are dragging a small thing too much … it would be better if you forget i…. Mr. Ramesh shouts … NO. No means No … if she said No then who the hell gave him the right to rape my daughter … bloody scoundrel. SUCHI’s face lit up as finally someone was understanding her. Mr. Ramesh continued … “What does a man think if he has married a girl he becomes his property which he can use anytime he wants … such a husband should be divorced by the woman instantly (there was some guilt in his eyes). Call our family lawyer and prepare a Divorce Notice to be sent to HEMANT’s house”. SUCHI ran and hugged her father saying “Thank You”.

Mrs. Ramesh who herself suffered from this ‘Marital Rape’ was feeling very proud after seeing her husband’s transition but at the same time she was feeling very sad that her daughter will be divorced now … all this resulted in tears coming from her eyes and she went inside. Both SUCHI and Mr. Ramesh tried to reach her out after waiting for 2 minutes but see her coming with some sweets in a plate.

She gives a sweet on the hands of both and takes one on her hand and says “Our daughter is no object … nor is she an illiterate useless … she doesn’t need a man to define her life. We have brought her up well enough. Today you are taking a big step, never turn back from this” and she eats the sweet. SUCHI hugs her mother while Mr. Ramesh comes from behind and says “I am sorry” to his wife in he ears. Mrs. Ramesh didn’t replied but the smile on her face confirmed that she has forgiven her husband.

They all hugged each other and next day a Divorce letter was sent to HEMANT’s house.


But actually there can’t be a ‘The End’ unless even one woman is being raped with woman doesn’t even recognize being raped most times. But , if you would have been in place of SUCHI would you have been able to show the guts to make a ‘Stand’ against that ‘One Night’. Just consider if your daughter is in place of SUCHI … will you be able to act out a Mr. Ramesh? As long as the YES answer proportion does not get to 100% … there can never be a ‘The End’.

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