A Hot Day or Just Another Day

Today the temperature is too hot in Delhi. But it’s also the summer vacations going on, so the children will play and no one can stop them. Because of the heat, they have placed the stumps inside the parking lot only so that they can play ‘within the shadow’. They start playing just normally.

Just opposite the apartment, a man named Upendra is cleaning the drainage. Today, there were no meals at home and he is extremely hungry. But, still, he came up for this job so that he can get some money, and his family of six can sustain perhaps a week.

Here the match is going on in full swing. After an hour or so, Champu’s XI needs 6 runs off 1 ball to win against Piyush’s XI. Piyush came up and running, but he bowled the ball right into the slot, as his knuckleball went out of control. Champu came right underneath it and smashed it out of the apartment and clinched victory.

The ball goes straight and hits Upendra on his head. Though it was the simple Cosco ball, it was enough to dismantle a hungry, weak and old person. Upendra loses his balance as well as his consciousness and fell right into the drain. The children fielding on the boundary see this and they all rush towards calling some elders, who come down scolding them. They call the municipality and Upendra is pulled out from the drain.

He is declared spot dead. The doctor say that his condition was very bad already and he could have died anyway. Too much scorching heat on the head and too little food inside the stomach has led to Upendra’s death leaving his family’s future in a ‘Drain’ of uncertainty. Tomorrow, while the society kids will play inside the parking lot, maybe Upendra’s son will come for the same job, after all, everyone does not have the option of opting it ‘within the shadow’. 

The Story ends here but when will this Social Evil Manual Scavenging…?????

As many soldiers die on the border, that many people anyway die while cleaning the drains…but interestingly no one even mourns their death…!!!!!

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