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ALEXEI NAVALNY … at the moment is the name echoed in all corners of Russia. Not just his supporters but even his opposers are taking his name just too often. So … who is this man who has suddenly became the talking point in world politics and for whom thousands are gathered and protesting on streets. He embarked limelight recently through a documentary on his channel claiming with the help of many sources in a 2 hour long documentary that PUTIN is corrupt and has made too much money and even has a ‘Putin Palace’. Interestingly, he released the video when he was in Jail in Russia.

Mass protests in wake of Navalny arrest could signal new political dynamic  in Russia | CBC News

Who is Alexei Navalny … ?????

ALEXEI NAVALNY is a fierce and vociferous critic of the PUTIN government in Russia. He runs a channel on YouTube called Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) having millions of followers, majority youth and through it voices against the government. He has often called the current ruling regime of United Russia Party ‘Crooks and Thieves sucking the blood out of Russia through a feudal state’. His bold and continuous attacks has made him the main opposition against PUTIN and all this just at the age of 44. So what happened ? Will he contest straight against PUTIN in the next elections. Hell … No. History is the witness whenever someone has tried to pose a threat to PUTIN and his regime, he has received a very severe fate then whether it is opposition leader Boris Nemtsov (shot dead few days after he spoke on Russia’s intervention in Kremlin) or the former Federal Security officer Alexander Litvinenko (was poisoned with Polonium-210 after he spoke against Russian ties to organized crimes) and many more. NAVALNY suffered the same fate, as on 20th of Aug he collapsed on the flight over Siberia after he too was poisoned in a tea. He was poisoned using ‘Novichok’ , a fatal chemical weapon. But fortunately (for NAVALNY not for PUTIN) the flight made an emergency landing and he was treated by a German based charity and he survived. Though the world (EU , Britain , Germany) criticized and some even sanctioned Russia after this … but as if PUTIN gives a FUCK.

Alexei Navalny on His Poisoning: "I Assert that Putin Was Behind the Crime"  - DER SPIEGEL

Also, it is not the first time NAVALNY is being attacked. Previously he was twice targeted by ‘Zeloyonka’ (antiseptic green dye) which caused chemical burns to his eye and was also exposed to some toxic material in Jail causing him Dermatitis. NAVALNY rose to prominence as a Blogger writing about corruption and malpractices in Russia’s government sector. In the 2011 parliamentary elections, though NAVALNY himself didn’t fought but urged his readers to vote for anyone except PUTIN’s party. The result too was unexpected as PUTIN’s majority margin was significantly down and even the victory was suspicious under widespread allegations of Rigging. He was then arrested for 15 days and from then upon is continuously being arrested for something or the other, which NAVALNY calls framed cases against him. Even a few cases were slapped on his brother. In 2013 he was sentenced for 5 years in a Kirov Embezzlement case, but surprisingly was allowed to fight the Mayoral elections after Supreme Court overturned the allegations. Without any TV coverage (GODI MEDIA) , he was runner up with 27% of votes. But right before the 2018 Parliamentary elections, he was again given 5 year sentence in the 2017 Retrial of the same case, which was called Farcical by NAVALNY as it killed his scope of running in the 2018 elections.

The Rise and Fall of PUTIN

VLAMIDIR PUTIN … one of the strongest leaders in the world at the moment known for his Nationalist and Strongman image. Whatever be your thoughts on him, one has to accept that he has come a long way to where he stands today. He started as a KGB (Russian Secret Service) agent and then came into local politics after he wasn’t able to take action against an Anticommunist mob due to not getting orders from Government. Initially he was a low profile and junior politician who also became the head of FSB (successor of KGB). He was appointed the prime minister by the president YELTSIN (In Russia PM is the second highest post after President). But after that, YELSTEIN resigned and made PUTIN the acting president, which many say was done as he wanted to avoid facing the emerging tough situations in the country. PUTIN later also won the reelection. Now, PUTIN came to power in testing times when Russia was facing conflict from CHECHNYA and was fearing the increasing influence of YELSTIN – ERA OLIGARCHS.

Putin 101: Understanding Russia's 'Strongman' : NPR

PUTIN handled Oligarchs patiently as they seemed stronger, by assuring them no interference in their business and resources if they don’t interfere in or criticize the government. While, he ruthlessly demolished the Chechen siege and never for once bowed down by fulfilling any of their demands even when hostages kept dying. After this his popularity skyrocketed and was considered a ‘Man of Action’. Under his regime Russian economy grew by 125% and investment by 70% taking his popularity to staggering 83%. He also acted as prime minister between 2008 to 2012 after which he won a six year term as president and then repeated the fate again in 2018. Recently, he even amended the constitution (a president could have got only 2 consecutive terms) and allowed himself two more 6 year terms till 2036. He further annexed Crimea, didn’t paid any heed to the sanctions imposed and put the step forward for RUSSIA … the Superpower.

Conclusion : The Battle of ‘Ideology’ is ON …..

Whatever be the story, there have been constant reports and complaints of Corruption in Army and Rigging in elections. But every time the pointer was silenced, once a reporter who talked about it was even killed on PUTIN’s birthday. No one ever expected, not even PUTIN that he may face some stiff competition but NAVALNY came by as surprise. My heart goes out in saying how brave can someone be, despite knowing that there is immense and obvious danger to his life in Russia, he came back here for facing everything. Initially even PUTIN thought him to be just a normal Blogger, but quite soon enough, he was proved wrong, though he still calls him an ordinary blogger but deep inside he is facing perhaps the toughest situation of his regime. The Russia is protesting too heavily facing all the blows and calling PUTIN a THIEF and demanding a Russia without him. Yes, many experts are of the opinion that NAVALNY won’t be able to achieve eventually in the long run and PUTIN only will be coming out victorious. Well … I won’t say that they are thinking very irrationally, it seems a very probable case … BUT … causing such a never seen havoc in the Russian capital that too up against someone like PUTIN will surely go down in History. And who knows if this is the Time’s Up for PUTIN’s authoritative and dictatorial regime . Also, as a wise man has said “Not all battles are fought for winning, some are fought to show the world that someone was up there fighting”.



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