Mandir Masjid and Nupur Sharma

I know, I am a little late on this one. But in INDIA, you are never late to talk about Religion. Even now, this topic is no less than a burning issue. The whole issue started from a Mandir-Masjid debate. It didn’t take long for the atmosphere to become hateful and poisonous. In that situation, the statement made by Nupur Sharma made the situation completely disatroud]s. It led to violence and riots across many parts of India and, worse, embarrassment at the international level. After that, a once-in-a-lifetime thing happened, and BJP sacked her. But, that didn’t stop the politics and hate-mongering around it. So, it’s really a serious incident in recent times. In this article, I will present my view on each of the episodes in this whole story.

The Mandir-Masjid Politics

The whole issue started when a plea got approval from the Varanasi Court. The plea was a demand for conducting a videographic survey of the Gyanvapi Mosque, after some signs of temples were found in it. The videographic survey was conducted, but the ‘exact’ result is kept reserved by the court. Other than this, most headlines were grabbed when an object was found, which the Hindu side claims to be the ‘Shivling’. But, the Muslim side has refuted the claim and said that it is a fountain, which used to exist during the old days. The historians are completely divided on either side of these claims. But, the majority opinion was somehow ‘convinced’ that this is a Shivling and started celebrating and pressing demand for the temple to be reconstructed. But wait…this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Soon, demands started arising for a similar survey at the Shahi Idgah Mosque at Mathura (Krishna Janmabhoomi) and this too got the approval from the Mathura Court. Now, here it needs to be mentioned that in 1968, there was an agreement between the temple and the mosque authorities and the whole area has been divided between them. But after this order, all of a sudden, there was a flurry of demands across the country for the recovery of all the temples that were demolished in the past. One of the names also included JAMA MASJID, which happens to be India’s largest mosque and the third holiest mosque in Islam. A plea was filed that Qutub Minar campuses should be renamed as VISHNU STAMBH and Puja should be allowed on the campus because it was constructed by vandalising Hindu temples. Another plea asked that the 22 locked rooms of the Taj Mahal should be opened as they ‘might’ be containing idols of Hindu gods, as it is originally TEJO MAHALAYA…a Hindu temple.

Did Hindu Kings Destroy Hindu Temples: Exposing the Great Marxist Lie

Pic: Demolished Temple from the past

A Look at the History of Demolitions and Religions

If we look at the history of not just India, but the world actually. Rulers and Emperors always aimed at expanding their empires. One challenged the other and if won, used to acquire his land. That’s why the area under a ruler varied at a quick pace. Also, the very concept of something as a COUNTRY came as late as the 17th century. From Napolean demolishing the cultural heritage of Italy to Gaznavis demolishing Hindu temples of India, this was a TREND at that time. But, this vandalising and demolishing was not on a religious basis but simply power-showing. Even within Inda (of today), when the rise of Rajputs and Marathas took place, they expanded across the Buddhist kings (The Maurya dynasty was Buddhist post-Ashoka), and much cultural heritage of Buddhists was also demolished. Not just this,  if we turn the clock even backwards. There were religious sects among Hindus, as well such as VAISHNAVITES and SHIVALIKS. Even they were so obsessed with their particular God, that they demolished each other’s temples and statues when one king acquired the other’s territory.

So, if we take a factual and mature look at the history, we find that expansion of the territory and showcasing domination through demolition was something that used to happen as normally as we eat a biscuit today. One thing is for sure, no one can justify or validate the damages of the past. The conquerors had just selfish goals and that’s why the culture of locals and the welfare of people didn’t matter to them. A huge lot of the invaders were evil and torturous. But, a significant section was also nice and worked for the welfare of people. Especially when the culture of the locals and that of invaders got infused (Akbar and Jahangir were born of Hindu Rajput mothers). Now, we have to use our brains and decide where do we need to draw the line regarding all this. If we start counting, the number of demolished temples in history might even reach a crore (demolitions by both Hindus and Muslims). However hard, you try, you can’t restore them all. Even if you start being specific, every temple will extract the sentiment of some of the others and people of all religions have been the culprits as well as the victims in the story. Why can’t we just brush aside the dark chapters of the past and move forward.

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Some FACTS about Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar

Now, let me present some clear facts. The rooms of the Taj Mahal are located in the dark basement and used to be open earlier and people used to go in as well. It was only around 1990 that they were closed after a power cut led to a panic situation in the basement. Also, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had REFUTED the Tejo Mahalya conspiracy theory multiple times. That’s why even Supreme Court rejected the plea straightaway and asked the petitioners to ‘study’. By the way, the Taj Mahal is officially one of the 7 Wonders of the world, and the story that the hands of 22,000 workers were cut is FAKE And there is no official account of it.

Regarding the Qutub Minar, it is a known fact that around 27 Hindu and Jain temples were demolished in the area. One can even see the temple remains inside the campus. But, regarding the structure of Qutub Minar being a temple or a Hindu structure, there is NO proof of that. Even ASI said in the court, that this monument is a huge tourist spot and stuff like Puja and Vishnu Stambh and all can’t be allowed on the premises. Some Ultra-Hindu organisation members were even doing Hanuman Chalisa on the premises and were arrested shortly. By the way, the Taj Mahal is the most ticketed monument in India with close to 12.5 lakh footfalls over the year and Qutub Minar too is on the 5th spot on the list with around 4.7 lakh footfalls.

BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma booked for incitement - Rediff.com India News

Pic: Nupur Sharma

The Nupur Sharma Controversy

Now, let’s bounce back to the current controversy. So, basically what happened after the object (alleged to be Shivling) was found. Social media was flooded with polarized opinions. One side was trying to spread the Anti-Muslim agenda by provocative posts on the basis of Muslim invasion. The other side was making fun of Shivling by comparing every dome-like structure to it. At the same time, all important matters vanished from our country so the news channels started conducting one debate after the other on Shivling only. Also, they tried to make sure that the debate gets heated and hateful as it helps in garnering more TRP.  In the debates, one of the prominent and visible faces was BJP National Spokesperson NUPUR SHARMA. Though she is a highly educated lady, after this whole episode, I have realized that ‘Education is Overrated’.

Nupur was continuously getting aggressive and trying to paint the Islamic practices and simply being a Muslim as a filthy crime. She even tried to say objectionable things about PROPHET MUHAMMAD. But was not able to do that on two different channels, as she was stopped by the anchor from making personal comments. But, the third time, on Time Now, she didn’t miss the opportunity and said “Prophet married and had sex with a 6-year-old girl” (Now, there is a huge discrepancy regarding this, many Muslim scholars don’t agree with it as most probably the girl was much older than that). Now, this was just the last nail in the coffin. The statement deeply hurt the sentiments of the Muslims, and demands started emerging across the country, mainly from the Muslims for the arrest of Nupur Sharma and condemnation of her statement from the BJP. But, we all know BJP pays as much attention to criticism (that too from Muslims) as Rahul Dravid paid to outside off-stump deliveries. Nupur even said on record that she is NOT at all apologetic for what she said and even her party has affirmed her that they are with her. But, this time there was a twist in the tale that compelled BJP to change its stand.

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The GULF Impact

Firstly, I need to explain the significance of Arab/Gulf countries for India. India imports around 60% of its oil from these countries and is heavily dependent on them. Around 89 lakh Indians stay across different Arab countries. Even on the remittances front, India’s largest share comes from the Arab countries only. Other than this, the MODI government has from the very beginning, tried to have good relations with the Arab nations and it has actually happened. Be it the trade, or cooperation, both have propelled since 2014. Even these Muslim nations didn’t for once object against CAA, ban of Triple Talaq or revocation of Article 370, which shows how mutually strong relations this government has built with them. Also, it shows that they are not very much concerned with the ‘Muslims’ living in India or if there is any rising Islamophobia or something. Coming to Nupur’s statement, it was not made simply on a random Muslim person but on the Prophet, which concerned all Muslims across the world. For a Muslim, the place of the Prophet is at par with Allah if not above it.

As this statement reached the Arab countries like Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran and UAE, this was havoc. Indian ambassadors in those countries were summoned by the embassy. Indian products were being thrown out of the shops with ‘boycotted’ stickers. Not just this, the countries even demanded an apology from India over this. Now, it not only put the lives of so many NRIs living in these countries vulnerable to any attack but also created a situation of international embarrassment for India, all just because of one foolish statement. The Modi government was suddenly on the back foot and had to sack both Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal (another BJP spokesperson who repeated and openly supported Nupur’s statement). Not just this, BJP even spread a message across the party to not post or tweet anything hurting any religion (this was very unlike BJP). But, let me point out that PM Modi still follows Nupur Sharma on Twitter, but still, I am sure he will never forgive her from ‘Heart’.

June 10 violence: 22 booked by name in 25 FIRs as Ranchi limps back to normalcy | India News,The Indian Express

Pic: Islamist Rioters in Ranchi

Riots of Exaggeration

Now, this whole episode could have ended here, But, in India, we like to watch long series. It was natural and understandable that Muslims really felt hurt after this, but there is a way of showcasing your point. Even if the government is not listening, and yes even if it is not, you don’t have the right to take the law into your hands. In Kanpur, several Muslims called a ‘bandh’ in protest against Nupur’s statement, but when the Hindu shop owners didn’t close their shops, the Muslim side started violence leading to a riot in the city. Similar riots also happened in various other cities of the country. Also, no one can give hate speech demanding Nupur to be hanged publicly. However pathetic she may be, but only the law will take its course on her and NOT you.

In Ranchi, the situation went out of hand. After the Jummah prayer, the protestors took to the streets for protesting. When the protest started getting too aggressive, the police tried to stop them, and protestors started pelting stones at the officers. The situation went extremely tense in the city for the next couple of days. As I said earlier, despite how hurt you felt, nothing justifies your violence and rioting in the city. If you are throwing stones at somebody, you don’t have any right to expect human rights from his side. A stone if hits you in the head properly can certainly kill you. And…I have absolutely Zero Sympathy for the stone-pelting rioters who died from gunshots by police.

യോഗിക്കെതിരെ വിമർശനം | Bulldozer Baba | Uttar Pradesh | UP bulldozer drive | Crime News | Yogi Adityanath | BJP | Prophet Remark Row | Manorama News

Pic: Bulldozer Model

A Word on the BULLDOZER Model

Just after the riots, the Bulldozer became active. In Uttar Pradesh, the posters of rioters were put out, and their houses were demolished. Now the argument comes that they were ‘illegal’ constructions. But, the fact is there are many more illegal constructions which were not and will not be demolished. Even one of the houses that were demolished belonged to the wife of the man accused of rioting. The ancestral house belonged to her father and even water tax was being collected so far in the wife’s name only. But, suddenly a notice was served in the ‘husband’s name’ and the house was destroyed. This was not the first such incident. UP administration has a treasure of such records. Now, this habit has also reached other states as we saw some really painful demolitions in Jahangirpuri and Khargon. People were literally begging for their homes but their whole livelihood was being demolished right in front of their eyes with a major section of the country celebrating.

Without a doubt, it was a targeted attack on one religion. No one is defending the riots or violence, but there can’t be no justification to give a ‘collective’ punishment to the whole family because of one accused in the family. Also, if someone is so proud of the Bulldozer model, then I challenge him to bulldoze the houses of the ‘Agniveer’ protestors who vandalized public properties, burnt trains and looted people. No, the SPINELESS Bulldozer can’t do that, because their houses don’t fit in the ‘religion’ category. So, if we can’t have a model uniformly for everyone across the country, then better if we don’t have it at all. And, those celebrating this Spineless model, are without doubt very sick-minded people.

India's Muslims mark 'painful' Eid al-Fitr amid a rise in attacks against the religious minority | PBS NewsHour

Pic: Indian Muslims at Jama Masjid

An Advisory to the Indian Muslims

Whatever happened on the day of Jumma’s prayer, was very very shameful. This made all the Muslims in the country vulnerable and ashamed just because of the actions of some idiots. But what is even more problematic in this case is the fact that all this happened just after the prayer, and after being misguided by some so-called religious priests. The way even small kids were carrying stones goes on to show how deep-rooted the evil teachings were. Now, let me sound a little harsh. But, again I am not hurting any religious sentiment here, neither do the rioters represent the whole Muslim community of India and nor by any means is Islam a flawed religion. My suggestions to all the Muslims will be that you all should come out from the baggage of Orthodoxy. With orthodoxy, I am referring to a couple of things.

Firstly, try to avoid Madrasa and try to send the children to modern schools. Yes, some Madrasas have started inculcating general and scientific subjects. But still the education there is nowhere close to what one will get in a proper school and instead, some Muslim priests misguide the children by giving hate and provocative speeches. Also, a study has found that those who graduated from Madrasa had a less FAVOURABLE attitude towards women. Now, that speaks volumes about the gap I am talking about. The next thing is that any Muslim doesn’t need to defend any of the invaders or his invasion. By defending them, you are actually getting on their side. Whatever happened was wrong, accept it, say it, and there is nothing wrong with it. You are not on the wrong side and don’t need to bear the baggage of past wrongdoings. Lastly, whatever the differences or reservations, even the rise in Islamophobia in India, violence is NEVER the option. This will not just harm you in particular but also make the whole Muslim community an easy target for evil minds, completely opposite of what you wanted. Again I am not generalizing, and I know that all Muslims don’t do what I have said above, but because of a significant section doing that the whole community is getting stigmatized.

The Idea of India: A historical corrective- The New Indian Express


Sun Will Rise Again Tomorrow

To be very frank, these incidents, this whole episode was very disturbing for me mentally and I was extremely disappointed by my countrymen. People are fighting for no reason. And disrespecting someone over his faith is not freedom of expression. Either be a complete Atheist or respect all religions, there is no middle way. What Nupur Sharma said was not done out of freedom of expression, to raise a point in debate or to highlight child marriages. It was solely done to make the opposite side ashamed and insulted from within, just because of being a Muslim. Spokespersons of the ruling party were ‘strategically’ spreading hate and increasing communal tensions and the less we talk of our media the better. Neither party in the conflict is any less intolerant and the riots that happened are very proof of it. If a  freak-minded scoundrel priest (so-called) can make you cause riots and havoc, then you are no less than her. What makes sense of digging out past matters just because being an Islamophobic is a fashion today. By the way, have we forgotten, that during COVID, corpses were burnt on roads and flown into Ganga. The memories aren’t too old, I guess. After all that we suffered, is it really this what our focus and attention should be towards. This is just so outrageous for us as a country. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought that we deserve better. Now, although I don’t have much hope left, from us, but still at least I can say ‘Sun will rise again Tomorrow’.


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