“Where are you going…so early in the morning…that too in such a hurry?” asked Irshad’s mother.

“I have to go to Irshad’s house Maa…today is Eid…he won’t break his fast without me” replies hurriedly leaving Chandan


“Come on Irshad…let’s break our fast…its’ already time.”

“No Abbu…I’ll wait for Chandan…he must be here soon”……” Oh…there he has come”

Chandan comes with a packet. He instantly hugs Irshad saying “Eid Mubarak Bhai”. They sit down and everybody picks up the food items to eat. Chandan insists and feeds him the first ‘date’ from his own hands. He then celebrated Eid along with Irshad’s family.

This was the scene almost every year. Just like, Chandan was a regular guest during functions at Irshad’s place. Similarly, Irshad would burst crackers during Diwali and play with colours during Holi, with Irshad. Right since they met for the first time during the 2nd standard, they were best buddies. Whether doing homework or playing in the evening, they were always together. Even their respective parents considered both of them as their sons.


“What happened Irshad…why have you not filled the college admission form…you have got the above cut-off marks.”

“Nothing yaar…I just think…I should opt for some other course or maybe try out next year…”

“Why…you are hiding something…you know you can tell me”

“Bhai…actually Abbu’s shop has been in loss for the past few months due to the lockdown…how will I be able to ask money from him…” saying this he pressed his head onto Chandan’s chest and started weeping.

“Man…on one hand, you are calling me Bhai…and on the other hand you were hiding this from me…?” said Chandan

“Actually I….” he was interrupted.

“Why didn’t you tell me this…I will be helping with whatever you need ?”


“Chandan…how can we take this…please don’t do this”

“Come on…what are you saying aunty…you have treated me as your son…and now you are doing this…please take it for the sake of Irshad”

Irshad was finally able to take the admission, but Chandan never allowed any ‘indebtedness’ to come into their friendship.


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Chandan comes home late at night. He reaches his house and is just about to knock. Suddenly, a group of 4 people come on a jeep and hold him. Before he could open his mouth, another man covers his mouth. They all throw him inside the jeep and get themselves in as well. Packed Chandan tries to fight and shout…but could only utter ‘Who are you?’ All he could hear was – “This Jihadi was supporting that woman” “Now we will teach him a lesson” “Let’s take him”.

It was just around 15 minutes after the jeep started, that they had reached an outskirt area. Chandan was thrown out of the car, in a jungle kind of area. All 4 masked men open their masks. Chandan keeps on shouting “Who are you all…why have you brought me here” Chetan had no single clue of any of them. After that, another person emerged from the background…he was to all surprise…IRSHAD.

Chetan couldn’t just come out of the shocking scene that he just saw. He shouted “Irshad…what are you doing? Your parents are working so hard…and you are here with these terrorists”

One of the 4 men bashes his leg at Chetan’s stomach making him cry.


“Hey…Irshad…tell us where will we find him”

Irshad nervously says “Please forget all this…he is my friend…and this s wrong”

“Shut up…do you have any idea about the state of Muslims in India today. If we don’t assert ourselves, we will be made history. And this time, there is a direct attack on our Prophet. You are talking about peace and tolerance…have you gone mad”

“Bhai…I don’t want to get into all this…I want to focus on my studies” he was interrupted by a tight slap.

“Are you a Qafir…idiot…can’t you see that our religious sentiments are being hurt here”


Irshad’s mother burst in “What is wrong with you…what are you saying…have we taught you this only…leave all this…focus on your studies…no one will get anything out of violence…you both have grown up together and now because of some differences…you are saying like this…!!!!!”

Suddenly, Irshad got a tight slap from his father “Have you gone mad…what nonsense are you saying…when did we teach you these things…who are teaching you all this…it is this very thinking that has worsened the atmosphere…you won’t go anywhere and you won’t do anything wrong…whatever be someone’s opinion…what’s so much to be hyper about…that too you are saying about your friend…who has done so much for you”

“He is not my friend…!!!!!”


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“You are not my friend!!!” was a reply to Chandan’s remark “Have you forgotten our friendship”?

“Irshad continued “If you would have been…you would have never supported that woman on social media”.

One of the terrorists shouts “Hey Irshad…what are you doing…shut up”

Another terrorist too said “Exactly…let’s kill him and then get out of here”

They take out their axes and swords.

“Hey…what are these weapons…why can’t you just shoot him down,” a fear-stricken Irshad says

All the terrorists start laughing madly and say “You don’t even know what is the only punishment of Gustakh-e-Nabi…we will butcher his head out…only then justice will be truly served”

Chandan gets all sweaty and scared as hell, and he starts weeping and shouting “HELP…HELP” “Someone save me…Irshad what are you doing…please Bhai”

Irshad keeps on staring at Chandan. His mind gets filled with the past images of Chandan feeding him a date and Chandan helping him in need. Then, he also recalls that these radicals have told him that he has to do it for the sake of Islam

Irshad feels as if his mind will burst comes in between and shouts “Wait…please stop”

Other men angrily asked, “What happened now?”

Irshad says in a breaking voice “He must have learnt his lesson…we can leave him…no need to do all this”

“Have you gone out of your mind…we have to do this for our Allah…this is just the first of the many killings for our fight” growled one of the men leaving Irshad even more terror-stricken.

Just before anyone could have started the attack, Irshad jumped forward with a small knife and pounced upon Asif, the leader of the 4 men. He put the knife around him and started shouting “Let him go…or else I will kill you…leave him”. Asif tried to push him away but Irshad pressed forward. Suddenly, all four were pulling Irshad. Also, the axes and the knife were also getting snatched from one hand to the other.

Malik shouted, “Stop it Irshad…someone will get hurt…”, this was followed by a loud cry.

In all the tussle, the axe got pierced into his stomach and he fell down amidst a cry and lots of blood. Looking at this, Chandan, despite having his hands tied jumped forward towards Irshad. Here, the 4 terrorists understood that the situation had gotten out of control, and they decided to just run away.

Here, Chandan somehow pulled the axe out of Irshad’s stomach.

“Irshad…Irshad…what has happened…please get up”

“I am sorry Bhai…I have let you all down…I am still not able to figure out how I allowed my religious intolerance to get the better of me..I shouldn’t have shown them your post…I shouldn’t have helped them…I…I…”

“Hey…calm down…calm down….you were just brainwashed…we will return back and then you will start your new life all over again…okay…okay”

“No Chandan No…this is my fate…let me accept it…Allah has punished me for using his name for the wrongdoings…let me die”

“SHUT UP…what are you saying”

Just then, the police reached the spot, and they had the 4 terrorists under arrest as well. Inspector Roshan said “Chandan…are you fine…we got a complaint filed that you have been kidnapped and your life is in danger…”

Chandan almost weepingly said “Sir…I am fine…but these terrorists have attacked Irshad…”

“Just tell me was there anyone else, who you think could also be a part of this plot?”

“I don’t know any such DEVIL who crushes humanity in the name of Religion”.

After this, Irshad’s head bent on one side with eyes open, once and for all. Chandan kept on weeping with his friend lying in his arm.


Chandan was consoling Irshad’s parents. They asked, “Was Irshad also a part of their team?”

“No…not at all…he too was kidnapped just like me…they wanted him to kill me…and when he refused…they killed my friend”

“Irshad wasn’t on the wrong side…?”

“No…he was not…”

He again hugged Irshad’s grieving parents and left after assuring them all the help”

When he was going back, Inspector Roshan asked him “Why have you lied to them?”

“Because I don’t want them to hate their son for the rest of their lives…because of these JAAHIL terrorists, the whole Muslim community will anyway be further demonized….so already there is enough poison in the country in the name of religion and I would not like to add a single drop into it”.



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