Raju entered the class. As soon as he entered, his eyes started searching for just one face…Ishita. As soon as she entered, his eyes blossomed. From around a hundred eyes in the classroom, 2 eyes were constantly staring at just one person. Suddenly, Ishita too realises this, but just when she turns her eyes toward Raju, he lowers his eyes. And, just before Ishita could again take her eyes away, Raju repositions his eyes and does a ‘hi’ by waving his hands. To all his surprise, he too got a response with an overwhelming wave of the hand with a dignifying smile from Ishita.

The Innocent Friendship

This was a regular affair. But, that was not the only thing between Raju and Ishita. Raju never left any moment to somehow talk with her and get a seat near to hers. Every time Ishita was in any doubt about any topic Raju was the guy she came to. Raju always solved her doubts with extreme diligence, thinking that Ishita might fall for him, looking at his intelligence. Eventually, they did become friends. Having tiffin together, entering and leaving school together were a daily affair. If Ishita was not with her female friends, she would sit with Raju. Raju anyway didn’t had any real friends as of such. So, he used to just search for any opportunity to be with Ishita somehow. They would have fun talks with each other. Sometimes, the two would even sing. Whenever Raju used to be with Ishita, or see her face, or even hear her sound, his heart used to beat faster.

The Kissing Heartbreak

He also wanted to tell this to her. He even got the chance on one or two occasions, when they were alone, but he couldn’t gather the courage to do so. One day, he decided to just tell her about his feelings. During a free period, everybody was scattered from one corner of the school to the other. Raju started searching for Ishita. After moving through one area after the other, he came back to the classroom. Before he could have entered, he overheard two people talking in low voice…and he knew that voice. He peeped in and saw Ishita with Bobby, both holding hands. Their eyes were into each other’s and it was a no-brainer that the ongoing conversation was a romantic one. Slowly, he further understood that it was Ishita who had proposed to him. Teary-eyed Raju wanted to leave but somehow stayed on, but it was only after they passionately kissed each other, that Raju could no longer bear it.

Emotional Torture

The next day, he came to school, and his eyes were again waiting for Ishita. But, today his eyes also had a fear. All he was wishing was that ‘yesterday’ turns out to be a bad dream. And…right then she entered…but with Bobby, with their arms around each other’s shoulders. Raju’s mouth stayed open. Today, though Raju’s eyes stood affirmed on Ishita, she not even for once looked back at him. The whole day, and many subsequent days, were no less than torture for Raju. Also, there were almost zero conversations or stares between Ishita and Raju now.

He somehow also wanted to believe, that Bobby is actually a bad boy. He wished for just one thing, that somehow, Ishita breaks up with Bobby. Whenever Ishita and Bobby argued over something in class, Raju used to the thought that this is the moment. But, all his hopes used to get shattered, after their argument used to end with a smile and hug. Well…Raju was not really wrong…as Bobby too was a creepy person. He desperately and intentionally used to make love even in the classroom during lunch and free hours. He just couldn’t bear watching Ishita hugging, kissing and making love with someone else.

Chance of a Comeback

Everyone came back after the holidays. But, something had changed, Ishita was sitting away from Bobby. Raju couldn’t believe his eyes but was happier than ever. He was just wishing that, what he is thinking, turns out to be true. During the lunch break, he overheard Ishita talking with her female friends.

“He only wanted to use me like an object…I loved him so much…but he never really cared for me actually. That day, we were at a club, and he wanted to get intimate with me. I wasn’t ready for all this, I objected, but he started forcing me. Only I know, how was I able to get out from there. I have blocked him, and have even threatened him with police complaint if he ever comes near me”.

Raju wanted to jump and dance after listening to this. He waited for the day and only interacted with Ishita after the class ended. To all the surprise, nothing had really changed. The conversation between Raju and Ishita started just as normal as if nothing had ever happened. They were talking, laughing and singing as just like before. Now, Raju decided to capitalize on the moment. He thought that he should convey his feelings before any further mishap takes place. One day, getting better of all his nervousness, he makes a call to Ishita.

The Climactic Conversation

“Ishita…I wanted to tell you something…” (extreme tense voice)

Oh…what happened…you called so urgently…tell me”.

“Ishita…Ishita…I Love You!!!” (voice breaking)

“(pause) Are you serious?”

“Yes…I know that I am not very good-looking…I am not very intelligent…but…but…trust me…I love you unconditionally…” (he started crying by now).

“Raju…Raju…please don’t cry…and please don’t feel so low…you are a good boy” ”

Raju got a sense of relief within him.

“But…actually, the thing is…I can’t love you…I mean I can’t love anyone, as of now. My last relationship ended so badly, that I just can’t get into another one. You are a very nice and sweet friend of mine Raju…but I would only like to focus on my studies for now…and am really sorry if I hurt you”

“No…No…Ishita…you haven’t hurt me at all…I am so grateful…that you respect me so much…I totally understand your feelings and respect them” (hiding all his frustration and disappointment)

“Thank you so much Raju…and please stay in touch always…bye bye”

“Bye Ishita” (in the sweetest voice possible)

Raju had said some great lines, but still, he was feeling a little incomplete from within. He was happy that she is not with anyone else, but also a little sad that she was not with him. He was a little satisfied that at least she respects him, and also assured that if she doesn’t get into any other relationship, maybe, he himself can persuade her in the long term, and they will be together. With this little hope, he ended his thought on a positive note.

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Heartbreaking Ending

Both Raju and Ishita had gone into different colleges, but still, they remained in contact throughout. Raju thought, that now that Ishita’s wounds (from her past relationship) must have got cured, he should propose to her once again, physically this time. He thought that he will message her on Saturday night and they will meet somewhere on Sunday, where he will express his feelings to her. While he randomly picked up his phone and scrolled through Instagram, he saw that Ishita had put up a story. He opened it and to all his surprise, his heart was once again shattered. Ishita had put up an image of two hands (of which one was of her), holding each other, with a caption…“Having someone in life who makes you feel special is the most beautiful blessing…!!!!!”

Raju’s mind was flooded with a couple of questions, if making her feel special was the point, where did he lack? He is thinking, that had she said yes if he had proposed to her a little earlier both this time and during school? Finally, if she had decided to come into a relationship, shouldn’t his ‘application’ have been considered earlier, because he had proposed before? But, he also reconciled that, just like him, Ishita too has got feelings, and just like he found his love in her, she has full right to find the love in anyone she likes. She should NOT be judged. And, he has no hard feelings for her, and even wishes for her happiness, just like he had been feeling for all his life. But, he still feels sympathetic and failed in his own life, whenever he stares at her picture.


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