A Beautiful Entry

It was the first day of college, and Roshan had seen the most beautiful ‘sight’ of his life. A girl entered the class in red salwar and ochre yellow purse. Her hair as dense as a forest decorated her head, and one small piece of hair coming on her forehead, made her look like a fairy (at least for Roshan). His eyes were not able to look anywhere else.

After a while, the professor arrived and asked for everybody’s introduction. Roshan was more eager to hear ‘her’ introduction than even his own. Finally, her turn came and she uttered “Rupa”. Roshan felt as if it was the sweetest voice he had ever heard. The whole day, he just kept on thinking about one face, one voice and one person…RUPA.

The First Conversation

Days kept on passing, but Roshan couldn’t gather the courage to talk with Rupa. The one or two times, they did come across, Roshan couldn’t help but fumble and tremble, in front of her beauty. All he managed to do was to somehow sit on the bench beside hers and not lose even one chance of staring at her. Although, Roshan was not the only one mesmerized by Rupa. Many boys used to try their hands, but all except Roshan just had one aim, which was having sex.

One day, in between a class suddenly Rupa started feeling unwell. Roshan noticed this before anyone else (obviously). Suddenly, Rupa was in tears while experiencing an extreme headache. As Rupa went down to the medical room, after which her father came to take her home. Roshan too started feeling extremely worried, and he went downstairs and kept on noticing the medical room from a distance. He went back only after he saw Rupa’s father taking her back.

Even after he came back home, his tension was not lessening. So, he decided to break his shackles of shyness and messaged her on Instagram.

“How are you now…feeling better…please take care”

“Yes…I am fine now…thanks (along with a smile)”

The next day, Rupa was back, and so was Roshan’s smile. Now, after the message, Rupa knew Roshan and now she also started noticing him. It didn’t take her long to realize the emotions through which Roshan was looking at her. So, now Rupa too looked back at Roshan sometimes (once after Roshan’s 10 stares). Although, she too was quite shy so didn’t talk much. Now, at this point in time, a huge revelation awaited to shake Roshan’s life.

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Desperation after the ‘Hiccup’

Roshan had already messaged her, so now he also sent her a follow request. And…it was accepted. Roshan was just in the seventh heaven after this. But, as soon as he scrolled through her account, one sword after the other got pierced into his heart. He saw Rupa’s multiple photos with a boy named Pranav. The pics clearly indicated, what Roshan would never have wanted even in his wildest dreams. Yes…unfortunately but true…Rupa was in a relationship.

Besides being shy, Roshan also had one more problem, he was just too persistent and dedicated. Despite, he knew that Rupa is in a relationship, he still believed that he can transfer her affection towards him, if he proves to her how much does he love her. He started staring at her with even deeper emotions. But, contrasting to what he thought Rupa now started feeling a little too uncomfortable, because of his ‘overstaring’. From the next day, Rupa started sitting a little far from Roshan. As Roshan entered the class and saw this, he was blown away. He still tried to glance as much as he could, but the old juice had gone.

A friend in ‘Need’

One day at lunch, Roshan was sitting alone, very sad and lost in himself. One of Roshan’s friends Ankur came to him.

“Hey…Roshan…do you love her?”

Roshan was shocked as hell “What…who…why?”

“Oh come on…the whole class knows it…!!!”

“W…W…What…you all know?” Roshan was scared thinking someone might complain to someone.

“Relax Bhai relax…you are not wrong…I have seen how much you love her”

He sat with his arms over his shoulders of Roshan and said that “Don’t worry…we all are with you…she will be yours”

Roshan had his eyes lit once again and he asked with all his innocence “Really?”

“Yes, Bhai” and Roshan hugged Ankur emotionally.

A Part of Her Happiness

The day semester results came, Rupa had topped in it. Roshan too had done quite well. But, what was giving Roshan more delight and pleasure than his own result was the fact that Rupa had topped the exam. Now, he gathered some courage and went to Rupa and said “Congratulations” in style. That day, she sat in the same seat she used to sit in earlier. And, it was a delight was back in Roshan’s life again.

After a semester, there was a 1-month break. As a part of their curriculum, every student had to work with an NGO for a week. Roshan knew that he has got a JACKPOT here. He felt very nervous while messaging her, but he did message her

“Hi…regarding that NGO assignment…can we do it together in a group?”

He didn’t get a reply for 2 days, leaving him further tense. But on the next day, he got a reply

“Do you know the full details of how we will be doing this”

The phone actually slipped out of Roshan’s hand while looking at the message, as he read the message. After he gained consciousness, he told the whole process to her and they booked the next subsequent week for the assignment. This was really a massive thing as there were boys, who had more conversations with Rupa than Roshan, but for this assignment, she had said yes to Roshan.

The Happiest Days

In excitement, Roshan reached the NGO, 15 minutes earlier. After a while, Rupa came looking as beautiful as she always did (for Roshan not for you). Here, unlike in college, she greeted and met him very nicely. They worked with disabled kids there, taught them lessons and played with them. Throughout this week, both Roshan and Rupa worked with great chemistry, filled with fun and laughter. The week recorded most conversations between them, more than they had for the whole year. On the last day, they gifted some toys and chocolates to the children. While they were returning back from the NGO for one last time, Roshan was very optimistic that their chemistry will continue in the college also, once it reopens…but he was wrong.

Entry of Villain(s)

While the college reopened, everything seemed different. As it no longer feels like she did work with him for a few weeks. There was no simple hello, nor any proper glance even when they came across each other. She again sat a little far from him and Roshan knew something was fishy.

Suddenly, Ankur started behaving a little too odd. All the coolness and friendship had gone, and he was behaving like Roshan has stolen his property papers. Every time, he was either ignoring him or staring at him with anger. He was now not even sitting with Roshan anymore and even started ignoring his calls. Roshan understood that Ankur has come to know that Rupa had done her NGO work with Roshan. Roshan knew that something is fishy.

A few days, ahead of 2nd October, a quiz on Mahatma Gandhi was announced in the college, and Roshan again thought of grabbing a jackpot and turning the match back on his side. He messaged Rupa

“Hey…can we participate in the quiz together…in a group?”

“I’ll let you know”

But it seems, Roshan had run out of his luck completely. The very next day, he saw Ankur and Rupa filling out the form for the quiz together. Rupa ‘didn’t let him know’. But, for a more bewildering fact, Ankur was a Godse worshipper, and his participation in the Gandhi quiz was no less than a joke.

Roshan felt like this is his lowest point. He started remaining sad and crying at home when alone. From the next day onwards, he started sitting in a different seat, far away from Rupa. But, there came a surprise element in the story.

The Redemption

It was Rupa who started feeling uncomfortable, she repeatedly tried to stare back where Roshan was sitting, but he was too far now.

They had their viva exams, just as Roshan came out of the viva room, everyone surrounded him asking about the exam. Rupa was also there looking at Roshan with all her innocence. Roshan did answer them but by not staring at Rupa for once.

After the class was over, and as Roshan was getting out of the gate, it started raining. So, Roshan stood waiting under the shed. After 2 minutes, he saw Rupa too has come and is standing a little beside him. Not one word was spoken, not a stare was made, but the emotions were clear. Rupa unknowingly did ‘liked’ Roshan looking at her and wanted him to continue that.

The Lover in Roshan was not able to hold his disappointment any longer. From the next day, he sat again back where he earlier sat. Surprisingly, both Roshan and Rupa had worn their favourite clothes and looked extremely sparkling. They also glanced at each other, and by chance, it happened simultaneously. And, this time, the glance continued for more than 5 seconds, further enhanced by their beautiful smiles.

The Proposal

As another semester passed by, the love situation stayed ‘normal’. But, during the winter breaks, also came Rupa’s birthday. Roshan decided that now he needs to break the jinx and do what he should have done much earlier.

Firstly, Roshan decided to make a sketch of Rupa. He selected his favourite pic of Rupa and started sketching intensively, during nights, when everyone at his home slept. After discarding one sketch after the other, finally Rahul finalized the sketch that he was most satisfied with.

As the clock struck 12 o’clock on XX date, Rahul sent her the sketch and expressed his feelings in the most honest way.

“Rupa…first of all, Happy Birthday may you get all the success and happiness in your life. You are the most beautiful face, sweetest voice and purest soul that I have ever met. Here is a failed attempt to bring your beautiful face on paper. Today, I want to make a confession with utmost honesty.


I love you more than anyone has loved anyone ever. You are the dearest to me and I can keep on waiting my whole life just for your one glimpse. Now, whether you have any feelings for me or not, I don’t know, but please don’t ever hate me, but even if you do, I will still have only best wishes and love for you.”

A Pic in the Fest

The college opened after the New Year with a college fest. While Roshan participated in the debate, Rupa was in singing. The day of Rupa’s singing performance also happened to be the last day when the rock celebration event was also organized. Since that happened to be the most anticipated event of the fest. Everybody went into the celebration, and the audience of the signing competition only comprised singing groups, volunteers and 2-3 friends of Rupa only.

But, in between the audience, one person was there who had sacrificed the celebration and was sitting with the most eager and loving eyes. As he waved his hands, towards her, Rupa too came to know how much Roshan actually cares for her, and that everything that he wrote to her that day, is true. As the event ended, amidst all the claps, Roshan’s claps were the most passionate.

Finally, before exiting the fest, all the students gathered to click their pics with each other. Roshan was craving to have one photo with the love of his life (one-sided), but just wasn’t able to ask her out. Suddenly, he had a tap on his shoulder. He turned back and there was Rupa

“Come on…let’s have a pic together”

Roshan felt as if he will get unconscious, he couldn’t help smiling and just gave his nod by moving his head. An evergreen pic was clicked, and a pic that looked the most beautiful pic clicked that day, the pic that captured two people looking extremely beautiful together……BUT…..there was one more climactic twist in the tale.

The Final Twist

Roshan was not able to take his eyes off the pic for the whole day. At night, he decided to look at Rupa’s images. He opened her account and…to his surprise, the page was blank, and nothing could be viewed…he was BLOCKED.

He stood up like hell…he couldn’t sleep all night and just keep on wondering…WTF did just happen!!!

The next day at college…oh no…Rupa was again sitting away from his seat. Despite noticing Roshan has entered, she not even for once looked at him. She was clearly looking angry at Roshan.

During recess, Rupa’s friend came to Roshan and told him “Come here…Rupa has to talk to you”. Roshan came towards her feeling the most scared he had felt in a long time. He had a very bad feeling in the back of his mind…the end was near. Upon reaching, Rupa stared angrily at Roshan, and uttered after 2 minutes,

“Do you think I like you…how dare you sent me such messages…first of all, I am in a relationship, but even if I wouldn’t have been I would never ever have entered into one with you…now the next time you ever message me, stare at me or give me that irritating smile…I will complain to the discipline committee and will also call the POLICE…understood SCUMBAG…!!!!!”

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A Puzzled Epilogue

Even Roshan couldn’t realize how was he able to remain in his senses after listening to all this. But, what went wrong in a matter of just 48 hours. Even after she went, He stood there just like that alone for around an hour.

He had told her his feelings much before, so why she has reacted now? She too used to smile back at him lately, then she has suddenly found his smile ‘irritating’? What exactly has gone so wrong in a matter of just 48 hours?

Well…Roshan’s innocence and trust have betrayed him. He can recall that when Rupa was shouting at him, Ankur too was a little beside her…smiling. Roshan hugged Ankur that day, but he couldn’t see his ‘evil’ smile behind him.

Has someone blackmailed Rupa over her pic with Roshan? Has someone used Roshan’s message to blackmail Rupa? Who exactly bestowed so much ‘garbage’ and ‘hate’ in Rupa’s mind all of a sudden.

Well…all these answers too went with Rupa as she went back, leaving Roshan distraught, puzzled and broken for the rest of his life, but as he had earlier promised, he still only has love and best wishes for her.


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